I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: "Profligate"

"By the way, what is the 'name' you have been given?" Amy suddenly asked.

Maryse thought about it and truthfully replied, "I am Psychic Dancer, well, my ability is more focused on psychic power."

"The power of the soul… I am not very familiar with extraordinary power, but I have been studying relevant books intensively."

"Nightsaber," Mu Ling answered promptly.

Amy calmly looked at Alan, silently applying pressure.

Alan wanted to sigh deeply. These two fellows, he didn't really want to reveal too much information, but now he couldn't just not reply since he was the only one left.

"The name given to me is… Mysterious Magician."

Smiling, Amy nodded and asked, "Hmm, I see. So, what is the current situation for everyone in the real world?"

Alan suddenly spoke with an unpleasant tone, "I don't think we have familiarized ourselves with that yet."

"Hmm, I apologize."

Amy nodded again, not at all angry.

"It seems I have overstepped my bounds. I used to think members of the Babel Tower were all close comrades… Apparently, that's not the case."

Looking around at the crowd, Mu Ling said, "I am a hunter."

A hunter?

Alan chuckled; of course he knew that "Nightsaber" was actually Mu Ling, but he had no intention of revealing her true identity.

The hunter, a special mutant caused by the Outer Gods, a monster that hunts other monsters. Maryse muttered silently, "You are the only one who will honestly speak out your true identity."

Mu Ling continued speaking to Amy, "I don't trust you, but I believe in the Savior. With him present, even if my identity is exposed, nothing will happen."

Amy nodded and brought up the next topic, "Speaking of which, the Rock Morgan Group may already be pursuing me… Do you have any way to help me evade them?"

Mu Ling immediately responded, "Well, do you need a Relic that can help you hide? I can get it for you and give it to you at the meeting in ten days."

Is it a type of Relic with the ability of hiding? Amy remembers that the so-called "Relic" is something with extraordinary power.

Indeed, she needed it.

"Thank you. What price do I need to pay?" Amy immediately agreed.

"Although I really want to say there is no need for any price, the hunter's rule is to never act for free…otherwise, hunters will become worthless."

After thinking for a moment, Mu Ling turned to the other person and said, "Could you give me something belonging to Night Union? Ideally, something with reconnaissance capabilities so I can search for my enemies."

Amy replied, "Alright, I can get you a new type of reconnaissance military robot from Noy Military that cannot be purchased through normal channels. It will help you search for your target over a wide range in the city."

Alan interjected, "Doesn't that thing require authentication and unlocking to be used?"

Amy calmly replied, "I can directly command it to remove the restrictions."

"Alright," Alan fell into contemplation. "The power of my 'teammates' seems exaggerated one after another. Why was I chosen in the first place?"

[Let's stop here for today.]

At that moment, Bai Yan suddenly spoke up.

He then sent the Core Operators away and remained alone on the Crystal Throne, lost in thought.


Although they created a chatting forum, and he can spy on one of them by "live streaming" his phone screen, that's all it is - spying only.

This procedure is extremely troublesome.

Moreover, it seems like he is increasingly being left out.

"It appears that a 'senior member' must join the new staff of Babel Tower, who will guide the newcomers… and also report to the boss… no, in fact, the truth is revealed, the 'senior member' is actually the boss himself."

Bai Yan has fully understood that his "Savior" identity is too high, making it impossible for him to say many things.

Creating a non-existent person would obviously be more advantageous.

Wearing a disguise is clearly better, but how should this disguise be fashioned?

Firstly, it is fundamental to adhere to a principle… which is to separate the identity of this alias as much as possible from "Bai Yan" and the "Savior."

The "veteran members" must never appear to be associated with "Bai Yan" and the "Savior."

"Hmm, what kind of personality would look completely different from 'me'?"

Bai Yan continued to contemplate, gradually conjuring up a fresh image in his mind.


All things crumble and are rebuilt anew.

The sky in New Street was always night-colored, never once did sunlight appear. Upon returning home once again, Amy realized that not much time had passed.

The flow of time is one-to-one.

"Ah, the Babel Tower, the Savior, and other members, there's really a lot of information."

Amy shook her head and looked towards her brother lying on the bed.

The situation was hundreds of times better than the worst-case scenario she had imagined. Amy had even considered being trapped in a jar for the rest of her life and being controlled as a mere tool.

But now, the situation was that she had been forcibly recruited into a powerful organization with clear rewards and punishments.

As usual, she curated the information she learned today and recorded all the aspects of her three Babel Tower "comrades," including a profile on their personalities in her mental chip.

"Nightsaber, female, self-proclaimed hunter, an honest and straightforward girl, currently trustworthy as she appears to heavily rely on our Savior and Babel Tower."

"Mysterious Magic, male, unknown in the real world, doesn't seem to trust me and is very cautious. His level of trust for our Savior and Babel Tower is also low; he must have been forced to join recently."

"Psychic Dancer, a woman whose identity in the real world seems to be that of a noble lady. However, she lacks sufficient trust in people other than Nightsaber and always lurks at the back of the trio, observing others. Her inner thoughts are likely abundant and perhaps she has an unknown side."

Finally, there is a record about the "Savior."

"The Savior… can read thoughts, manipulate operators, and is a mysterious entity claiming to have the goal of 'saving the entire world,' suspected of possessing various inexplicable powers."

She fell silent for a moment and made the final summary in the record.

"Incapable of resistance, speculation, or refusal."

After finishing the recording report, Amy began to construct the ideal secret forum.

To an ordinary programmer, this might be a time-consuming task, but Amy only needs to give orders and the network will "work" for her automatically.

It is a faithful follower of "Cybertyrant".

Outside Noah's world, natural disasters are rampant, the three major countries are not adjacent to each other, and the overseas territories are extremely barbaric with very few civilized areas.

Why can the networks of three countries still connect to each other?

The answer is that someone has been using unimaginable power to open "part of the otherworld realm" for a long time, as a necessary signal tower, to significantly shorten the distance between several countries through the designated exit positions, and finally establish an interconnected network.

This is only the behavior of a very small group of people, which happened to be discovered by Amy, so she borrowed it.

These people seem to be the members of the cult that worship the God of Cyber, and this is the conclusion she came to after observation.

After setting up the private forum, Amy effortlessly entered the Air Alliance network from thousands of miles away, much like Napoleon strolling into Paris.

She soon discovered that the country's network was incredibly outdated, yet still obedient to her commands.

"So, bring them in."

After a while.

In the minimalist design of a pure white secret forum, several Core Operators of Babel Tower came online one after another.

"X: Hello everyone."

"Nightsaber: Is this the forum that you created? It's very well done, you are really talented, X."

"Psychic Dancer: I've been feeling quite lonely these past few days, but now I finally have someone to chat with…"

Amy glanced briefly and saw that "Mysterious Magic" was also online, but he didn't speak and remained silent.

Cautious type.

At that moment, she suddenly realized that something was wrong!

There was a member whom she had never seen and completely unknown to her, surprisingly also in this secret forum!

"What's happening?"

Amy was immensely surprised, as even with the power she possessed, her self-designed network defense had been breached for the first time.

Soon, the unexpected member also sent two messages.

"I am also a member of the Babel Tower. Sorry X, I didn't inform you. I just used the power of the 'Savior' to break in."

"You may call me 'Profligate'."