I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Enlightenment!

The wild wind and rain were blowing the trees in the dark night.

The sky was gloomy, and the city was plunged into chaos.

The enormous Gravity of Darkness swung its massive tentacles and viciously smashed down towards the tiny hunter, as if to crush everything to powder.

Mu Ling, bathed in blood, lifted her head and gazed at the scene.

Even though her body was in immense pain, her heart became peaceful.

And then.

She underwent a transformation.

The body underwent a transformation under a black radiance, which made the original garments disappear and be replaced by a black dress that was less conservative, revealing the limbs, beautiful collarbones, and fair abdomen.

The black dress was exquisite and gorgeous, complementing Mu Ling's temperament superbly.

However, this was not the most obvious or outstanding transformation.


With its tremendously formidable power, the tentacle that was capable of flattening buildings fell down with a bang, and a black meteor soared into the sky, effortlessly evading the incredibly dreadful attack.

"Probability · Fallen Angel" has finished loading.

Honestly, at first, Bai Yan didn't want to use the "Seven Days" skin.

After all, if he used them now, they could only be treated as a disposable trump card. Once there was an opportunity to make it permanent, it would be a windfall profit!

However, circumstances being what they were, he was compelled to make a choice.

At least, first get through the current obstacle.

Six black feathers, resembling works of art formed by divine beings, exuded a breathtaking beauty, belonging to the fallen angels that descended from another world.

The beautiful girl in the sky was no longer the cold and ruthless hunter she once was, but a mythical creature with mysterious charm and incomparable beauty, unlike any mortal being.

"The injuries have all healed completely…"

Through the black "Nyx's Cover", Mu Ling looked slightly surprised at the even whiter palm, sensing a powerful and purely negative energy.

So mighty, so powerful, so calming…

Although her physical strength has noticeably weakened compared to before, as long as she can control this newly acquired power, her explosiveness, and speed will reach a new level.

The yin energy seemed to have made her mind even calmer, increased her understanding, and given her a clear awareness of herself at this moment.

Mu Ling suddenly realized that something was wrong. She calmly lifted the black sword in her hand and found that the blade was covered with cracks and was about to collapse.

She was stunned.

This weapon that has accompanied her for many years, had finally reached this point… and could no longer persist.

Mu Ling fell into contemplation.

Yes, the hunter's glory was not really about revenge.

Just as the Savior said, she had just regained the hunter's glory, and from this moment on, she had to step into a new possibility.

She calmly released her hand, allowing the black sword to fall freely from the sky, shattering and vanishing without a trace.

"Thank you."

Mu Ling spoke slowly as she bid farewell to her old friend.

Then, she brought her hands together.

A blade made of pure yin energy appeared in front of her chest, resembling the flowing black night sky.

"Hmm…this is my 'Night Slashing Sword'."

At the moment she called it forth, Mu Ling knew its true name.

It is a weapon constructed of yin energy, resembling the stars in the night sky, approximately one meter long, slender and thin.

Although its volume and weight were far less than that of the former Night Blade, it undoubtedly possessed an even stronger and purer killing power!

"How dare you fly in the sky, offending the presence of the master?"

Mr. Mystery calmly commanded Gravity of Darkness as he looked at the Fallen Angel in the sky. The massive tentacles of Gravity of Darkness swayed once again.

Naturally, it didn't attack the highly maneuverable Mu Ling, but struck again at the bus that had just escaped a disaster!

This was an obvious repetition of an old trick.

"Given such a great distance, how will you make your decision? Despite the strange changes…"

Deep Blue World!

Time instantly froze.

Mu Ling's figure flashed by, surpassing past speeds as she flew down from the sky.

Wings composed of yin energy gave her a speed far surpassing her previous capabilities!

In the blink of an eye, Mu Ling had already lightly pushed the bus away.

As the time freeze ended and the giant tentacles fell, Mu Ling had already disappeared from Mr. Mystery's eyesight.


He was slightly taken aback and suddenly turned around, only to find the girl who had undergone changes had already appeared behind him at some point!


Mr. Mystery had just uttered a word when he suddenly felt his perspective spinning. Then he saw Mu Ling behind him, calmly holding up her new sword "Night Slashing Sword".

When did she come up behind me?

Once again, he was reborn from the corpse, but in the moment when Mr. Mystery recovered, his body burst open once again.

Within a short period of time, he didn't know how many times he had been stabbed.

It was unclear and imperceptible.

Not only was time frozen, but the speed itself was also truly too fast…

How many times was I actually hit?

The Gravity of Darkness roared as multiple tentacles crashed down upon the two, disregarding Mr. Mystery's safety entirely.

Mu Ling simply stood in place, gazing calmly ahead without paying any attention to the overwhelming assault.

"How tardy."

She transformed into a jet-black beam and soared towards the sky!

The black light spun incessantly around the colossal monster's body, and the terrifying creature instantly burst with blood all over its body, howling in agony and rage!


The roar was deep and far-reaching, struggling to regenerate incessantly, yet still incapable of catching up with the speed of the tiny creature that it was chasing.

Even though the gigantic monster, as large as a small hill, was finally completely shattered, its blood spattered like a waterfall.

The tentacles wriggled and gradually lost their life force.

Mu Ling stood calmly on the ground again, her beauty in the darkness was unearthly.

Even though she dismembered a terrifying giant by herself, her body remained pure and immaculate, with not a single drop of blood staining her beautiful and delicate skin, reaching the pinnacle of perfection.

The Night Slashing Sword held tightly in the hand flowed with yin energy, splendid like the Milky Way in the night sky.

"Half of the yin energy has already been consumed… Fortunately, the 'Nyx's Cover' is present, enabling it to slowly absorb the surrounding yin energy. Otherwise, the outbreak period would indeed be too short."

Mu Ling carefully evaluated her current situation and found that Mr. Mystery had once again stood up.

Mr. Mystery stared at her with an indifferent expression.

"Could this guy really be unkillable?" Mu Ling pondered, considering what weaknesses her opponent might have.

[Nightsaber, he is not truly immortal.]

[Mr. Mystery's abilities include devouring, merging, splitting, grafting… In fact, he is a collective life form led by 'Abner Augustus' as a 'consciousness tower.' He constantly increases his lifespan by devouring similarly fanatical followers, and what you see before you is less than half of Mr. Mystery's life.]

Mu Ling refrained from inquiring about the whereabouts of the other half of Mr. Mystery's life.

She only knew one thing, that as long as she continued to kill, the moment of completely annihilating Mr. Mystery would come sooner or later.

The next moment, Mr. Mystery's body shattered once again.


She was truly too powerful.

This transformed hunter girl was far stronger than him.

This could not go on.

Abner's body was shattered again and his flesh was blurred, but he was calmly thinking of countermeasures.

Even when he was cornered, he was able to maintain a calm and rational mindset. This was also the most important reason why Abner, who didn't have a "Crown" level, had been able to successfully grow the Black Star Faction in Tatsumi City for many years, never failing and always evading the law.

Now it seemed that he could only use all of his trump cards.

Well, even "He" would be involved in it.

The other half of himself was being constantly killed by "Profligate".

The "Profligate" over there was even more powerful, and the chance of winning was absolutely zero. Being able to hold on was already good enough.

If he didn't make an effort, all previous achievements would be in vain.

Whether it was a Night Watcher from Demon Hunt Agency, a follower of the Pastor, or others who were hidden in the city, they all hoped for the downfall of the Black Star Faction.

They were about to arrive.

At that time, his former self would be completely defeated.

A dire situation, a truly dire situation.

But Abner also believed that this was a trial from above, and as long as he could overcome it, he would truly be reborn.

As he'd said before, he would definitely win. What they lacked, compared to him, was faith.

"The great Chaos Star!"

"I am willing to burn my own soul!"

"Please grant me greater power to demonstrate loyalty to you!"

In an instant, Abner seemed to be able to see it - in the sky, in the darkness of the night, behind the moon…

A massive black planet opened its eyes and gazed upon him.

"It" answered his own prayer.


Accompanied by a sudden burst of laughter, Mr. Mystery's body was ablaze, completely shrouded in black flames.

Mu Ling could feel that this man had suddenly become stronger!

Moreover, it has become significantly stronger!

It seems that he is about to reach the Crown level!

Nonetheless, she persisted with her high frequency attack style, repeatedly using the Night Slashing Sword to strike Mr. Mystery, only to be astounded by her weapon being blocked by an invisible force.

"What's going on?" She frowned.

Mr. Mystery, also known as Abner, took out a gray cube from his pocket.

It was a Civilization-level Relic, one of Abner's trump cards.

The cube sparkled with a dazzling light, and countless black tentacles surged from all around, reaching out towards Mu Ling's beautiful, almost divine body.

This was the technique originally used against the "Emperor".

Although it was of no use at that time, even Mu Ling at that moment could not be compared to the "Emperor".

Abner said calmly and determinedly:

"The difference between us lies in the 'enlightenment' of our faith…and this is your downfall!"

His soul burned fiercely, gradually approaching a more terrifying realm than death. At the moment when the soul was completely burned out, everything would cease to exist and return to nothingness.