I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Daughter of Willpower, Psychic Dancer!

Amidst the raging flames, hardly anyone could survive.

The Hell Flame Demon would continue to burn everything in front of its eyes until that cowardly enemy is completely obliterated.

Both flesh and soul, consumed by the flames of hell to ashes!

Suddenly, the flames parted in the middle!

Like the parting of the Red Sea by Moses.

A girl with flawless, fair skin that no one could ignore floated in the sky.

Her flawlessly perfect pupils were like emeralds, as her black slit dress and hair swayed slightly, gazing down upon the Hell Flame Demon below in the sky.

Daughter of Willpower · Psychic Dancer… Loading complete!

"What kind of power is this, exactly?"

Maryse, floating in the sky, raised her hands in surprise. Her transformation was not only reflected in her clothes, but also in this completely different and powerful force.

It seemed to allow her to manipulate objects, life, and the universe…everything depended on her will!

"This is the 'psychic power'."

Soon, Maryse figured out the answer herself.

"Tiny elf, what have you done?"

The Hell Flame Demon roared loudly, extending its huge arms as if to pull down the girl from the sky.

Maryse's expression froze, and she reached out her hand towards the ground, unleashing her psychic ability with a howl.

The massive Hell Flame Demon was instantly overwhelmed and pressed down to the ground!

The earth cracked under the immense psychic power, and the Hell Flame Demon roared in anger under the enormous pressure, while a large amount of flames gathered and shot towards Maryse in the sky!

Many passersby in the distance captured this scene with their cell phones and cameras.

Countless blazing emerald flames burst and swirl like condensed vortexes, surrounding and attacking the black-shirted girl in the sky!

Maryse takes a deep breath, putting out her arms on either side, her psychic powers automatically forming one barrier after another, instantly blocking off all the flame attacks.

"You insignificant mortal, I will surely burn you to death!"

The huge Hell Flame Demon swiftly rose into the air with surging flames, yet once again, Maryse gently waved her hand, causing it to heavily fall back down.


The towering Hell Flame Demon fell to the ground, and tried to stand up again with immense strength, but was continuously struck by one after another pieces of flying stones, smashing it into the ground.

It struggled to reach out its arms, but the vortex forming on the ground rapidly distorted and pulverized it.

Maryse was demonstrating an extremely powerful psychic ability in the sky, with fresh blood dripping from her nose… Overly strengthened psychic ability can consume one's vitality.

However, she had a premonition.

Even if she reached this level, she still couldn't kill the powerful superior demon! Maybe, the opponent is really immortal!

What should be done?

Suddenly, a familiar, cold… yet at this moment, a voice that made her feel extremely familiar sounded.

[Psychic Dancer, close your eyes.]

[Use your true power to find its core.]

"Find its core… use my true power."

Maryse slowly closed her eyes and expanded her perception with the power of her mind, as if someone was standing behind her, helping her fight against the Hell Flame Demon.

So it turns out that the root of the psychic power is still the power of the soul, only the forms of expression are different.

"Thank you, I understand."

She found it!

Deep inside the Hell Flame Demon's body lies a black-blue flame core. It is the source of its ability to resurrect indefinitely and the origin of all hellfire.

Maryse opened her eyes, her gaze firm and unwavering, with a trickle of fresh red blood flowing from each corner of her eyes.

"It's over!"

Her seemingly weak little hands suddenly twisted fiercely!


Core explosion!


The enraged Hell Flame Demon roared loudly and finally lost all its vigor, its immense body collapsed with a bang.

The strand of dark color in the flames around it also returned to hell and disappeared without a trace.

"I have won…"

Maryse took a breath in the sky, bent down and raised an eyebrow.

However, the entire street was still burning and the sea of fire didn't disappear.

Only the Hell Flames returned to hell, but the ordinary flames that arose from the heat would not disappear completely.

Maryse stared at the blazing street, her enhanced telepathic hearing enabling her to hear the voices of the people.

The people were weeping, in pain and sorrow.

Although she had lost the power of psychic perception, she still possessed empathy as a mortal and was able to feel various emotions.

If this fire continued to burn like this, it would spread beyond just one block.

How many people will ultimately end up homeless, losing their families and lives…

However, this doesn't concern her… As she stares at the people struggling for survival in the sea of fire, she suddenly notices someone kneeling and bowing towards her in the sky, just like a few times before.

They believe that she is a hero.

Although, she herself is not one.

I have never been, and never will be, any kind of hero… The so-called heroes are nothing more than fools used by the masses.

But being admired by others seems nice too…

Maryse pondered for a moment, raised her right hand, and extinguished one flame after another with extremely powerful psychic energy, rescuing one person after another from the ruins.

She started to have a nosebleed again, but it was not a big problem because of her healing ability.

The rescued people fell to their knees, weeping and thanking the rescuer in the sky, knowing she was a hero from Babel Tower.

At this moment, Maryse's tiny chest was gradually filled with a sense of satisfaction, for no apparent reason.

She murmured to herself, "This is not about justice, it's just seeking self-satisfaction from the weak ones here."

Maryse extinguished more and more flames, but the sea of fire was too vast.

Damn it!

"This way of saving people is too slow. Why haven't the Night Watchers come yet?" Maryse became a little anxious.

Just then, suddenly there was a loud noise!


Maryse stared into the distance, as if a gas station had exploded into flames, and the fire had spread rapidly.

This is really going downhill!

She looked down again and met the gaze of many people kneeling on the ground, thanking her.

And in this street and beyond, there were many more people who needed to be saved…

Maryse suddenly exclaimed, "Savior! If you truly wish to save the world and all its people, start with this place!"

Miracle, please reveal yourself to me! Aren't you the Savior? What kind of Savior can't even save these people?


Suddenly, a drop of water fell on Maryse's face.

She was stunned.

The sky turned pitch-black, raindrops fell from the sky, and the strong wind lashed at the skin. In almost an instant, a torrential downpour was unleashed.

The roaring flames on the ground began to quickly extinguish.

The heavy rain extinguished the flames and also doused the atmosphere of despair.

Maryse gazed blankly at the sky, while the people on the ground were extremely excited, dancing and shouting with great enthusiasm.

"It's raining!"

"The fire is out! Hahaha! The big fire is out!"

"It's really raining, it's a miracle, a true miracle!"

Maryse looked up at the sky, her clothes thoroughly soaked by rain.

She murmured to herself, "This is truly a miracle, but it's not from heaven, nor is it any Rainbow's doing. It's a miracle bestowed upon me by Him."

Useless Tactical Card…

Suddenly there was a storm.

"Babel Tower!"

Someone roared and collapsed to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.

"It was Babel Tower who saved us!"

More and more people knelt down, worshiping the young girl above the sky, and gratitude filled the hearts of all those who received aid on the entire street.

The Night Watchers, who have always been late, have now arrived. However, instead of immediately capturing the target in the sky, they are healing and rescuing people all around.

Several Night Watchers silently watched the elf girl in the sky, while Maryse also calmly gazed at them.

Should I continue to fight or flee?

Maryse crossed her arms and pondered the next steps, waiting for the Night Watchers to launch their attack.

The leader of the Night Watchers shook his head gently and, in the calm gazes of his subordinates, turned and left the scene first.

"Let's go, there are other places waiting for us to attend to. This city still has cultists and real enemies are still posing a threat to people's safety."