I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: The Most Important Thing

Alan sounded puzzled over the phone and said, "Um, why would you say something like that? I feel like you imply that Tatsumi City will encounter problems after the 'Emperor' leaves."

Bai Yan quickly responded, "Don't you think so too? I can sense from your tone that you share the same view."

He could clearly detect from the phone that Alan's tone was heavy and worried. This guy obviously didn't want the "Emperor" to leave during such a critical moment.

On the other end of the cell phone, Alan in a team of offices was truly concerned.

For some unknown reason, he always felt that the recent eradication operation was too easy, and the reason why "Mr. Mystery" has always been considered difficult…

The most important point is…

Like his nickname, "Mr. Mystery" always shrouded in enigma, with an elusive and unpredictable whereabouts. For many years, no one has ever caught his trail.

Otherwise, even if he himself is powerful, as long as he doesn't possess the level of "Queen of the Scarlet Moon," Demon Hunt Agency will be able to deal with him as long as they make a move.

However, not long after the arrival of the "Emperor", "Mr. Mystery" suddenly exposed himself and was successfully taken down by Demon Hunt Agency.

Isn't it just too coincidental? It's incredibly so!

In fact, Alan wasn't the only one with doubts. Before the battle began, the Night Watchers collectively suspected that this could be a trap.

However, due to the presence of the "Emperor", even if there might have been traps, the high-level officials of the Demon Hunt Agency still launched this encirclement after discussion.

The absolute power of the "Emperor" lived up to everyone's expectations and easily destroyed "Mr. Mystery".

Afterwards, Kessel's first act was to confirm whether the person he killed was the real "Mr. Mystery" or not.

As a result, the souls were perfectly matched.

There was no mistake, the one who died was the notorious cult priest "Mr. Mystery".

Nonetheless, Alan was still worried and called Bai Yan after the sudden removal of the "Emperor".

He was also unclear as to why he didn't communicate with Lin Bian himself, but rather chose to call and exchange views with Bai Yan.

Alan inquired tentatively, "So, Bai Yan, do you think it's possible for something to go wrong?"

Bai Yan smiled and remarked, "But the Demon Hunt Agency is so powerful, and with the existence of Babel Tower, we should be able to withstand any conspiracy."

"In any case, it's not something that a newcomer like me should worry about."

After hearing these words, Alan spoke with a slight guilty conscience:

"How can you have so much trust in the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower? It is understandable to trust the Demon Hunt Agency, but as for Babel Tower, it is ultimately an obscure organization with an unclear stance. How could you put so much trust in them?"

Hmm, as a super 'iron wolf', Alan always has an unconscious desire to crush Babel Tower under his foot, pretending to be a good 'commoner'.

Otherwise, he feels uncomfortable.

Bai Yan remained silent for a while before sighing and saying,

"Although I am just a newcomer and don't quite understand the Otherworlds, the behaviors of Babel Tower always make me feel like they are not bad people."

Alan also fell silent, feeling uncomfortable no matter what he said on this topic.

Regarding the entanglement between Babel Tower and himself, Bai Yan was naturally ignorant, so he had to deceive him when he told him about it.

I am sorry, Bai Yan.

The matter of the Babel Tower is still too far away from you.

"Well, I have something to do, so I'll hang up first, Bai Yan," Alan said quietly.

After putting down his phone, Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

He came to Captain Adelaide's desk.

"Captain, I would like to request something. I need to go to the archives to check something."

Adelaide appeared perfectly normal, as if her previous outbursts never happened.

"What do you need to check?"

She asked coldly.

Bai Yan calmly responded, "Regarding the clues saved after the siege of 'Mr. Mystery', I wish to investigate them further with my own abilities to see if we can uncover any additional intelligence."

After a moment of silence, Adelaide said, "I actually had the same idea and was considering letting you try it out. The only hesitation was whether or not to tell you… Your abilities may be effective, but unfortunately, uncontrollable."

She retrieved her card and handed it to Bai Yan.

"Use my card to investigate, I'm too lazy to apply for your special permission from above."

"Okay, thank you."

Bai Yan's ability to gather intelligence through "connection" is very strong, but the information obtained is random and fragmented when put to use, otherwise, it could be considered the ultimate intelligence power.

Adelaide suddenly said, "If, if you find any special information, you must report it immediately."

Bai Yan nodded.


After receiving the official permission and Adelaide's ID card, Bai Yan quickly arrived at the archives room.

In the dim and quiet archives room, rows of tall bookcases were neatly arranged in this giant room, and the sound of Bai Yan's footsteps sounded very clear.

He followed the instructions, picked up Adelaide's identity card, recited the spell, and pointed it forward.

"Class C Event 2511."

A rumbling sound appeared in his ears as the towering bookshelves in the gigantic room began to move on their own, slowly shifting for quite some time. One of them eventually stopped in front of Bai Yan.

Bai Yan took a pale white book from the bookshelf.

All the relevant records about the "2511" event were here.

Including but not limited to testimonies, physical evidence, memories… Although on the surface they may seem like mere photographs, they actually encompass everything.

Bai Yan opened the first page of the book.

The first photograph on it depicted a man in a black cloak, with a terrified expression on his face.

"So, what exactly do I need to do?"

He gently tapped the photo and recited the spell according to the instructions.

"Manifest the truth of the past."

The next moment, a black-cloaked figure appeared beside Bai Yan, with a face full of fear. He instinctively wanted to run, but he couldn't move an inch from where he stood.

"What's going on? What am I?" he screamed.

Bai Yan checked the written account in the book and uttered, "Hmmm, you are already deceased, and it took a long time after each bone was crushed by the 'Emperor' for you to pass away completely, what is gathered here is your shattered soul."

The man in the black cloak yelled out, "No, it is not so, the great Chaos Star will not forsake me!"


He seemed to suddenly recall the agony of being tormented by the "Emperor," and instantly began to howl frantically.

Bai Yan silently read the book in his hands, which contained information about the man. The man was one of the advanced believers, No. 7, with the true name of Varoust.

Additionally, he was a black wizard skilled in sacrificing living people for summoning. "Adjudication Section" confirmed that he had killed 157 people, including 25 children.

Most of the staff working in the Adjudication Section had retired from Night Watcher and were experienced in judging and imposing necessary punishment on criminals.

This kind of judgment is only given to proven heretics or black wizards, both of whom pose a great threat and have the potential to destroy the world, requiring special treatment.

If it were an ordinary extraordinary criminal, or a guy who hasn't been caught with solid evidence, like Reno…, the normal judicial procedure would be followed.

"Although I would like to interrogate you, merely seeing scum like you disgusts me, and furthermore, your current mental state prohibits normal communication."

Bai Yan's tone was very calm.

"Ah ah ah! Why?! No! This isn't right!"

No. 7 still raged uncontrollably, unable to accept the fact that he'd been cruelly killed, and couldn't believe that the great "Chaos Star" hadn't invited him to its divine kingdom.

"Ordinary cultists, once purified, will not have their souls sealed by the Demon Hunt Agency, which upholds the spirit of maintaining world order. Instead, they will be allowed to be reincarnated… But clearly, some individuals will be deemed unnecessary for such a precious opportunity by the Adjudication Section."

Bai Yan calmly reached out and activated the extraordinary power of "connection".


After a while, the soul of "No. 7" was retrieved, but Bai Yan didn't look too good. He had just used "connection" and seen many disgusting images.

However, there was no desired content.

So he continued to investigate and on the second page he found the sealed evidence - an item once used by "Mr. Mystery."

A high-end Relic, with the appearance of a small black clay figurine, its specific usage is currently unknown.

After taking it out, Bai Yan held it in his hand and "connected" with it.

The next moment, he witnessed a unique scene.

In the blurry image, he could vaguely see the back of a man in a purple suit.

He was talking to a tall, blond woman in a white dress who was the flame demon, previously defeated by Maryse.

Bai Yan suddenly had a premonition, this was it!

This is the information he was looking for!

He never expected to be so lucky!

No, rather it can be said, that ever since unlocking extraordinary powers, his luck has always been favorable.

"Number Two… The leader has agreed to my plan. We just have to wait until the 'Emperor' is called away by those fools, and this city will be ours for the taking."

"What about Babel Tower?"

"Well, they are indeed a problem… But I have a solution to make them no longer a problem."

"What do you mean? I would love to hear it. Seeking revenge against Babel Tower is the drive behind my return to this world. I absolutely must string up that little guy and barbecue her!"

"Our master has already received a divine revelation, commanding the arrival of his mighty Spawn, 'Unleashed Dark', and in its wake, the danger of the Babel Tower will be insignificant… and all we need is to prepare sufficient quantities of 'Deep Ones', as the necessary sacrifices to welcome it."

Bai Yan was slightly taken aback, as he heard a word long forgotten.

Deep Ones!

Of course, he remembered. Maryse, the Psychic Dancer, had discovered the secret laboratory researching the "Deep One's transformation technology" in that towering pharmaceutical company building.

So that's how it is, everything is connected!

The Deep Ones are sacrifices offered to some powerful entity, and "Mr. Mystery" will use the power of Unleashed Dark to take over the whole city.

After breaking free from the fragmented images, Bai Yan remained standing where he was.

He didn't just leave the archive room like that.

"There is one more thing to do."

Bai Yan knew clearly that his corrected memory and all the clues related to what happened thirteen years ago were recorded here.

Only by successfully finding it, he could "awaken".

Individual combat strength improvement is secondary, but enhancing supernatural strength will also bring changes to the Babel Tower, so… this is currently the most important thing.

"Thank you, Captain… I'm sorry, according to the regulations, I may be dismissed later, but actually, I have been very happy working with you these days."

Bai Yan picked up Adelaide's identity card again, with a kind of determination in his eyes.

Let's welcome it.

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