I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Amy's Proposal

"My lord, it's an honor to see you again. "

Mu Ling placed a hand over her chest, bowed slightly and leaned forward, showing extreme loyalty.

She was completely at ease, as if returning to another home, upon arriving at Babel Tower.

Alan and Maryse's attention converged on the new member.

She was a girl, about fifteen or sixteen years old, sitting in a black mechanical wheelchair. She was very thin and wore a gentle and calm white deer mask on her face.

"Ah, the new member," Maryse narrowed her eyes.

She had already watched the latest video and had evaluated the new member with apparent strong hacking skills long ago.

Thus this fellow is a new member from Night Union, looking even more emaciated than me and without limbs…Why not find a way to restore a normal physique?

This kind of thing is very easy, right? Unless, does she have some special fetish?

Maryse doesn't understand various advanced prosthetic technologies, so she finds it very strange.

Hmm…I heard that Night Union's high society is dominated by the so-called "corporate executives", who don't value "blood" and "honor", and even the existence of nobility is nonexistent.

However, Maryse couldn't fathom what distinguished those of power, influence and nobility. Apart from lacking honor, being more barbaric and devoid of tradition… Oh yes, they seemed to possess even more wealth.

Although she had temporarily severed ties with her original family, Maryse was a girl of ancient aristocracy and inherently looked down on the nouveau riche who flaunted their wealth.

Alan gazed at the new member, then turned to observe the surroundings, deeply shaken in his heart.

Where exactly is the Babel Tower? Alan pondered, his heart unable to calm down for a long time due to the environment being completely different from the last time.

Exquisite musical instruments lay unplayed, vivacious crystal maidens, and towering walls intricately crafted from shimmering crystal.

This truly magnificent Crystal Palace, unlike the Heavenly Temple, possesses a peculiar beauty that leaves one awestruck by its grandeur and splendor!

Meanwhile, Amy was also surveying the interior of the Babel Tower, including those unfamiliar faces.

Is this where the gathering in Babel Tower takes place?

Before coming, Amy had already heard a voice in her mind, and understood that she was "summoned", only she didn't expect that it was not just the "Savior" who summoned her alone, but there were so many colleagues.

She couldn't help but look towards the mysterious figure on the crystal throne.

The Savior?

This is the person who manipulates her, a completely unimaginably powerful existence! Amy's heart trembled, instinctively feeling afraid.

She quickly composed herself and said,

"Great Savior, I have a few questions for you… Why did you make me a member of the Babel Tower and why is this organization at odds with the Rock Morgan Group?"

"I have many doubts that I wish for you to answer. Please forgive my rudeness."

Suddenly, Mu Ling spoke with a serious expression and declared, "Even as a super conglomerate, the Rock Morgan Group is insignificant in the face of Babel Tower. Our goal is not to defeat a particular force or enemy, but to vanquish all potential threats to save the world from annihilation."

Upon seeing someone speaking for him, Bai Yan immediately stopped responding.

Well, speaking less is in line with both style and mystery.

"Being quiet to appear skilled" may sound humorous, but in truth, it is the key to ensuring mystery.

"Saving the world from annihilation?"

Amy was slightly stunned. She didn't expect that the ambitions of Babel Tower were so great. But is that their true objective? What kind of existence is the Savior after all?

[There is no doubt that saving the world is the only purpose of Babel Tower, and you are all selected because you have the potential to save the world.] Said the cold and unfeeling voice.

The ruthless voice once again echoed in her mind, causing Amy's expression to change and her skin to immediately stand on end.

He could actually hear my innermost voice!

The sudden voice in her mind startled Amy greatly!

She gained a new understanding of the frightening Savior again!

After some effort, Amy regained her composure and asked with a furrowed brow, "I want to know specifically how to achieve this goal of saving the world?"

Before Bai Yan could speak, Mu Ling interrupted again!

"We will accomplish various tasks, thwart the continuous influx of evil, quell potential crises, and our generous Savior will bestow appropriate rewards…continuously making our power become stronger."

"Outside of Noah's world, there are many 'warriors' belonging to the Babel Tower. We few are just new recruits of the Babel Tower."

Amy rotated her mechanical wheelchair and looked at the girl wearing a white dog mask, "Your accent…doesn't sound like someone from the Night Union."

"Yes, I am indeed affiliated with the Air Alliance."

Mu Ling nodded gently and naturally admitted without concealing anything.

Amy thought for a moment and continued, "Apart from that, Savior, do we as members of Babel Tower have more responsibilities or rights?"

[Just as you have already experienced.]

[Training, healing, rewards… there are still many things that I will give you to encourage your growth. Though you are still immature now, eventually you will stand on your own.]

[Before I assign any tasks, it is best if you all become proficient at mastering your abilities and preventing all visible evil. If there is any obligation for Babel Tower members, this is it.]

"I see, I understand now."

Amy nodded again, displaying a respectful attitude.

Then, she looked at Mu Ling and the other three members of the Air Alliance and asked, "I assume you were also selected gradually, so what is your usual way of operation during non-mission periods? How do you communicate?"

Maryse slightly hesitated and asked with some confusion, "Actually not… Are you suggesting that we have private communication outside of the meeting, bypassing the presence of the Savior?"

"No communication?"

Amy nodded gently, then looked towards the position of the Savior, respectfully expressing her thoughts.

"I'd like to establish a private forum, invite them in, and allow us to communicate on a daily basis during non-mission periods. Do you agree with me?"

[You can decide on such a trivial matter yourselves.]

So that's how it is.

Amy probably understood that the Savior is a great existence that transcends human understanding. His, or rather, Babel Tower's ultimate goal is to save all worlds, at least superficially.

And we are all "pawns" that he has chosen.

Apart from the tasks that must be carried out, the Savior doesn't interfere too much with the pawns.

I possess such power, that's why I was chosen. I suppose these few people also have something special.

By the way, why does the Savior have to interfere with the mortal world through us? Could it be that he…

[As you have suspected, at present, it is inconvenient for me to act directly in the mortal world.]

Amy remained silent, her fear growing.

Her inner voice was constantly being listened to uncontrollably…this feeling made Amy feel like she was naked before the Savior.

Alan suddenly asked, "Do you want to create a private forum that spans two different countries and only we can enter?"

"This accent, it turns out all three of them are from the Air Alliance," Amy nodded calmly.

"Yes, I can do it."

She continued, "If other members of Babel Tower want to join, I am naturally very happy to welcome them."

[Perhaps in the future, members from other worlds may also wish to make contact with you.]

The sudden voice from Bai Yan made them understand that for the time being, they would not be able to make contact with other members of Babel Tower too early.

Alan asked again, "How can you ensure that this forum will not be invaded by other hackers? Is the internet really safe? As far as I know, many terrible hackers can break into various defenses on the internet."

"Others cannot guarantee absolute safety, but I can," Amy paused for a moment and continued, "I have an innate power to command the network, so the private forum I created is absolutely secure."

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The power to command the network?

Alan, Mu Ling, and Maryse all paused for a moment.

Maryse nodded, indeed the newly added members had peculiarities. Although they were still weak, being chosen by the great Savior naturally had enough reasons.

Amy continued, "As newcomers, the four of us can complement each other's strengths and weaknesses through communication and trade, so that each person can become stronger. If one person is in trouble, others can quickly support… The Savior won't help us in everything, right?"

She undoubtedly made a very reasonable point. The three of them currently had no communication with each other at all, and except for meeting once every ten days through the power of the Savior within Babel Tower, there was no communication whatsoever.

However, any adult knows that the power of communication and trade can make the team better.

"I agree."

Alan nodded.

Mu Ling followed closely, saying, "If the Savior has no objections, I have no objections either."

"Hmm, I also agree." Maryse finally nodded.

Mu Ling gazed at the new member; although she appeared as a frail and disabled schoolgirl, her conduct was remarkably mature with a strong opinion.

Mu Ling couldn't help but feel that… this girl managed to climb up to the middle management position in a short time since joining here.

Amy nodded and said, "Alright, I'll soon establish a secret forum. You'll need to give me your respective social media accounts in the Air Alliance, and then I'll add you to the forum… The title given to me by the Savior is 'Cybertyrant', but I don't really like it. You can address me as 'X'."

Maryse suddenly exclaimed, "Wait, can't you trace all of our privacy through your powers?"

"Yes, I can."

Amy admitted generously, smiling, "But the great Savior can guarantee that I won't do it. Otherwise, let him punish me."

With that said, no one had any objections.

Bai Yan, who was silently listening, gradually fell into deep contemplation.

Wait a minute, this way, wouldn't I be excluded?

You can't just give "Cybertyrant" Bai Yan's social media account and say, "This is the Savior's social media account. Please add him to it. Thank you."

Well, I have to figure out a way to get in there.