I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Zero

The pixelated avatar of "Nightsaber" has appeared, the scene resembling the pitch-black streets of her first battle.

However, it didn't rain heavily tonight.

The smell of rain-washed soil that Bai Yan could currently perceive couldn't be conveyed through the phone screen.

"Mu Ling… suddenly felt a bit regretful that I couldn't fight alongside you."

He took a deep breath and shook his head.

Soon, the enemies made their entrance.

The mission's mode and process, just like the initial form, were quite traditional and uncomplicated.

Introduction of "Nightsaber".

Next is the introduction of "the enemy".

However, the enemy introduced this time is not a new target, but one of the senior followers who was responsible for besieging Steward Huo Xin, who Nightsaber had faced before.

Although the pixelated man was just a dull giant waving a huge pixelated stone club in his hand, Bai Yan still remembered his true appearance as shown in the video.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and recalled the content in the video.

The zombie-like posture was much more terrifying than the pixelated figure.

The brawny man, who stood over three meters tall and was heavily wrapped in black belts, had a decaying body that emitted a nauseating stench. On his face was a gray mask with a laughing expression that gave people an eerie feeling.

"No. 8."

Indeed, the enemy of the emergency mission is not "Mr. Mystery", otherwise it would be impossible for only one operator to engage in battle.

Bai Yan plunged into deep thought, and realized that if "Nightsaber" were to encounter "Mr. Mystery", it would be very likely to encounter the "Emperor".

Although she could escape from the "Emperor" as long as she retreated in time, if the "Emperor" really wanted to kill "Nightsaber", it would probably only take a moment or two.

Therefore, it is better to avoid letting "Nightsaber" encounter him as much as possible.

Although the mission pattern is exactly the same as the initial battle, both the combat capability of "Nightsaber" and Bai Yan's operating level has greatly improved.

"Let's go, it's up to you now."


After calmly declaring, Bai Yan immediately controlled "Nightsaber" to charge towards the enemy, striking him down in a shower of blood, and then evading the heavy counter-attack.

The attacks of Nightsaber came in waves, relentless and each strike was incredibly heavy.

Although there was a huge difference in size, Nightsaber had the upper hand even in a strength contest.

Even without using her signature move "Deep Blue World", Nightsaber managed to slay the gigantic boss "No. 8" and the health bar of the boss below was depleted.

However, Bai Yan noticed that something was amiss.

"Nightsaber" didn't utter the iconic phrase of "mission accomplished".

"It is evident that it's not over yet."

In the next moment, the health bar of "No. 8", which was already empty, suddenly began to rise rapidly! The speed was incredibly fast!

It quickly stood up again, and its body expanded, even bigger than before.

"The second stage?"

Bai Yan was not surprised at all, because "No. 8" had been resurrected once in the previous mission.

So, he calmly manipulated "Nightsaber" to perform her unique skill that had always provided great assistance!

"Deep Blue World".

During the suspended time, Bai Yan immediately manipulated his "Nightsaber" to continuously slash at the monster, striking it again and again until the time froze and he still didn't stop.

Even after exhausting the second bar of the monster's health, Bai Yan didn't stop his consecutive attacks, instead, he whipped the corpse for more than ten seconds before finally ceasing.


Despite that, "Nightsaber" had yet to utter the familiar phrase "mission accomplished".

"This kind of thing… is it about blood sealing…"

In the mobile phone, the undead monster slowly crawled up from the ground, and its body expanded and grew more visibly, like a terrifying zombie giant in front of the young girl.

"It actually crawled up again. Do we need a specific mechanism or to find a special weakness?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, what is this thing really? It's invulnerable… Speaking of it, enemies with the ability of immortality have also appeared in 'Babel Tower'.

Apart from the unsolvable problems in the main task "Doomsday Crisis," there is always a solution to regular tasks. Even if the Core Operator cannot defeat this kind of enemy, there should be some way to seal the opponent.

The zombie giant suddenly rushed over!

Its actions were violent as before, the only difference being that it didn't use its weapons anymore.

Because the zombie giant had risen to a height of more than eight meters, its decaying and terrifying arms were even larger than stone pillars!

Bai Yan operated "Nightsaber" calmly, easily dodging the heavy attacks of the zombie giant and then started to jump on the surrounding buildings with "Anathemas Star Chains".

Suddenly, the zombie giant leaped up and chased after him like Hulk!

Its attacks were incredibly erratic and chaotic, despite its speed, it posed no threat to Bai Yan.

Because "Nightsaber" was even faster and, if necessary, she could activate the invincible time of "Deep Blue World".

However, continuing to procrastinate like this is not a solution.

But if we strike it again, will it become even stronger?

Let's give it a try!

"If any unforeseen consequences occur, then we'll just restart the level," Bai Yan muttered to himself. "You won't stand a chance against someone who can start again, so surrender quickly."

His fingers swiftly moved across the items bar, aiming at the massive zombie giant with "Anathemas Star Chains".

"Anathema's Star Chains" shot out directly, hitting the zombie giant's neck, while a terrifying heavy fist smashed down towards the pixelated figure of "Nightsaber"!

She immediately flew up into the air, spiraling around to the back of the giant's neck.

"Deep Blue World."

Without hesitation, Bai Yan's fingers began to move, delivering a relentless series of strikes until time-stop ended.

The zombie giant's neck was completely severed, its massive head falling with a resounding "thud" and bouncing far across the ground.

The colossal body crashed to the ground.

Nevertheless, Bai Yan persisted in commanding "Nightsaber" to keep attacking, continuously destroying the body.


Suddenly, a numerical symbol flew out from the body of the zombie giant, flashing with a black glow.


Bai Yan was slightly stunned, and then saw the "8" begin to change, unexpectedly becoming the "0" number.

"It truly seemed never-ending," he realized that the enemy still had not been killed, and it appeared there was even a fourth stage.

The body, already in a state of complete disarray, swelled up once again, and this time the expansion lasted longer, leading to an even more dramatic change in physique.

The fallen head seemed to have become insignificant, as the terrifying "0" had grown so tall that it exceeded the range of the phone's display.

"This body size is just too exaggerated…" Bai Yan couldn't help but quirk his lips, finding it amusing.

The mobile phone screen displayed only the lower half of the "Monster's" body, and exaggeratedly sized black fists fell from outside the screen.

"Nightsaber" quickly dodged!

One punch followed by another, the pixelated character of "Nightsaber" continuously evaded under Bai Yan's expert operation, flying and jumping, not being hit even once.

But if hit once, she would be instantly killed.

While playing, Bai Yan uttered, "This can't even challenge me. Its difficulty level is lower than that of 'Devil May Cry', 'God of War'… but it does excite me."

That's what a true BOSS battle looks like.

Suddenly, the zombie giant kicked the ground fiercely and a large number of shattered rocks flew around.

"Deep Blue World!"

Bai Yan used the same old trick again, controlling "Nightsaber" to use the chain hook to catch the leg of the zombie giant. The pixelated figure immediately jumped up and ran up quickly.

After climbing for a while, "Nightsaber" returned to the top of the giant's body.

However, this time, Bai Yan didn't see the presence of its head.

The current zombie giant remained in a headless state.

"Will the head not recover?"

Just as Bai Yan was confused, suddenly the image on the phone screen began to change.

In the next moment, both the zombie giant and "Nightsaber" had already arrived in another broken block.

They were collectively transported to another location.

On the screen appeared "Emperor" Kessel and a group of Night Watchers.

So that's what happened. The commotion caused by the giant was too loud and it got discovered… No negotiation option? Bai Yan furrowed his brow immediately.

"Emperor" didn't even give "Nightsaber" a chance to speak or be teleported this time!

He instantly launched an attack.

The screen shook and a white light flickered, and the zombie giant fell heavily.

The pixelated character of "Nightsaber" also fell down, and a faint blue light emerged from her body, which was then drawn out by the "Emperor".

Bai Yan was stunned by the "Emperor's" cold and merciless approach towards outsiders without saying a word.

In recent days, he has had a lot of contact with the other party at the Demon Hunt Agency. This person is overly kind to Night Watchers in daily life and can even be described as "benevolent".

However, this fellow has no hesitation in resorting to violence against outsiders, enemies, and potential adversaries at the slightest provocation.

"Don't forget me…"

With their last words spoken, the "Emperor" effortlessly obliterated the present-day "Nightsaber" with a single move.

There was no way around it; within this city, aside from "Queen of the Scarlet Moon", Bai Yan couldn't conceive of anyone who could stand a chance against "Emperor" in battle.

Yes, even "Pastor" who is on par with the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" on the surface is not good enough.

"Save the game?"


He took a deep breath, wanting to start over again immediately, but shook his head and didn't.

No, I must go out now. If I don't return home in time, they might assume that I am in trouble and even inform all the Night Watchers since it is such a sensitive period.

The next moment, Bai Yan had already returned to the real world from inside the Babel Tower. The outside still remained black with deserted streets.

As expected, just a few seconds later, a female voice came through the headphones he had been wearing.

It is Adelaide.

"Bai Yan, where are you? Has the ceremony barrier been successfully set up?"

There was a hint of concern in her tone.

Bai Yan felt very helpless with the situation and calmly gave his answer.

"Yes, I have set it up and am on my way back."