I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 117 Part 1

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Chapter 117: It Is Time for Ten Summons! (1)

Inside the Babel Tower.

Under the starry night sky, Bai Yan sat on the throne-like seat, preparing to draw cards from the "Babel Tower" gacha.

The last ten consecutive pool drawn was called "Destiny".

According to the previous idea, this time he decided to draw from the pool named "Different Dimensions".

The pool of "Different Dimensions" offers various "possibilities", including architectural wonders and skin enhancements, which can bring interesting strengthening effects… Of course, it may also be meaningless.

For instance, Mu Ling's Afternoon Lady skin, Bai Yan considers it almost a pollutant of the draw pool, as it brings no significance except for personal relaxation.

However, he recalled Mu Ling's smiling face. His fingers rested under his chin as he sank into thought.

"Perhaps, it is not entirely meaningless."

Bai Yan noticed that every time he had to summon, his feelings were always so intense. Although he was no longer nervous, this excitement lingered.

It was a feeling that surpassed even completing a mission and gaining extraordinary powers…

"Indeed, the summon mechanism of the game easily stirs up emotions… Humans are inherently fond of playing probability games."

"If I were to make a game myself, I would definitely include the summoning mechanism."

Bai Yan habitually muttered to himself, extending a finger and directly clicking on the card pool of "Different Dimensions."

The edge of the black vortex faintly emanated a strange purple light.

Single summon!

Ten in a row!


After pressing his finger at the position of the ten summons, Bai Yan silently stared at the phone screen, witnessing the appearance of one card after another.

The first summon!

"Possibility! Fairy Tale Hunter · The Final Gun (Seven Days)"

Hmm, is this the skin for The Final Gun?

The Final Gun, born in the "Night Union" as a professional assassin, a specialized type of Core Operator, would actually be quite good if you can obtain him through drawing.

"Calculate the background timeline, he should have already entered the nursing home by now, retired."

Bai Yan recalled.

"But soon, he will have to come out of retirement because of his granddaughter… How could anyone ever retreat from this kind of circle easily?"

Frankly, Bai Yan really wanted to withdraw him earlier, so as to avoid tragedy.

Second summon!

"Possibility! Water World · Girl Psychic Elene"

Another permanent swimsuit.

"Hmm…" Bai Yan couldn't help scratching his face, not knowing what to say for a moment.

I got two permanent swimwear skins, but neither of their operators came out!

Third summon!

"Possibility! Mechanical Ascension · Cybertyrant (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan was slightly surprised. It turns out that the probability of drawing the corresponding skin is increased when having the operator, the first playthrough is the same.

In this world of possibility, Cybertyrant has completely abandoned her original body and chosen to undergo a full-body cyborg transformation, without even retaining any flesh and blood in the brain.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😤)

The only thing left is the soul that belongs to humans.

Fourth summon!

"Possibility! Daughter of Willpower · Psychic Dancer (Seven Days)"


This is quite good, really very good.

Bai Yan knew that "Daughter of Willpower" was Psychic Dancer's strongest skin. In this timeline, she transformed her psychic power into extremely strong willpower, possessing a terrible all-powerful ability.

"It's a shame it's only for seven days, not permanently."

But it can also be used when necessary.

Fifth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Sky Garden×1"

Sixth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Golden Palace × 1"

Seventh summon!

"Possibility! Fairy Tale Black Prince · Nightsaber. (Seven days)"

Uh, it's Mu Ling's male clothing skin…

In a certain world line, Mu Ling would choose to cross-dress and inherit the throne of a country.

The Fairy Tale Witch, Fairy Tale Hunter, and the Fairy Tale Black Prince - without a doubt, they belong to the same series of skins and are therefore from the same parallel world.

Bai Yan couldn't help but find the illustration of this skin peculiar - the courtly male attire combined with a short-haired version of Mu Ling gave it a distinct and aesthetically pleasing shojo manga vibe.

For some reason, he felt an urge to witness this rendition of Mu Ling with his own eyes.

Eighth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

Ninth summon!