I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Full-Scale War

Bai Yan's eyes were fixed on Mr. Mystery, while his mind pondered over the traces he had seen earlier.

The "Mr. Mystery" in various videos or the "Mr. Mystery" from the predetermined future was all very peculiar.

Mr. Mystery's abilities were exceedingly strange…

Just now, among all the various death scenarios that Bai Yan created, there were multiple attempts to have the Core Operators kill Mr. Mystery at the beverage factory to save Tatsumi City, but none of them succeeded.

He is very powerful, even in his "awakening" he is considered overly strong!

Perhaps only superhumans at the "Crown" level can completely defeat "Mr. Mystery."

Mr. Mystery looked at the mysterious visitor, unable to comprehend how he had found his way here, but there had been too many things he couldn't understand lately.

All because of the existence of Babel Tower!

Mr. Mystery smiled and said, "I'm not entirely sure, but I can guess that you're not one of the incompetent members of the Demon Hunt Agency. If they were here, they would've swarmed over already."

"So I think you must be from Babel Tower."

"Perhaps," Bai Yan didn't give a direct answer to the other person.

Suddenly, Mr. Mystery asked, "Do you know what the gap between us is?"

At this point, it should have been Bai Yan's turn to speak, but he remained calm and showed no intention of answering.

Therefore, Mr. Mystery had no choice but to answer himself calmly.

"It's a matter of faith."

Mr. Mystery continued, "You cannot comprehend, you cannot fathom, you have no idea… what kind of spirit wholehearted devotion truly is."

"But unlike many false believers, we believe in the Lord with our entire being, and He loves us."

"We?" Bai Yan sensed something was amiss, and upon recalling the visions he had seen in the future, he suddenly realized what was going on.

He had deduced Mr. Mystery's true ability!

Bai Yan shook his head and said, "Ha ha, those who constantly talk about their faith are just fanatics who worship and entrust themselves to something they don't understand. You will be defeated."

"I know your plan. The Black Star Faction plans to launch attacks in various places in Tatsumi City, while activating the 'Ritual of Descent' in both here and the city center square."

"As long as there is even one successful ritual in these two locations, 'Unleashed Dark' will descend upon us and instantly destroy Tatsumi City, right?"

Mr. Mystery's expression changed as he never expected the other person to know so much!

However, mere knowledge is just knowledge, and Bai Yan found it extremely difficult to break through the game due to the overwhelming number of attack targets…

Mr. Mystery, who is extremely cunning, has also made two preparations for the true location of the descent ritual.

As long as one location is successful, the entire operation will end.

Because over a dozen locations in the entire city had been attacked and caused immense chaos, even the huge fluctuations that would be emitted during the ritual wouldn't be noticed temporarily.

Hide the wood in the forest, hide the body in the sea of corpses.

After the plan was fully revealed, Mr. Mystery's expression was very strange, and he said in a low voice:

"How did you know about the attack location I set and the true purpose hidden within it? It's impossible for anyone to know about it except for me, the leader, and Him… no one else knows everything!"

Bai Yan smiled calmly.

"There are many things in this world that you can't even imagine."

Mr. Mystery's expression became increasingly gloomy.

"Could it be that the Book of Concealment, rumored to be lost in this city, is actually in your hands?"

"It doesn't matter. As long as I kill you directly here, successfully activate the ritual and let Tatsumi City fall… Even if you use some powerful Relic or special power to learn about my plan in advance, it's meaningless!"

The ritual inside the beverage factory needs to be personally opened by Mr. Mystery.

As long as I kill him here, I can end it all! Bai Yan gazed at the man in front of him and said calmly,

"Have you ever considered the possibility that you might not be able to defeat me?"

Mr. Mystery shook his head and said, "But I'm just a part of the plan. Even if I fail here, another part of me will succeed… As long as one location succeeds, I win."

Don't worry, you won't succeed.

Bai Yan smiled and took out a card, aimed at Mr. Mystery's handsome elven face.

I trust that the people I rely on will naturally stop you.

"Please just die here."

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

Although Mr. Mystery is indeed powerful, Bai Yan, who possesses all the Core Operator's abilities, has an even greater advantage.

In the blink of an eye, the playing card broke the sound barrier and flew out at super-high speed. Even if it was just an ordinary card, it would have tremendous power when accelerated to such a degree!

Mr. Mystery's chest was instantly pierced by the playing card. His expression gradually became serious, apparently not because of his injuries, but because he felt the great power of the King of Deep Blue.

"Who are you, exactly?"

Mr. Mystery gazed at the mysterious visitor before him, extremely serious, realizing that he was dealing with a rare and formidable enemy.


Bai Yan calmly waved his finger.

The card that had just been played returned to the hand along the original path and pierced through Mr. Mystery's body once again!


"There are really cultists here!"

Alan, along with the second team of the Demon Hunt Agency's first squad, arrived at Tatsumi City's largest department store.

This is also one of the attack locations that Bai Yan disclosed.

As a result, Alan really found more than ten cultists who were preparing to launch an attack.


On the third floor hallway, Alan used the spell of Transposition to quickly dodge a fireball and hide in a magic hat.

Over a dozen cultists in grey masks and black clothes were on the third floor.

They had just disguised themselves as diners, only to be exposed by Alan on the spot.

Several other Night Watchers were evacuating people on different floors and rushing over here immediately afterwards.

Alan fell deep into thought.

"So there are over a dozen cultists here? If we combine the locations of these dozen, won't it be the remnants of the entire Black Star Faction pouring out their remaining power in Tatsumi City?"

During the span of a month, Babel Tower has already identified and eradicated hundreds of cultists… This is the weekly mission that must be accomplished.

Among them, most are members of the Black Star Faction, and only a portion are from the Balanced Sect and other cults.

As soon as the black-clothed men with gray masks on the third floor discovered Alan's disappearance, they immediately changed their target and attempted to attack the ordinary people who were running away.

Such is their mission, to slaughter and destroy wantonly, making the city more chaotic!

It's a simple and practical stratagem, Black Star Faction must disperse the forces of order as much as possible, ensuring that the two most important ritual locations won't be destroyed.

Of course, it's easy for the Night Watchers to decipher it, just by… ignoring the safety of ordinary people.

Alan emerged gracefully from the top hat and calmly smiled at the people present.

"Before killing me, don't turn your attention to someone else… For a magician, being ignored is a great failure!"

He finished with a smile and gently clapped.


"Actually, you have already arrived at the Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony!"

The cult members only noticed that one red balloon after another had drifted to their ears. After the applause began, all the balloons exploded rapidly.

"Has it all been resolved?" Alan fell into thought and soon furrowed his brow.

Not yet resolved.

Moreover, the situation has become more serious.

Originally, the cultists who were still in human form gradually turned hideous. Their skin peeled off continuously, and each one of them rapidly transformed into evil monsters.

They lacked human-like features, instead having elongated insectoid heads and streamlined bodies exuding a violent and aesthetic power, demonstrating a terrifying explosive force!

Over a dozen cultists have transformed into the dreadful Dark Beasts!

In the blink of an eye, the Dark Beasts, transformed from human form, darted into the shadows at incredible speeds, clearly intent on hunting down the unsuspecting bystanders.

Alan suddenly realized and tightly clenched his teeth. So, one of the purposes of Mr. Mystery and Black Wizard Weasley's alliance is to obtain this technology?

"This is completely troublesome…Damn it!"


Nothing could withstand the inferno from hell.

Even the strongest human will cannot.


The tall flame demon roared incessantly, growing six terrifying arms and casting huge crimson fireballs all around.

The flames ravaged the vehicles and surged into the skyscraper.

Deep Red - Divine Punishment!

A large amount of debris and miscellaneous items were revealed as Maryse transformed into her true form, and she utilized "ultra-acceleration".

They quickly rushed towards the towering flame demon, passing through its body but causing no substantial damage.

"Your ability is completely ineffective against a higher demon!"

The flame demon charged over in a frenzied manner, leaving behind a trail of flames on the ground, while Maryse quickly utilized the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes" to disappear once again.

Upon seeing the enemy vanish once more, the flame demon became infuriated.

"Coward! Come out and face me!"

Actually, every time the Civilization-level Relic, the Invisible Cloak of Hermes, is used, one must pay with their life… Maryse, however, has already come to terms with this and cannot be bothered.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to accelerate her own body…

It's not that it couldn't be done, but Maryse's body simply couldn't withstand the "super acceleration" and would instantly shatter into pieces.

That would be suicide.

After much deliberation, she decided to resort to a familiar technique. Just like before, she stealthily passed through in a state of "voidness" and reached out to trigger Psychic Domination on the enemy at close range.

At which moment, she would inevitably be burned by flames.

Maryse gazed upon the flame demon, Hell Flame Demon, a higher demon, an upper-level demon… whichever way you put it, this guy is not an opponent to be defeated without sacrificing something.

She approached without hesitation, touching the flame demon with both arms, and simultaneously releasing "voidification".


In the blink of an eye, the flames incinerated her palm, the infernal flames even burning her soul. Maryse's body was engulfed by the flames in an instant, feeling a bone-deep despair filled with excruciating pain!

Wailing erupted! She could barely concentrate on using Psychic Domination!

The flame demon raised its arm and roared at the tiny elf at its feet, "I am completely different from last time!"

[I command you to kill yourself!]


The flame demon never expected that Maryse still has such strong willpower while being burned by flames!

The next moment, the flames on its body scattered and burst open.


Maryse, heavily burned and completely blackened, was panting on the ground, shivering and waiting for her body to recover.

Fortunately, with "Blood of Darkness" and the modified drugs provided by "Cybertyrant", her body was not easily killed, but she could only think of random things to fight against the pain.

But it really hurt! She had never felt such pain in her life!

Damn it, she thought she wouldn't experience such excruciating pain again in her life, except for giving birth!

However, as long as I win, it doesn't matter… I wonder how Mu Ling is doing, is she waiting for me at home to cook… I should see her after fully recovering, I can't let Mu Ling figure out…

"I am the immortal flame demon!"

The deep roar made Maryse widen her eyes and her heart sink like an ice cave.

Clusters of dark yellow flames floating in the sky constantly converge towards a flaming sphere not far from Maryse. The dead body of the flame demon begins to re-aggregate.

"I come from hell!"

The towering flame demon had been resurrected, his body swelling to over ten meters tall, his skin covered in terrifying black and red flames that crackled with ominous energy.

"I will not be defeated by these insignificant insects!"

The flames on its body exploded outwards, consuming everything within hundreds of meters in a raging inferno, like a sea of fire.

Maryse, who collapsed on the ground, could not move and was filled with despair and unwillingness. How could this be… She clearly didn't want to die here.

"Actually, I was still thinking…"

Someday, I will be able to rightfully reclaim my home in a fair and just manner…