I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 115 Part 1

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Chapter 115: "The Confession of the Emperor"

"So what should we do with this thing?"

Holly took a few steps back, looking at the thick layer of ice in front of her, as well as the tall monster trapped inside, feeling somewhat disgusted.

Adelaide took a drag of her cigarette and said, "Hmm, of course we bring it back to the Demon Hunt Agency, first search for useful information in the soul… then send it for judgment and purification."

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Bai Yan is aware of the fate that awaits most of the cultists and black wizards, who even if they haven't committed murder, will be sentenced to lifelong imprisonment; while those who have committed greater crimes will face purification through trial.


The punished individuals' bodies will be instantly evaporated in the face of the power of sunlight during the purification process.

For some criminals with overly strong abilities or insane crimes, their souls will be collected by the executioner after death, permanently sealed, and prohibited from the possibility of reincarnation and resurrection.

However, even with such severe punishment, without any mercy, there are still many desire-driven individuals who repeatedly challenge the bottom line of order for huge benefits.

At this moment, a not very tall figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

A silver-haired and white-eyed young man stood before them.

Bai Yan had already seen this scene on his phone before he arrived, but still showed surprise.

"Emperor" Kessel transferred himself here from an unknown location.

Having glanced at the monster trapped in ice, he turned to Bai Yan and calmly said, "I heard someone say that a member of the Babel Tower was found here earlier?"

Bai Yan nodded and replied, "Yes, unfortunately she has already escaped."

Unsurprised, Kessel stated, "As expected, the Babel Tower, which has always been targeted by the Black Star Faction, will never let go of an opportunity presented in this operation."

"Although we were not able to catch her temporarily, we still have a chance. Well, I have to go now."

Adelaide suddenly rushed over, stopped the handsome young man and shook his shoulders.

"Wait a minute, let me go to the front with you. I don't think there's any need for so many people to stay behind and catch any remaining enemies."

Kessel was obviously a little dizzy from the shaking and muttered, "Uh huh, okay, stop shaking me. Since your intention is so strong, come with Bai Yan."

"Let me join in as well?"

Bai Yan looked at Kessel in surprise, feeling that the young man was paying special attention to him.

"Yes, let's accumulate this rare experience."

Kessel's voice was clear and gentle as he smiled at Bai Yan, extending his fair childlike hand to signal him to come closer.

If it wasn't certain that this senior's gender was male…

Bai Yan even felt that the other person might have a liking for him.

Wait, even if it is a male, it seems possible…

Bai Yan dared not think further, just nodded and approached with a subtle expression.

Adelaide followed closely behind, not looking back as she said, "You stay here."

"Hey, you guys are too cunning."

Holly looked displeased, apparently wanting to pick a fight, but the big guy smiled and gently patted her small head.

The pure white youth raised his hand and silently gazed at the plain ring on his ring finger.

Suddenly, Bai Yan asked, "Is the instant collective teleportation from the power of that Relic?"

Kessel smiled gently and nodded in reply, "Yes, the name of this Civilization-level Relic is… 'Stars Racing to the Horizon', it was a gift from my lover."


Bai Yan was slightly stunned, realizing that this "young man" was already married.

It's no wonder that his ring is worn on the position of the ring finger.

However, Bai Yan faintly felt that Kessel's lover was most likely deceased.

"Stars, move on."

Kessel passionately kissed the ring, and the surrounding scenery immediately changed. Shortly after, they had arrived at an empty space in the industrial area.

There is already someone here.

The "ace" of Demon Hunt Agency, Lin Bian, held a firearm and his lowered eyes were full of hatred.

Along with Alan, there were more than ten Night Watchers who had gathered here and successfully surrounded their ultimate target.

The Night Watchers had their backs turned towards the sudden appearance of Kessel, Bai Yan, and Adelaide.

Is that the person?

Bai Yan crossed a group of Night Watchers and saw a man about fifty meters away from him.

The man was wearing a dark purple suit, was tall and slim, and his clothes looked neat and immaculate.

Anyone who only looked at his silhouette would feel that he was the most exemplary gentleman.

However, the greatest feature of this "man" was actually his face.

He had no face.

He was a person whose facial features were completely non-existent, despite his body which resembled that of a classical gentleman. Overall, he looked incredibly eerie, like some kind of terrifying oddity.

Bai Yan couldn't help but recall the mouth on "No. 3's" hand, slightly furrowing his brow.

Could it be that "Mr. Mystery," the priest of the Black Star Faction, has transplanted his own body onto different people?

The pure white emperor spoke.

"I have arrived."

After Kessel spoke up, all the Night Watchers turned their heads, their eyes filled with joy, automatically making way to both sides.

Only the surrounded "Mr. Mystery" remained calm.

Or maybe he couldn't speak without a mouth.

Lin Bian took out the flask, sighed and said, "You've stolen the show, you old geezer."

Kessel walked up step by step, and the other Night Watchers stepped aside, leaving the real stage for the decisive battle.

However, in reality, this is not a decisive battle.

It is an execution.

"Mr. Mystery" calmly extended his hand adorned with white gloves.

Push forward.