I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: The Hunter's Glory

The night has fallen.

Multiple streets in the four major areas of Tatsumi City were attacked, greatly dispersing the Demon Hunt Agency's strength. The number of Night Watchers and auxiliary staff were ultimately limited.

The cultists who transformed into "Dark Beasts" were immune to physical attacks, making them very difficult to kill.

Fortunately, in this critical moment, two neutral factions from Tatsumi City stepped up.

Let's solve the unruly cultists of the Black Star Faction together.

This city was also their place of survival that couldn't be destroyed by the cultists, even if… they didn't particularly like the Demon Hunt Agency.

The first force was the blood clan which depended on the powerful force of "Queen of the Scarlet Moon".

If there was anyone in the city who could surpass the "Emperor" … there was almost no need to think, there's only one possibility - Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Led by Marquis Scarlet, hundreds of blood clan members swarmed out. Possessing powerful combat abilities and eerie sorcery, they started effortlessly cleaning up Dark Beasts.

However, Queen of the Scarlet Moon herself didn't appear.

In fact, the last time she personally took action was three years ago, effortlessly saving several arrested blood clansmen in front of the Demon Hunt Agency gate in Lin Bian's hands.

By the way, she sent Lin Bian to the hospital.

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The second neutral force to act was the followers of "the Dark Light Church".

They claimed to be the beloved children of the "Pastor" and also proclaimed that the great Savior of the Dark Light was the only master in the world.

Everything was the will of the Lord.

Due to various political and diplomatic reasons, Tatsumi City turned a blind eye to the Dark Light Church, although they don't acknowledge their legitimacy.

But there was no doubt that the "Pastor" tended to protect Tatsumi City.


On the streets of the city center.

"Deep Blue World."

Mu Ling's expression was stern as she repeatedly brandished the black greatsword, before finally retracting it.

Time stood still… and it was over.

Several of the cultists who failed to transform in time were split in half, their blood and mangled bodies turned into filthy waste.

"We made it in time."

She gazed at the bus in front of her, relieved to see many elderly, women, and children bound by the cultists inside.

If she were even a moment later, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

The passersby in the city center had already fled, and once these people were rescued, she could proceed to the next location.

Just as Mu Ling was heading towards the bus, she suddenly heard the voice of her Savior.

[Nightsaber, be careful.]

[The true threat was hiding inside the bus, concealing his identity.]

Mu Ling hesitated for a moment, then carefully made her way to the bus and with a forceful and terrifying display of strength, she pulled open the door inch by inch.

"Creak!" The door deformed.

The twenty or so hostages who were bound looked at her in shock and screamed in horror, with some even so frightened that they lost control of their bladders!

The girl hunter who had killed all the way was bathed in blood, and at this moment she looked more like a fallen evil member than a hero who saved all living beings.

There was no expression on her frigid face.

Deep Blue World.

Mu Ling immediately activated Deep Blue World, her eyes narrowed as she quickly searched for the real enemy among all the hostages!

However, she didn't discover any traces of the enemy.

Mu Ling took out a black ribbon from her embrace and was about to put it on…

Suddenly, a cold and ruthless voice came to her mind, but it made her feel extremely relieved.

[Listen, it's Mr. Mystery.]

Just at that moment, on the window seat in the last row, a young boy of only seven or eight years old's phone rang abruptly.

This was certainly done by Bai Yan using the power of "the God of Cyber".

The young boy appeared delicate, with tears streaming down his small face, evoking a sense of great pity.

Mu Ling charged forward abruptly, wielding her mighty sword, and pierced him through the chest.

With a loud "boom"!

She forcefully pushed the little boy's body out from the back of the car!

Mu Ling had absolute trust in the Savior, no matter how innocent the target may seem, she was sure not to make the wrong cut!

But, what if she killed the wrong person?

There was no "what if" in her heart.

The little boy's eyes rolled back, with a devastatingly tragic look on his face, his contorted body hung on the sword.

It appears… that there is nothing unusual.

Mu Ling still said nothing, swiftly drawing out her sword and swinging it again.

"Much more decisive than I anticipated!"

The young boy's originally white pupils suddenly turned red, and his expression became extremely ferocious. He twisted in an incredible posture and dodged the strike.

Deep Blue World.

The whole world suddenly became motionless. Mu Ling poured down her strike on the strange target, attempting to smash him to pieces!

Countless beams of black light converged into a single point and instantly exploded the little boy!

Time began to move.

"Mr. Mystery" seemed to have been shattered into a blur of flesh and blood, which would make normal people nauseous and vomit at the mere sight of it.

However, Mu Ling still didn't relax or discard even a trace of vigilance.

"You have become very strong."

"Even stronger than your father…because you have a good master and have become a good dog."

The young huntress was slightly startled and suddenly noticed a mouth constantly opening and closing on the ground.

"Actually, your younger sister should have been the next head of the family. She was stronger than you were in the past, but unfortunately, she was eaten alive by monsters and all that was left of her were bones. That's why it's your turn… Oh, yes, in fact, your whole family is dead, that's why it's your turn."

Stay calm!

Mu Ling swung her sword, smashing into the mouth of the speaker. Her chest rose and fell like mountains as she struggled to suppress the fury boiling inside her.

"Your parents died right before your eyes."

The voice appeared again nearby!

"Think carefully, the wreckage of those creatures and the pile of flesh you just hacked at, don't they seem similar?"

"It can't be said that they are extremely similar, but it can be said that they are completely identical, right?"

[Stay calm, he is constantly trying to provoke you because 'Mr. Mystery' must quickly solve the obstruction and launch the 'Unleashed Dark' ritual.]

[Nightsaber, delay as much time as you can, as Black Star Faction has enemies beyond Babel Tower.]

The voice of the Savior appeared once again, to which Mu Ling nodded with a solemn expression.

"I understand…"

Very much, very much, very much, very much, very much… wanted to immediately abandon defense and rush to kill the opponent.

But Mu Ling's final reason continually told her that the best tactic was to stall 'Mr. Mystery' and wait for reinforcements from the Demon Hunt Agency and other forces.

She couldn't be swayed by emotions.

Mu Ling slowly donned the black cloth band, obscuring her purple and red eyes, enhancing her mysterious, eerie and majestic demeanor.

This was "Nyx's Cover," which could assist her in manipulating negative energy.

Numerous faint lights flickered as Mu Ling utilized negative energy to begin searching for the location of her enemies… all things and beings possessed negative energy within their bodies, but it was more prominent in superhumans and monsters.

Utilizing this principle, one can thoroughly investigate the number and locations of enemies… and so forth!

"Why… so many?"

Mu Ling stood frozen.

The ground shook violently!

The road continuously extended with terrifying cracks, intertwined tentacles sprouted from the ground, each of which slowly opened a fierce black pupil.

The terrifying monster stands tens of meters high, with countless tentacles thrashing about wildly. It let out a loud roar, and its huge bellowing swept through the city center!

The gust of wind swept by, and Mu Ling closed her eyes, her breathing slightly quickened.


Gravity of Darkness.

Over a month ago, she had once defeated monsters of the same kind under the manipulation of the Savior.

However, the Gravity of Darkness at that time was actually much stronger than herself, and tremendously powerful!

Mu Ling died multiple times during the virtual training, and the pains made her aware of this fact clearly!

Moreover, this terrifying Spawn was even bigger and more powerful!

At an unknown moment, "Mr. Mystery" who was originally turned into pulp unexpectedly stood up from the middle again.

He astonishingly transformed into a handsome elf with a serious expression and greenish emerald eyes.

Not only was the dreadful Spawn present, but also the even more fearsome Mr. Mystery was watching vigilantly by the side.

The Gravity of Darkness attacked!

Deep Blue World!

Mu Ling immediately activated her power, wanting to kill Mr. Mystery.

She suddenly noticed that the enormous tentacles of the Gravity of Darkness were actually swinging towards the bus!

3.5 seconds were still too brief.

Mu Ling rushed towards the bus with terrifying force and exquisite skills, pushing it out of the attack range of the huge tentacles.

At the moment the time-stop ended, the giant tentacle had already smashed down!

Mu Ling planned to escape.

But her legs were inexplicably grabbed by pairs of bloody hands, the immense strength left Mu Ling stunned and unable to break free in an instant.


A huge tentacle fell down with a loud noise, causing a lot of dust to rise up. The bus in the distance was shaken and almost overturned, causing people to scream.

Mr. Mystery silently witnessed everything that happened and calmly spoke:

"Weakness is your biggest flaw."

"Your father had made the same mistake before, or else your family wouldn't have perished easily. From this moment on, resent the tradition of hunters, and repent for all your past sins."

Deep Blue World.

The enormous tentacles were cut to pieces by the horrifying multiple strikes, and from it emerged a blood-soaked young huntress, who was in an incredibly disheveled state and fell to the ground without moving for a while.

She kept panting, her head slightly lowered.

Three ribs were broken, there was a comminuted fracture in the left arm, the retina of the right eye had detached, and there was massive internal bleeding…

If the restorative power of the Blood of Darkness didn't exist, she would not have been able to continue fighting.

Mu Ling knelt down on one knee with blood flowing continuously from her mouth.

"I'm sorry…I let you down…I didn't intentionally procrastinate."

The sudden downpour of rain descended from the sky.

The immense Gravity of Darkness waved its tentacles, as if showing off its power, wanting to crush everything ahead.

The rain completely soaked the injured, tiny hunter.

She heard the voice of that person.

[Stand up, Nightsaber.]

[From that very moment, you have restored the glory that hunters had lost.]

[I will bestow upon you a new possibility.]