I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Are You Deliberately Finding Fault With Me?

Bai Yan has already discovered the latest feature of the evolved "Babel Tower".

After each "operator" is selected, a brand new option - "observe" - appears below.


"Speaking of it, it is indeed related to my ability 'game'. Since I acquired extraordinary power, the content of 'Babel Tower' has been constantly changing."

Bai Yan pondered while he scrubbed the pots.

"If I could reach 'Awakening', 'Crown', or even 'Apocalypse', I wonder what earth-shattering changes would occur in 'Babel Tower'."

Apparently, the improvement of gaming skills is only a part of the extraordinary power of "game". Its true purpose is in developing "Babel Tower".

After tidying up the kitchen, Bai Yan took off his apron and went to the living room with his phone, sitting on the sofa.

He first selected the first Core Operator "Nightsaber" from the "operator list", and then clicked on the new option "observe".

Soon, the new function began to show its effects.

The video screen popped up, revealing a girl with silver-white hair, an exquisite appearance, purple-red eyes, and an almost perfect figure.

There is no mistake, it is a live broadcast… The timestamp in the top left corner of the screen indicates the time - 7:20 AM according to the Air Alliance time.

Bai Yan knew without a doubt that it was currently 7:20 AM.

"Nightsaber," who is actually Mu Ling, had already woken up and calmly walked into the grand bathhouse, resembling that of ancient Rome, in the video, most likely preparing for a bath.

She had no idea that she was being watched by the "Savior."

The live streaming picture not only has a very clear quality, it is essentially the same as the original picture quality, and can be zoomed in and rotated at the touch of Bai Yan's three fingers, just like the previous videos.

The camera followed Mu Ling's movements, and Bai Yan tried to drag the live streaming picture to the side. It was possible to drag, but not too far, it appeared that Mu Ling herself had to be present in the picture.

The live stream cannot be rewound, paused, or fast-forwarded. He can only silently watch Mu Ling's progress.

"It's a pity there's no recording, only live streaming…"

Bai Yan suddenly realized that the evolution of "Babel Tower" might not only be due to the "game," but also to the possible influence of "connection."

Because the two new functions of Babel Tower evidently tighten its connection with Core Operators.

Mu Ling in the scene looks very relaxed. Bai Yan has been watching the video all morning, knowing the other side of this girl in her daily life.

She is not a bloodthirsty maniac, nor is she a merciless hunter. In everyday life, she also has confusion and joy that belong to ordinary girls.

Among all the logs, the scene that had the greatest impact on Bai Yan was actually the part where Mu Ling went to the coffee shop to have coffee.

It gave him a strong sense of "reality" in his perception of Mu Ling's existence as a woman.

"Mu Ling, I hope we can continue to work together happily."

Bai Yan recalled the scene he had thought of in "Self Dimension".

Angry and hateful Mu Ling swung the sword, piercing through his chest… this is also a kind of the possible future.

"This kind of future will never happen."

He said to himself calmly.


As soon as Bai Yan arrived at the office, he encountered a familiar face in a somewhat significant way.

Merete Chambers.

Her fair skin was noticeably different from the ordinary, displaying delicate collarbones above her chest, pristine white eyelashes, and long hair flowing down her backside. A pale silver butterfly hairpin adorned her ears, gleaming above her black, purplish irises.

Merete Chambers's slight smile on her face is as usual, giving people a magical sense of closeness.

Except for Bai Yan, it seems that everyone has a basic liking for her.

She was standing in the office of Team Twelve, smiling and chatting with Holly, who seemed very happy to have someone "visit" the 12th team.

After all, their team has a very poor reputation, and generally speaking, not many people would come over.

"How could Miss Witch come to our team?"

Bai Yan became instinctively wary and felt something was amiss upon seeing the "Moon Witch," sensing that she may have some covert plan.

Holly, however, was extremely thrilled and walked over.

"This is great news! Absolutely fantastic news! Miss Merete is going to transfer to our team! Wonderful! Our team will finally have someone with a good reputation!"

Bai Yan was slightly stunned, and his conspiracy theory grew stronger in his heart. He became alert and immediately smiled.

"It's amazing that there's still good news like this."

Holly nodded and realized that standing between the two would make her seem short, so she took a step back.

Merete Chambers smiled at Bai Yan and said in a good mood, "Hello, Bai Yan. From now on, the two of us will be on the same team. How do you feel? With a beauty like me suddenly joining, aren't you excited?"

Bai Yan shook his head and said, "No, I can only say that I am very welcoming. It's completely unexpected that a popular person like you would join us."

He remained silent for a moment, then smiled and said, "Could you tell me the reason for joining the 12th team? After all, our team's reputation is not very good, and I'm quite curious."

Merete Chambers didn't answer directly, but said, "Maybe I joined you because I'm interested in someone here."

Holly was shocked and whispered, "Could Miss Witch and the captain be in a romantic relationship? No way!"

Black Vulture was still sleeping.

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After chatting for a while, Merete Chambers found a spot in a corner, tidied up the table, and began to stare out the window lost in thought.

Bai Yan gazed at her profile for a moment, "Hmm, quite beautiful."

"She's probably onto me…" Bai Yan recalled his actions, realizing all the flaws that attracted the sensitive senses of the witch.

Regretting now would be pointless, he could only be more careful in the future.

Firstly, it is no longer permissible to play "Babel Tower" in the office. Now there is a troublemaker who is even more troublesome than surveillance.

In the afternoon, Bai Yan went to the restroom on this floor.

The decoration level of the Demon Hunt Agency's restroom is quite impressive. As the saying goes, the quality of a place can be seen by the state of its restroom.

Just coming out of the restroom, Bai Yan saw Miss Witch waiting outside.

Merete Chambers looked at him with a smile on her face, seeming to hold something unusual in her smile.

She approached and pushed Bai Yan back into the restroom.

The door immediately slammed shut.

"What do you want to do?"

Bai Yan slightly furrowed his eyebrows, what is going on with this guy, are you deliberately looking for trouble?

Merete Chambers smiled and said, "Thirteen years ago, someone played a game with a member of the 'Tower' and achieved a great victory, but he seems to have forgotten everything."

Bai Yan furrowed his eyebrows, realizing that the other party's "riddle" was referring to the lost memory of himself.

Merete Chambers stood in front of the mirror, as if talking to herself:

"This year, after the appearance of Babel Tower, we have confirmed the first member of their group to be Mu Ling, a member of a declined hunter family."

"I have had private conversations with some students in her class, and many have pointed out that Mu Ling seemed to have had private communication with you before her identity was exposed."

Bai Yan nodded calmly and said, "Oh, what does this imply? Alan has known this for a while."

Merete Chambers shook her head with a smile and didn't answer.

She continued talking to herself, saying, "Later, you reported the location of Black Wizard Weasley to the Demon Hunt Agency, leading to their clearance."

"Coincidentally, the people from Babel Tower followed and took the poor Weasley away."

Bai Yan shook his head and said, "What a pity that we couldn't catch the people from Babel Tower along with Weasley. All I can say is, don't be too suspicious of enthusiastic citizens."

"Yesterday when I was exchanging information about Babel Tower with Adelaide, she said that the 'Savior' mentioned by the Babel Tower rescue team was a fake. I asked her how she was so sure, and after pausing for a moment, Adelaide said, 'Because Bai Yan said so, and he sounded very certain at the time.'"

Is it really such a minor detail problem that exposed me?

Bai Yan was slightly stunned.

Merete Chambers turned around, squinted and smiled, then suddenly came closer again.

Bai Yan stood still, indifferent.

Merete Chambers narrowed her eyes, her delicate nose sniffed the air before Bai Yan's chest, then spoke, "As you thought, these are not really evidence, just some small traces, and also my own groundless speculation… but your scent really concerns me, I cannot let go of it."

"So, I hope to be in this team and get to know you better."

Merete Chambers stepped back two steps, smilingly reached out her excessively fair hand, seeming friendly, and said, "Please teach me more in the future."

Bai Yan also smiled, but the meaning behind his smile was completely different from Merete Chambers's, because Bai Yan knew Miss Witch's purpose and could guess what she was thinking at the moment.

He was not at all flustered and extended his hand as well.

"Great, let's work hard together and build a beautiful new society."

After leaving the restroom, Merete Chambers's body gradually disappeared in the hallway, completely out of sight.

A moment later, she had appeared on a cloud-covered mountaintop.

White clouds encompassed everything around, and Merete Chambers stood atop the world, transcending all beings, with a black book floating before her.

The black book, upon opening, revealed a size close to half a meter in length and width, steadily hovering in midair, emitting faint yet perceptible vibrations.

If Black Wizard Weasley clan were to lay eyes upon it, he would undoubtedly be overwhelmed with emotion.

For it is his ancestral heirloom that was inadvertently lost many years ago, the most valuable treasure of all!

This is the ultimate item above the "Civilization-level Relic".

Merete Chambers calmly extended her fair fingers, gently flipping through the Book of Concealment, showing that she was quite familiar with it.

Book of Concealment.

She smiled pleasantly.

"For many years, I have been searching for an opportunity to enter Babel Tower… and I finally waited for it."

"Bai Yan."

"Would you be the associate of Babel Tower?"

"Does that great 'Savior' pay attention to you?"

She seemed to be questioning, yet also answering.

The Book of Concealment contains a multitude of secrets, represented in a unified classical font of black letters. Every sentence, every word, belongs to countless important mysteries of various worlds, and it continues to grow with each passing moment. All of these secrets are held in Merete Chambers's hands.

And one of these passages reads…

"So, Babel Tower descended upon Tatsumi City."

"Thus, the world fell into chaos."

"So, it became the ruler of the world."

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