I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Before the Arrangement, I Had Already Broken the Arrangement

"Hello, is this the Demon Hunt Agency?"

Bai Yan, who left through the incarnation "Profligate," transformed into a beautiful black butterfly.

He flew over the city and arrived at a distant bar from his original body, casually taking someone's phone.

Dialed Demon Hunt Agency's phone number.

Of course, Bai Yan had already changed his voice.

Initially, his voice was relatively softer, while "Profligate's" voice was more magnetic, and sounded… noticeably derived from a London accent?

Bai Yan held his phone and calmly replied, "My name? I am just a passionate citizen, my given name is 123, and my surname is 321. I have something to tell you."

"Within approximately one to two hours, the following seventeen locations in Tatsumi City will be attacked by the Black Star Faction. Do not ask me how I know, just listen carefully and remember. The first location is the central pedestrian street…"

Bai Yan spoke eloquently, with the receptionist's gasps of shock constantly coming through on his phone.

"Their true target is definitely not the water treatment plant. All water treatment plants will not be attacked by anyone in the next few hours."

Yes, Bai Yan has already learned about numerous possibilities of the future from "Babel Tower". He knows very well that all water treatment plants have no protective significance.

The large-scale Deep Ones transformation plan will still be activated in two hours, and it will even achieve perfect success.

"Unleashed Dark" will come.

It is a terrible monster that serves the Outer God and possesses unmatched power over anything in the mortal world, even if the "Emperor" returns, it will be of no avail.

Tatsumi City will be destroyed in a moment.

This is the most frequent outcome that Bai Yan had seen in the "sleepless night" event at "Babel Tower".

He smiled constantly and nodded as he held his phone.

"Yes, I will stay here and wait for you all. Don't worry, I will not leave."

After Bai Yan listed most of the places that would be attacked in the future, he patted the strong man sitting beside him and smiled.

"Here, your cellphone."

During the process of taking the cellphone, he remained cautious and turned his hand into a plastic hand, making sure not to leave any clues, including but not limited to fingerprints and skin flakes.

Moreover, his face at this moment was that of a random face in a bar.

"Hmm? Why is my cellphone here with you?"

The sturdy man took the phone, feeling perplexed.

"It means it likes me."

Bai Yan smiled slightly, took the delicious cocktail that a beautiful woman had just drank, finished it in a single gulp, and transformed back into the incarnation of a black butterfly, disappearing once again.

After a while, more than ten Night Watchers surrounded the bar and, inevitably, their attack missed.

The leader of the Night Watchers is the indifferent youth "Feather".

He is the captain of the third team of Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency, wearing a black suit with slight scars on each side of his eyes.

"Missed it."

After arriving at the bar, "Feather" began to shake his head, his expression still cold.

The other Night Watchers were all angry, perplexed, and annoyed at being deceived.

"Damn it, is that guy's words trustworthy?"

"We must find this person."

"Feather" remained silent for a moment before expressionlessly saying, "I am unsure of their credibility, but it must be reported."

Five minutes later.

Bai Yan stood at one of the locations he reported to initiate an attack.

Yes, that's right.

He knew very well that even though everything he said was true, Demon Hunt Agency wouldn't mobilize their troops and evacuate Night Watchers from the water plant just because of a random anonymous phone call.

What if it is a ploy by the enemy to distract them?

Or perhaps, it is just a deadly prank?

Therefore, Bai Yan must first inform the Demon Hunt Agency of one thing.

The attack warnings are all real.

In fact, all locations except this one are entirely real…

He is currently in the ecological botanical garden of the Platinum Zone, effortlessly destroying all the cameras before waving his hand and creating one red balloon after another.

Bai Yan smiles and looks at the many red balloons, suddenly feeling a sense of satisfaction in his destructive tendencies.

It seems that appearing under the identity of "Profligate" makes him more… reckless.


Clapping hands.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

A series of explosions occurred in the favorite ecological garden of the nobles, causing countless poor plants to be destroyed instantly.

The entire unmanned ecological park has turned into a sea of fire.

Ah, this is the Platinum Zone, and it's the doorstep of the Augustus family. Even if the Demon Hunt Agency doesn't want to take it seriously, they have to.

Bai Yan is fully aware of how timid and fearful the aristocrats are, as well as the extent of their power.

He transformed into a black butterfly again, and quickly left the scene.

Hurry up this time, because the Demon Hunt Agency is also in the Platinum Zone.

In case of being caught, Babel Tower's mysterious black mist is unlikely to come and rescue its owner, the "Savior".

Two minutes later.

Raven Reaper walked calmly into the sea of fire, silently watching everything burning.

Actually, he is quite fond of flowers and plants.

"What a pity."

Raven Reaper searched for clues inside the botanical garden.

"Is it an attack? Is this intelligence real, or is it a diversion?"

It is a diversion.

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The reason why the Black Star Faction launched attacks in different parts of the city was all a diversion.

Bai Yan is actually very aware of this fact.

But this is also a strategy.

If the Night Watchers don't intervene, the fanatics of the Black Star Faction will start a massive slaughter in densely populated areas, and the consequences are unimaginable.

The enemy is in the dark while we are in the light, they attack while we defend.

Considering the safety of ordinary people has undoubtedly been the biggest weakness of Demon Hunt Agency all along.

Of course, this is also where the Night Watchers' nobility and preciousness lie.

Bai Yan muttered to himself:

"Demon Hunt Agency against Black Star Faction, order camp against chaos camp… the advantage is mine."

Because of the future intelligence provided by "Babel Tower," there is no doubt that Bai Yan himself is the biggest advantage.

The wise can gradually break the game after the enemy's layout, and the wiser can break the game before the enemy's layout. And special cases like Bai Yan, could start breaking the game even before the enemy had a plan.

After a dozen minutes, Bai Yan had already arrived near a beverage factory.

In fact, the water plant was not the Black Star Faction's target.

The actual place where they put the conversion agent is this fully automated orange juice factory.

After Bai Yan walked into the factory, he couldn't see a single worker. Every gigantic machine was working automatically and the mechanical noises were overwhelming.

He used the "Power Possession: Replication" ability of "Cybertyrant" and searched for everything about this beverage factory on the internet.

Legally registered individual.

Abner Augustus.

What? It was someone from the Augustus family? Bai Yan suddenly recalled everything that had happened.

"This name has come up many times before, but I've never paid attention… so that's it."

I see, now I understand everything.

Abner Augustus, who is Maryse's uncle, is a famous pianist.

He belongs to the marginal group in the Augustus family.

Bai Yan once saw it in the journal that Maryse had remarked on how she found her uncle's thoughts disgusting and twisted when she discovered it as a child, which led her to consciously avoid him.

"Perhaps there is a possibility……"

Could it be possible that her uncle actually did it intentionally? Bai Yan frowned deeply.

The company, White Night Pharmaceutical, which publicly claimed to research neuro drugs, was actually researching Deep Ones transformation technology. Its manager was Reno, Maryse's father.

However, the first person to come over to invest was Maryse's uncle.

Abner Augustus.

The fact that the Black Star Faction could successfully remove the "Emperor" Kessel indicates that they might be taking an upper-level route. Perhaps there are noble members in the high-level of the Black Star Faction.

Thus, Mr. Mystery's ability to repeatedly return to Tatsumi City while always managing to evade capture became clear.

Despite being a prominent figure as a leader of a major family, Reno had been long-term manipulated through hypnosis.

If such a thing were really so easily achievable, why wouldn't the Black Star Faction hypnotize more leaders of major families? If so, they could hold dominant control over the city.

Unless… the man who attempted to hypnotize Reno was someone very close to him, someone he truly trusted from the bottom of his heart.

Therefore could he succeed in his enterprise.

"Thump thump thump thump!"

The sound of a piano suddenly resounded in what seemed like an empty factory.

The start of the music is succinct, stunning, and powerful!

It's as if destiny came knocking at the door.

Bai Yan silently made his way up the stairs, following the sound of the machine and the determined melody of the piano, headed towards the source of the music and the callous wickedness.

The music reached its climax quickly, the melody soaring and intense, oppressive yet terrifying, as if countless warriors were fighting for the ultimate victory, attempting to defeat an opponent too strong to be vanquished!

No one could escape, no one could dodge, for fate and darkness had already arrived!

No one could contend against it!

Finally, Bai Yan stood calmly in front of the CEO's office, and the music never stopped.

He slowly pulled the door handle.

Clad in a purple suit and white gloves, with the classic attire of a pianist, beautiful emerald green eyes akin to jade, and a strikingly handsome pure-blooded elf appearance.

A man exuding an elegant temperament all over his body was quietly playing a sorrowful piano piece.

The piece came to an end.

"I can't imagine how you managed to find this place. I can't even figure out where I went wrong."

"But it doesn't matter."

The beautiful male elf slowly rose to his feet, gazing at Bai Yan with eyes similar to Maryse's, and spoke with an elegant smile.

"For He loves us."

"As we meet for the first time, the unknown profaner… allow me to introduce myself, I am Abner Augustus."

He stared at the unfriendly mysterious visitor.

"And you also call me 'Mr. Mystery'."