I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Transaction

Mu Ling sitting on the bed held her breath, and gradually tightened her hand holding the phone.


The man's movements…

Other things can be ignored, other villains can be temporarily abandoned, but only the information about this man is something that she absolutely cannot miss and cannot let go of!

He took away everything from the family and took away everything from herself.

Mu Ling closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened them again.

Soon there was a new message on the mobile phone.

"Mysterious Magic: Hmm, but I'm not sure what the price for this information should be in terms of points."

Everyone's initial points are five hundred, and they haven't yet traded with points, so they don't know the specific value of the information and traded goods.

And pricing, as "Profligate" mentioned, is his responsibility.

"Profligate: Let's start with a basic universal price, a common Relic is around one hundred points, while higher quality and powerful Relics start at three hundred points, and Civilization-level Relics are over two thousand points."

Bai Yan based his pricing on the market value of the Otherworlds of the Air Alliance.

He has recently read many books about the supernatural and has a good grasp of common knowledge about The Otherworlds.

Any Civilization-level Relic possesses powerful abilities, which allow supernaturals to fight beyond their level, and its price is at least equivalent to twenty times that of an ordinary Relic.

Just like the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes", once Maryse possesses it, even when facing "Apocalypse" level top-tier experts, she can watch their attacks helplessly while sweating profusely and remain unaffected.

The slightly more advanced "High-level Relics", such as the "Disguise Mask" and the "Enchanted Pistol", undoubtedly the former possess powerful functionality and have a remarkable effect when utilized, with an extremely high upper limit.

Although the latter's name sounds ordinary, it can easily injure shadow-like "Aliens" and attack many beings with physical immunity.

The lowest-tier common Relics are even considered "trash" in the Babel Tower's lottery, mostly having simple spell effects such as "fireball launch", "lie detection", and "protection shield".

The black greatsword Mu Ling often used and the Ring of Protection Maryse has never used, both of which belong to this level, providing limited assistance in battle and costing very little.

For example, the use of Mu Ling's "Night Blade" only results in a slight decrease in her vision during the day, which is basically negligible for her "superhuman" body.

Since Profligate's set price ratio is similar to the market price ratio of Relic, no one objected after hearing it.

"Although Civilization-level Relic, as a strategic material, has a price, it is generally rare for extraordinary individuals to sell it. Only the top-notch individuals among them would trade in such items."

Offline, Alan was pondering in the bathroom and felt a bit crazy, or perhaps insanely so.

It appears that new members of their organization can trade "Civilization-level Relics" internally!

It is usually only between major powers that "Civilization-level Relics" are traded, but it seems that the "Savior" has given many to them.

"Profligate: Once we have a specific benchmark price, we can even price other things, such as information that doesn't even have a substantiality."

"Nightsaber: Mr. Mysterious Magic, is your information of great significance? I intend to kill 'Mr. Mystery', and if it is merely some insignificant gossip, I shall not pay a steep price."

"Mysterious Magic: This information is enough to determine the life and death of 'Mr. Mystery' and the survival of the Black Star Faction in Tatsumi City."

"Nightsaber: Very well, in that case, I am willing to offer 150 points to purchase your information."

This means that Mu Ling is willing to trade one and a half ordinary Relics in exchange for this information.

"Mysterious Magic: Agreed."

Amy quickly got to work, and "Nightsaber's" forum points instantly dropped from 500 to 350, while "Mysterious Magic's" points increased to 650.

"Mysterious Magic" privately messaged "Nightsaber."

Bai Yan brazenly eavesdropped on the two's transaction information under the guise of "Profligate."

Amy immediately noticed that "Profligate" was listening in on their trade secrets, but she didn't dare to do so herself.

After all, Amy was also a member of the trading market, not the regulator. Once the situation is exposed, her reputation will be ruined.

However, "Profligate's" status is completely different. As the appointed guide of the Savior, he is transcendental and privileged. And most importantly, he is not involved in people's transactions.

"Mysterious Magic: The Demon Hunt Agency has found the hiding place of 'Mr. Mystery.'"

"Mysterious Magic: They will soon take action and completely wipe out the Black Star Faction's influence in Tatsumi City within a few days."

"Nightsaber: So, where exactly is the location that 'Mr. Mystery' is hiding?"

"Mysterious Magic: I don't know the exact location, but I do know that the 'Emperor' will personally intervene. So, one thing is certain, 'Mr. Mystery's' days are numbered."

Of course Alan couldn't reveal the location, after all, he was a member of the Demon Hunt Agency. But informing Nightsaber that Mr. Mystery's end was imminent wasn't considered a big deal.

However, if he were to leak the specific time and location of their actions, it would be considered a form of betrayal.

The "Emperor" will personally act… Mu Ling couldn't help but ponder, that man was a top-notch member of the imperial guards even in the Eyes of the Empire.

"Nightsaber: Okay, I understand, thank you."

"Mysterious Magic: You don't have to thank me, it's just a trade."

After Bai Yan became aware of all this, he fell into deep thought.

As expected, during the time of their disappearance, "Mr. Mystery" and the Black Star Faction were definitely preparing to do something… the villains couldn't possibly be idle.

Although the pharmaceutical company's plan was disrupted and their ambush on the werewolves failed, "Mr. Mystery" surely wouldn't just stand still and keep taking blows.

Something was being prepared as a backup plan.

"X: By the way, if you want to buy any Night Union specialties, feel free to contact me anytime, I can find a way to get them for you."

"X: This is a rough checklist, please take a look."

Afterwards, each person's phone displayed an additional series of checklists, which included hundreds of Night Union "specialties," such as various technological products, special medications, and local snacks, among others.

Bai Yan had already understood that "Cybertyrant" was trying to find ways to sell Night Union's various goods to Babel Tower's operators, earning their points and buying enough powerful Relics from them.

And she didn't need to pay any cost to obtain these things.

Because, in a certain sense, the "Cybertyrant" who can manipulate the network is the "god" of the electronic payment era.

This guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing, Bai Yan fully understood the intentions of "Cybertyrant".

"Psychic Dancer: I want that kind of legendary spell chip, the one that records 'fighting skills', and I also want a potion to strengthen my physique…"

"X: Sure, let Mr. Profligate give you the price for the 'spell chip'. It's a military-controlled item, so it may take some time for me to get it, but the potion for strengthening your physique is not a problem. I recommend Nine Trees Foundation's 'Deep Sea K550'. I can bring it to you directly at the next meeting."

The Nine Trees Foundation is recognized as the world's leading biotechnological entity.

Legend has it that they even possess terrifying technology to bring the dead back to life.

Hmm, the Deep Sea K550 drug is a great substance that strengthens the body without any side effects, albeit quite expensive.

"However, the high price is not its flaw, but rather a flaw of the buyers."

Bai Yan roughly estimated the price of "Deep Sea K550" in the black market, just as a reference, not necessarily precise but shouldn't be absurd.

"Profligate: Its value is approximately 300 points."

"X: I can sell it to you for 240 points, let's be friends. But if you have something good in the future, don't forget to show me."

"Psychic Dancer: Really? Thank you! I won't forget you if I have something good."

"X: Does anyone else want anything?"

No one responded for the time being, and today's exchange came to an end.

As the members logged off one after another, Bai Yan used the power of "Cybertyrant" to erase all records about "Profligate".

He then returned home and prepared dinner for himself.

Bai Yan took a sip of water, donned the kitchen apron, while thoughts of today's occurrences lingered in his mind.

In theory, the "Cybertyrant" has almost unlimited wealth, but if she frequently misappropriates funds, or directly controls e-commerce to "procure" goods for herself… she will increasingly face the risk of being arrested.

Even if she cannot be traced entirely online, dealing with unreasonable superhuman abilities can be quite thorny.

"Hopefully she won't get out of hand."

Bai Yan's dinner tonight was homemade seaweed wrapped rice, but it was vastly different from the normal version because he added many peculiar ingredients, such as large prawns, crabmeat, five nuts, and peanuts…

When he was bored and alone, he even made chocolate ice cream rolls by himself.

Bai Yan was eating seaweed-wrapped rice, one mouthful at a time, when he suddenly realized that he had received a text message on his mobile phone.

It was from the captain.

"It's already 7 o'clock in the evening, what's going on?" Bai Yan furrowed his brows.

"Gather at Block 31 in the East Industrial Zone in 20 minutes, for an emergency mission."


Emergency mission?

Bai Yan was briefly stunned and immediately thought of the information that Alan had revealed on the forum. Could it be… Mr. Mystery was about to be caught?

"Has this BOSS finally appeared?"

Afterwards, "Babel Tower" also popped up, his phone vibrated, and the distinct font made it very clear for him to read.

"Emergency mission!"