I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: The Final Battle Approaches

"Are you saying that the Black Star Faction will find a way to 'poison' the people of this city and turn them into Deep Ones?"


Bai Yan stood in the director's office and honestly reported all the intelligence he had seen.

Mr. Trap fell into silence.

Bai Yan waited for the other's response, in order to decide what to do next.

There is nothing difficult to explain about this matter. After all, his extraordinary abilities that come from his "Connection" are well-know within the Demon Hunt Agency… However, Bai Yan concealed the fact that he had already reached the state of "awakening", and he has never revealed his second extraordinary ability, the "Game", to anyone.

Furthermore, it is a positive thing to be able to borrow the power of the Demon Hunt Agency, as it is better than those few individuals from Babel Tower who rely solely on their own strength.

The "Non-core Operators" pool has not been opened yet temporarily, and the manpower that Babel Tower can mobilize is still too small.

By the way, there is one important thing, Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

After the captain took back the identity card, she should have known his additional actions, and the guards in the archives should have also reported his behavior.

It is impossible for such an important place as the archives to have no monitoring.

Both Adelaide and Mr. Trap seemed to be oblivious to this matter.

Not only did they not dismiss him, but they also didn't even mention it.

Frankly speaking, Bai Yan still wishes to be dismissed.

It was his genuine and sincere thought.

Although joining the Demon Hunt Agency had many advantages at first, his present self has completed the basic accumulation and no longer needs it.

It should be left behind.

Mr. Trap looked calmly at the man in front of him, and knew in his heart that he had not lied.

In fact, there was no need to lie about this matter.

Mr. Trap also knew something.

He, the new Night Watcher named Bai Yan, should have already gone to see the scene from thirteen years ago.

Nobody knew why, but this once crazy youth had become so ordinary… But there was undoubtedly a huge secret hidden within him.

Coupled with the "Emperor's" patronage, he had to be kept at the Demon Hunt Agency.

Mr. Trap spoke slowly:

"If the Black Star Faction wants to distribute the conversion agent on a large scale, their target is undoubtedly the waterworks of Tatsumi City from which all the city's domestic water is supplied."

Bai Yan nodded lightly and said, "It is possible, but we cannot be sure."

"Um, it's not certain."

Mr. Trap also considered other possibilities.

"Your intelligence is very important, but I still need to verify… According to the rules and regulations, it is like this, but this time I choose to make an exception and believe you."

Bai Yan was taken aback and couldn't help but ask, "Why?"

Mr. Trap's gaze was very serious.

He gazed at Bai Yan's face and slowly spoke, "Because you too are a member of the Night Watcher, you would never joke about such matters."

Am I also a member of the Night Watcher? Bai Yan sank into a slight silence.

Perhaps he is.

Mr. Trap smiled and continued, "And Kessel also told me before leaving… 'Children like Bai Yan, Alan, and Merete Chambers are the future of order, and we should trust them more.'"

The Emperor Kessel held himself in high regard, and Bai Yan was not surprised by his words, but he ultimately misjudged him. The stance of the Moon Witch is very chaotic.

He nodded lightly.

"Thank you."

Mr. Trap then extended his right hand, pressed the button on the table, and said to Raven Reaper guarding outside the door.

"Raven, immediately gather all the captains!"


There are hundreds of water treatment plants in Tatsumi City and the Demon Hunt Agency cannot identify which ones the Black Star Faction intends to target. They also don't have sufficient manpower to monitor every plant at all times.

Therefore, the only temporary solution is to set up barriers near each water treatment plant.

Although it is also a troublesome method, as long as the members of the Black Star Faction try to break in, they will naturally have to destroy the barrier…thus serving as a warning.

Two days later.

Bai Yan sat in the armored vehicle of the 12th team, calmly holding his mobile phone and lost in thought.

During this period, he had been using the real-time monitoring capability of the updated Babel Tower to search for possible hiding places for the remnants of Black Star Faction in the city, but hadn't found anything.

This was normal.

Tatsumi City was too immense. It was incredibly challenging to find members of a hidden cult among tens of millions of people.

He extensively searched in the archive room with his ability "Connection," attempting to find additional useful intelligence, but it was all in vain.

This cannot continue; with the enemy in the dark, the Demon Hunt Agency is impossible to maintain constant vigilance.

To guard against enemies forever is not realistic, and everyone knows this truth.

"As long as the Demon Hunt Agency's alert is lifted, they can come out and launch their plan…this has always been the greatest advantage of the cultists."

Bai Yan was slightly startled, and suddenly realized that his phone was vibrating.

Emergency mission!

"Black Star Faction has deployed 'No. 2' to launch an attack on 'Psychic Dancer'."


Bai Yan was slightly stunned. How did Black Star Faction manage to locate the position of Psychic Dancer?

Due to the existence of the Cognition Filter, the Demon Hunt Agency had been unable to locate members of Babel Tower for such a prolonged period of time. It was implausible that the individuals of the Black Star Faction could outmatch the Demon Hunt Agency by such a significant margin.

How did they do it?

Even the "Emperor" was not in the same dimension in the face of the power of Babel Tower.

Did some stronger entity help them?

"The powerful existence that can break through the Cognition Filter… Could it be Him?"

The existence worshipped by the Black Star Faction.

The Chaos Star!

This wasn't impossible, as Alan once said that the prophecy book can be wrong, proving that the Outer God had been interfering in this world.

"An extraordinary being has taken action."

Bai Yan swallowed nervously and continued to ponder. He certainly remembered No. 2.

No. 2 appeared as a tall, blond human beauty, but in reality, she was a demon from hell.

"Hasn't this guy been beaten up before?"

Wait, she should know about Mr. Mystery, Bai Yan immediately realized this possibility.

Just then, the phone vibrated again!

"Emergency mission!"

Two emergency missions? Bai Yan was stunned, then took a deep breath.

"This situation has arrived, earlier than anticipated… The true meaning of autonomous mode is that I cannot manually control everything 100% of the time."

When Mu Ling completed her weekly mission for the first time, she had actually activated "self-discipline mode", but Bai Yan had not yet chosen to let the Core Operators truly exercise self-discipline.

On the one hand, this was because he was afraid that these guys would die.

On the other hand, it was because he really enjoyed playing games personally.

Bai Yan couldn't help but fall into contemplation. Since two emergency missions arrived simultaneously, he had to choose one to activate the self-discipline mode for.


Who to believe?

There is a possibility of death for the one who trusts him.

He closed his eyes and was silent for a while.


On the bustling street, Maryse calmly walked towards the direction of the safe house, carrying a bag of fresh ingredients. This was her first time buying groceries, as well as her first attempt at cooking.

Everything has a first experience, so maybe she could probably make a good meal for her guests today, right?

Maryse arrived at the roadside and upon seeing the red light, she halted her steps.

She lowered her head and rummaged through her bag of vegetables, furrowing her brows as she felt like she didn't buy very good ones.

"It's a pity I'm short on money, or else I would throw these away and buy better ones."

Maryse shook her head, lifted it up again, and suddenly froze.

Across the street, a tall woman with golden hair in a white suit was looking at her with a smile on her face.

Yes, that demon!

Here is a bustling place… Maryse's heart sank as she looked at the dense crowd around her.

The traffic light turned red.

In the next moment, the pedestrians who saw the green light went back and forth on the pedestrian crossing as usual.

Only two "people" stand still on opposite sides of the street.

The woman's originally beautiful face gradually turned grotesque as her cherry lips were stretched into a huge curve.

"Little one, I'm going to burn you."

The flames spread in an instant!


Mu Ling had just left the ancestral residence within the barrier.

The Hunter Clan exists within an independent barrier, completely isolated from the real world, which has been the reason for their survival until now.

And the Hunter Clan's access point in the real world is not actually remote, but rather situated in a department store within Tatsumi City's famous "Papa" pedestrian street.

As usual, she walked out of the women's restroom on the third floor of the department store, and stopped in front of the mirror.

Even Mu Ling is no exception, women passing by a mirror cannot just walk straight past it, they absolutely must stop.

Mu Ling in the mirror looked as beautiful as usual, but was wearing a new outfit, a black shoulder-length coat, a black midi-length skirt, and a white tight-fitting shirt.

"Speaking of which, would the male hunters of our clan feel embarrassed every time they leave here…"

Then, she planned to go to Maryse's temporary home.

The two had already made plans to have dinner together that night.

Are we friends now? Although that little guy said it was just for the sake of mutual benefit.

A faint smile appeared in Mu Ling's eyes, her mood has been quite good these days.

Everything was developing as expected, although Mu Ling had not yet found her ultimate revenge goal, she believed in her heart that the Savior would help her achieve her dream.

"Excuse me, Miss Mu Ling."

A cold male voice suddenly appeared.

Mu Ling's smile disappeared completely at that moment.

Standing still, she said nothing, her face only showing the most indifferent intention to kill.

"Our previous encounter was too hasty. Now, please allow me to reintroduce myself… My master calls me 'Number Zero', while my subordinates and the Demon Hunt Agency refer to me as 'Mr. Mystery'."

"Of course, you could simply think of me as… the destroyer of a certain filthy hunter clan."