I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: "The Mistress of the Bridesmaid"

Several days later.

The air today is exceptionally fresh, without any fog or rain, only shining the gentle sunlight on the people.

Many pedestrians come and go on the Tatsumi City Bridge by the artificial beach.

The sea breeze brushed lightly.

This bridge has a long history of construction, and even enough to become a memory for many citizens. From here, one can see the boundless sea.

Tatsumi City is a coastal city, otherwise it wouldn't have the word "sea" in its name.

Maryse stood at the edge of the bridge, wearing a chestnut-red high-neck hooded velvet vest and black leather shoes, looking like a delicate beauty in autumn fashion.

She stood by the bridge, hands covering her face, calmly gazing at the shimmering sea, awaiting the arrival of the person she had arranged to meet.

Maryse frowned, reaching into her pocket to retrieve a pink phone adorned with a small bear design on the back.

"It's already five minutes past the allotted time, what could be happening? Could something have occurred?"

Her fingers tapped on the phone several times before she sent a private message on the forum.

"Psychic Dancer: Haven't arrived yet?"

"Nightsaber: Sorry, something came up."

Maryse frowned slightly, feeling a bit strange. The "Nightsaber" she knew didn't seem like someone who would be late.

"I'm sorry for coming late."

She suddenly heard a somewhat cold voice, turned her head and saw the white-haired girl in the black windbreaker standing next to her.

Mu Ling was slightly panting, her large chest constantly heaving, her eyes filled with apologetic expression.

She clearly came over at full speed, and may have even used "Deep Blue World" on her way.

"Why do you always wear this outfit every time? Don't you have any new clothes?"

Maryse frowned and said, "And also, don't you think you should buy a bigger one for this part? It looks suffocating to me. Don't you care about your attire?"

Mu Ling paused for a moment and murmured, "I have forgotten about this aspect lately… However, the binding guarantees mobility during a battle. It's not like I bought a small one."

"Oh no!"

The concept of a corset was too far distant for a girl like Maryse, who doesn't need it at all, to imagine.

Maryse frowned and stared for a moment before shaking her head and saying, "Let me introduce myself again. I am Maryse, an aristocratic elf maiden."

"I am Mu Ling, a crime-hunter."

Mu Ling's tone was flat, but a smile appeared on her face, as if she was happy to see Maryse here.

"At the same time, I am also the Hound of Babel Tower," she added.

Upon hearing those words, Maryse couldn't help but recall her father's face.

In reality, every time she was manipulated by the "Savior", Maryse always had a vague feeling of fear.

It was as if there was no difference between the "Savior" and her father, both simply enslaving her.

She couldn't help but sneer, "Ha, you seem to really enjoy this status, do you want to be collared? Just like a dog, you like to fawn over someone."

Mu Ling was momentarily stunned.

Her tone immediately became serious and she said, "Why…did you insult me?"

Maryse was momentarily stunned and realized she had been too harsh.


She immediately apologized with some panic, then lowered her head and said, "I just… didn't want you to be too… in fact, He is using us, isn't He?"

"No, I don't think so."

Mu Ling shook her head, turned to the sea and said, "The Savior is great, and this greatness doesn't refer to His power, but to His heart that wants to save all sentient beings in the world. I think it's not a bad thing to be 'manipulated' by such an existence with this kind of heart. It's not the simple exploitation you mentioned."

"I know you're still young, and there are things that you can't fully understand…and the way your family has treated you has caused you to not understand the Savior."

Maryse was aware of their differing outlooks, but she didn't dwell on it and gazed out at the sea.

"Actually, I'm already of legal age."

Mu Ling was stunned and said, "Huh? But you're not an elf…"

"I have a quarter of human blood and, according to the lifespan calculation method of half-elves, I've already come of age, at least psychologically and legally."

Maryse murmured, "Moreover, little sister, don't think that having a good physical development is everything. Maybe someone likes someone like me."

Hmph, and my "shelf life" is even longer!

Because Maryse's words were too teasing, Mu Ling was stunned for a while, slightly opened her mouth, but didn't know how to respond.

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Hmm, she really cares about that aspect so much…

Mu Ling slightly lowered her head and then raised it, saying, "Why did you ask me out today?"

"Nothing special, it's just that… I feel very lonely alone."

The sea breeze gently blew at the ends of her hair, and Maryse answered without hesitation, "I feel very lonely. After leaving my family, the new environment is very unsettling for me."

"After thinking for a while, I realized that you are probably the only friend I can recall at the moment."

Mu Ling couldn't help but fall into contemplation.

She knew that the girl in front of her, after betraying her family, had lost everything.

"Maryse, you don't have to feel lonely, because Babel Tower will accompany you through it all."

Maryse murmured, "I've noticed that you like to use 'labels' to divide people. Are every person in your family and organization your siblings and friends? Oh, or is this collectivism?"

"I have noticed that you enjoy contradicting."

Mu Ling shook her head, knowing that this guy had too many psychological shadows, and was a bit neurotic.

Maryse remained non-committal and said, "I'm sorry, but how do you view the other members of Babel Tower's new recruits?"

After pondering for a long time, Mu Ling finally said, "Mysterious Magic is a cautious person who has many complex strategies during battles. As for Cybertyrant, she appears to be very intelligent and has leadership potential."

"They are all potential candidates selected by the Savior."

Maryse squinted her eyes and said, "Be careful around her, this Cybertyrant makes me feel uneasy…ugh, mainly because your unconditional trust in 'one of our own' annoys me!"

Maryse launched a surprise attack!

She attempted to reach out and pinch Mu Ling's face, but was easily avoided!

Mu Ling smiled lightly, not particularly fond of physical contact, and her face was not one that anyone could just casually pinch.

Except for her future spouse… even if it's the 'Savior'… they don't have that kind of intimate relationship, but rather a different kind of intimacy.

"Hmph, how stingy!"

Maryse pouted, becoming even more unhappy.


Bai Yan sat inside Babel Tower, eating the freshly made seafood hotpot and watching the live stream on his phone.

He heard the entirety of the conversation between the two girls.

"What a vivid contrast."

Bai Yan shook his head and fished out a large shrimp from the hotpot.

"However, Psychic Dancer does indeed possess this type of personality, with a natural animosity towards the Dominator. It is impossible for her to completely submit to the Savior."

Of course, he didn't need her complete submission… this was not an R18 anime or game.

He knew why Mu Ling had just been late. On her way here, she happened to pass the scene of a fire and quickly rescued many people.

The two girls in the live stream on their phones were still chatting.

"Excuse me, have you heard of 'Equality' Health Spa? It has miraculous effects on beauty and anti-aging!"

A passerby appeared and handed over a flyer with the words "A balanced body leads to better health" on it.

"Get out of here, I command you, hop away like a frog!"

Maryse suddenly became angry and activated her psychic abilities, while Mu Ling was left feeling confused.

"Did he offend you in any way?"

"But he offended me in his heart, it made me so angry! Never mind, Mu Ling, can you please accompany me to relax today…"

"I haven't gone out to play with friends in twenty years."

Maryse's words made Bai Yan pause for a moment in front of his phone, letting out a sigh.

She seems to have had a pretty miserable time herself. Bai Lian remember there was even a possibility of being a "Bird in a Cage" skin, which was even worse in a different timeline.

"Okay, I'll accompany you."

Soon, the two girls in the live broadcast left the bridge.

They came to the nearby pedestrian street to play.

The two girls ate ice cream together, bought new clothes together. Maryse played a prank on someone with her extraordinary power and Mu Ling didn't stop her.

Bai Yan could tell that the two got along very well and were already friends.

Or, in other words, best friends.

"So, as their 'Savior' whom they pledge loyalty to, now I am also the "The Mistress of the Bridesmaid" of their circle, right?"

He muttered to himself:

"These kind of everyday moments will become fewer and farther between… cherish them."

Bai Yan ended the livestream and pulled up the game screen for "Babel Tower".

After the last profit settlement, "Babel Tower" still gained a lot of fame, and more importantly, successfully captured a portion of cultists as "logistical workers".

Then, a new Relic was discovered.

Although it is not a Civilization-level Relic, it is a relatively versatile and high-level Relic.

"Stone of Resurrection: A Relic in the shape of a stone necklace, possessing the ability to summon rock giants for the user, at the cost of the user becoming more fatigued the longer the summoning time."

Bai Yan has not yet decided to whom he will give this Relic.

It has been several days since the "Mr. Mystery's fake death incident".

During this time, everything seems to have calmed down, and Black Star Faction's influence appears to have been completely eradicated.

But he knew things weren't that simple, "Mr. Mystery" was definitely waiting for an opportunity.

When the time comes, he will launch an unprecedented counterattack!

Bai Yan glanced at the upper left corner of his phone.


After confirming that he had collected another five hundred Source Energy Points, Bai Yan took a deep breath and resolutely reached out his finger.

"Summon, start!"