I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 114 Part 2

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Chapter 114: Killing With a Borrowed Knife (2)


An excited voice sounded.

"I want to challenge her and have a go, I have watched her videos multiple times and I just really want to fight her and see how it goes."

Holly's eyes appeared slightly red, with her ears trembling.

She was evidently becoming more and more excited.

It was only at that moment that Bai Yan realized something: Holly was secretly referred to as the "violence maniac" by members of other teams.

Perhaps it's not only because of her strange strength.

At that moment, the big guy had already walked up to Bai Yan and gently placed his broad and thick hand on his shoulder, saying in a tender tone,

"I will protect you, don't worry."

"Uh, well…"

Bai Yan nodded obediently, "Yes, I am just a novice in the support department. Please protect me, senior experts!"

"Too fast! They are coming!"

The voice in the earphones grew increasingly anxious!


A figure, clad in black and white, darted into the factory. Even with his "hyper-sensory perception," Bai Yan struggled to discern the bounding form of Mu Ling.

As always, she remained breathtakingly graceful and stylish.

"She's here!" Holly's lilting voice proclaimed.

Bai Yan stood in a corner, depriving Mu Ling of any chance to catch a glimpse of him.

He pretended not to have reacted, just stared blankly at where Holly had been.

Adelaide also stood still, the big guy froze, apparently unable to react.


Suddenly, a hole appeared beneath Holly's feet!

She shot out like a bullet, turning into a shadow and instantly smashing towards the front of Mu Ling in mid-air.

It is "the first move in response".

The so-called "first move in advance" is to successfully anticipate the enemy's intention as soon as it arises, while "the first move in response" is to attack simultaneously with the opponent and then successfully anticipate their move.

Holly is a natural-born warrior.

All of her strength was a result of her "natural talent", born as a powerful individual.

Holly's unstoppable growth of power and swift response undoubtedly secured her a place in the Demon Hunt Agency, and even achieved the strength of a captain with ease.

Unfortunately, her overall qualities are not sufficient, and a young girl of her age cannot become a captain.

Holly's dynamic vision was terrifyingly exceptional - even if Mu Ling charged at her at high speed, she could still successfully anticipate her movements and distance.

But her collision and obstruction failed.

Because of the existence of "Deep Blue World".

Mu Ling's high-speed figure had disappeared in the next moment, leaving only a residual image outside the factory.

Without hesitation, Holly chased after her.

The others present didn't move.

Adelaide gazed calmly at the other side, waiting for the appearance of the next target.

The true adversary.


"No. 8", which was over three meters tall, swung a stone pestle and rushed in, emitting a putrid stench that made people feel nauseous.

"Disgusting fellow, if you don't dress nicely, you won't be welcomed by girls."

In Adelaide's hand appeared a beautiful long spear with blue and white colors, her eyes twinkling, and electricity flashing and thunder booming around her, just like the descent of a god of thunder, completely suppressing the enemy in momentum.

Bai Yan suddenly exclaimed in alarm, "Don't kill it directly! Captain, this creature, in the Babel Tower video, appears to die and resurrect itself, becoming even stronger!"

"Is it like this?"

After the lightning on Adelaide's body flickered, it gradually disappeared, and her lips opened slightly.


Vapor came out of the mouth.

The bizarre creature "No. 8" had already rushed up to her, its colossal stone pestle came crashing down heavily. However, Adelaide calmly leaped aside and aimed her gun, piercing through the monster's massive body.


Magnificent frost flowers exploded upon the body of "No. 8," causing it to pause momentarily before continuing its attack.


The stone pestle struck repeatedly, creating a continuous succession of pits in the ground, yet its threat to the original form of "No. 8" was minimal.

He was completely at Adelaide's mercy.

Beautiful white ice flowers bloomed one after another, constantly emerging from the decaying corpse.

Eventually, it became immovable, its immense and decomposing body completely frozen within a massive layer of ice composed of flowers, even its foul odor vanished beneath the isolation of the ice.

"Captain, you are amazing!"

Bai Yan looked surprised as he ran over, as if he were about to applaud.

"Hmm, it's nothing."

Adelaide picked up the lady cigarette on the ground and began smoking it once more.

Bai Yan witnessed this scene and wondered, is this guy being frugal or is she just addicted to smoking by picking up the cigarette from the ground?

"Phew, I'm back."

Holly returned quickly, slightly out of breath and with an irritated look in her eyes.

"Damn it, that woman from Babel Tower is too fast, I can't catch up with her at all!"

"As expected, and you are no match for her," Adelaide said calmly.

"Bunny, let's talk again next time."

Bai Yan showed a faint smile and tried to comfort Holly by shaking his head gently.

Of course you can't catch up with her, Holly.

This is the future that I had already predetermined.