I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 114 Part 1

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Chapter 114: Killing With a Borrowed Knife (1)

Near the abandoned factory, twenty combat support personnel were responsible for patrolling, carrying guns to stand guard at various locations.

The arrangement of the patrol locations is uniformly organized by the "Coordinator" of the Demon Hunt Agency, who is a Night Watcher with a high level of intelligence, although not very strong in combat ability.

They also possess many enchanted objects, that would instantly be alerted to any movements by even the slightest breeze.

Then, the combat assistance personnel will quickly notify all personnel of the situation on-site.

A combat support personnel stood on the rooftop terrace and suddenly noticed someone approaching this area, immediately becoming nervous.

He instinctively aimed his gun.

The bullets in the rifle have been blessed by the powerful supernaturals, causing a slight amount of non-physical damage.

However, in the face of a true powerhouse, it is still not enough to be reckoned with.

He gazed at the figure in his sight through the targeting scope, relieved to find that it was Bai Yan from the Night Watcher squad, but didn't let go of his firearm just yet.

"Hey, discovered what appears to be the figure of H646, requesting clearance."

Though uncommon, there do exist powers of extraordinary transformations, causing the combat support personnel to remain vigilant.

H646 is Bai Yan's code name.

"Yes, it's me." Bai Yan's voice appeared in the earpiece, confirming his identity.

"The identity check on my end is correct, let him come over directly." Adelaide's voice came through the earpiece.

It was not until then that he put down his tactical assault rifle.

Suddenly, the combat support personnel felt that Bai Lian… seemed to turn his head towards him, smiling and nodding gently.


I'm over three hundred meters away from him, and I'm behind cover. How could he have noticed me? Only the team leaders should know our exact location.

The combat support personnel was startled for a moment, then raised his gun to observe. He found that the other person had already turned back and continued walking.

The previous smile and nod seemed to be only a figment of his imagination.

Bai Yan returned to the abandoned factory, where several people were waiting calmly.

The escaped enemies have not yet come here, in fact, the frontal attack has just begun.

"It has already begun," Adelaide said in a faint voice, holding a lady's cigarette. "One team is currently storming in. Hmm, so far, we haven't suffered any casualties on our side. Lin Bian, why haven't you died yet?"

Bai Yan paused for a moment, extended his finger and pressed a few times on the earphone, adjusting it to public channel.

Loud noises came through.

"The attack came from the left building of the second group. Be careful and protect yourselves. Everyone in the third group, move to that direction."

"A magic circle has been detected by the fourth group. It's a warning system and we're currently dismantling it."

"The situation of the first group is normal."

"Star, please move."

It was the voice of Emperor Kessel, and Bai Yan recognized it.

"The first group is about to make contact with the enemy."

"The second group is relieving the ambush, there are many magic arrays here, so be careful."

"Okay, let's directly pass through this wall."

"Flames, obey my command…"

"Be careful! Damn it!"


"It seemed like the fight had begun. Bai Yan instinctively closed his eyes, feeling his ears vibrate from the impact.

Adelaide, who was also listening to the public channel, furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

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The sound in the earphones became chaotic, and Bai Yan fell into contemplation. He knew that after the joining of the "Emperor" to Demon Hunt Agency, this encirclement and suppression would be a situation of 100% victory.

Therefore, the Demon Hunt agency dares to disperse its forces and set up a siege in order to not let go of any heretic.

"How boring!"

Holly critiqued with closed eyes, raising her fists and feeling bored to death.

She stretched out her arms, suddenly jumped up in place, and bounced over three meters high in an instant.

The big guy sat obediently next to her, looking at her gently, with a smiling silence, just like he was seeing his granddaughter.


After landing, Holly suddenly got playful, slightly bending her knees, puckering her lips, looking at the ceiling, and jumping up with force!

Her entire person seemed to shoot up like a bullet!


As a result, she jumped too high this time and hit her head heavily on the roof of the abandoned factory. She quickly fell down, squatting in place with her eyes closed and her hands holding her head while her ears drooped.

"It hurts so much."

Upon seeing this absurd scene, Bai Yan was speechless for a while and muttered, "Are you…stupid?"

"I just…"

Holly wanted to retort, but a sudden voice came through the headphones of the 12th team's channel she was maintaining.

"Two targets spotted!"

The voice of the peripheral combat support personnel sounded very anxious!

"A young woman with white hair and a black coat, who looks to be under twenty years old, is suspected to be a member of the wanted Babel Tower group, Mu Ling!"

"Another one, with a height of over three meters, is chasing the former from behind, suspected to be our target, 'No. 8' from the Black Star Faction."

"They rushed into the magic barrier and are advancing towards the factory!"

Adelaide immediately ordered, "Don't shoot, leave it to us to solve."

She was considering the safety of these people.

The barrier arranged by Demon Hunt Agency has the characteristic of "one way in, no way out", so both of them can easily rush in.

If it were a two-way closed barrier, the effect would be somewhat weakened, while abandoning one side's effect would lead to a significant enhancement of the other side's effect.

This is a small trick played by a master of curses.

"Oh, they're coming."

The big guy had already stood up, the gentle smile on his face gradually disappeared, replaced by silence and seriousness.

Adelaide threw away the lady's cigarette in her hand, turned off the voice channel of the earphones, and calmly said, "We need to prioritize defeating the senior followers of the Black Star Faction, 'No.8'. As for the people from Babel Tower, we can put them aside for now. Of course, if we can stop them, we can try to stop them."

Bai Yan followed the command and gave her a fleeting glance.

Well, it seems that different people in the Demon Hunt Agency have completely different views on Babel Tower.

Unfortunately, Adelaide is not part of the decision-making level in the Demon Hunt Agency.