I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: The Evolution of "Babel Tower"

Early morning.

Bai Yan once again wakes up from his slumber and calmly makes his way to the bathroom to brush his teeth, wash his face, and tidy up his appearance.

The man reflected in the mirror is slender and handsome with black hair, and "Bai Yan" gazes at his reflection intently.

This is me.


After taking a deep breath, Bai Yan starts talking to himself.

"No matter when you are, you are always yourself, don't overthink it."

The events of last night truly caused Bai Yan's inner conflict.

He felt certain that there was a hidden secret within himself.

However, Bai Yan quickly subdued his emotions and focused on carrying out his present plans before attending to his future plans.

His future plans involve finding a way to restore the twisted memories of his past.

Bai Yan pondered whether his twisted memories from thirteen years ago were related to the Demon Hunt Agency, perhaps they had done something to him.

He couldn't approach the captain or director directly to inquire about this matter, perhaps they didn't want him to recover his memories.

But he could seize the opportunity to ask Alan about it.

Hmm, that's how it's decided then.

Bai Yan desired to reach the level of "awakening" faster, having his own real power. The current "connection" and "game" were useless in the battle aspect.

And then, it was the task at hand.

"Firstly, I need to assign daily training to these Operators. Oh, and let's watch the new video first."

Bai Yan squinted and took out his phone for a look. He found that the new video from Babel Tower had been released on schedule.

The imagery of "Cybertyrant" had not been exposed in the slightest. The visuals in the video appeared directly within the cyberspace as she effortlessly seized the core files, leaving her numerous hacker opponents entirely powerless against her absolute prowess.

The comment section below was flooded with comments.

People were thoroughly astonished, completely unable to imagine… why would the mysterious organization known as Babel Tower be involved with the Night Union, located thousands of miles away!

"Soul Cultivation Order: My goodness! Is that Night Union? I've only seen occasional reports on TV, and there's rarely anything on the internet about other countries."

"Repairman: Babel Tower has actually joined Night Union. This organization seems to be becoming more and more frightening. Will they suddenly rule Tatsumi City one day?"

"Demon Leader: I even feel that this organization will control the whole world……"

"I'm Lustful: Hehe, actually Babel Tower is not that great, just a little stronger than ordinary superhuman organizations… but those who can join them are all geniuses. I think the one who can control the heart is the most beautiful."

"Autumncamesoon: Babel Tower is a very great organization."

Bai Yan glanced at the post and comments of "I'm Lustful", and had a lingering suspicion that the user behind it might possibly be Maryse.

"I cannot believe she chose such a name…"

After thoroughly browsing the comments section, Bai Yan closed the video.

While Bai Yan set the timer on the rice cooker, he watched the steam rising from the rice and simultaneously opened the interface of the game "Babel Tower".

"Let's just stir-fry some melon slices and eggs to make do."

Having lived alone for over a decade, he had already mastered cooking skills. While stir-frying with one hand, he opened the operator list of "Babel Tower" and allocated today's training to one operator after another.

"Go for it."

"The time for the gathering of Babel Tower has come again, and there are new members this time."

Bai Yan sighed to himself, as if he had been living alone for too long and was increasingly fond of talking to himself.

But under his current circumstances, it doesn't seem appropriate to look for a girlfriend…

If all else fails, perhaps he should try raising a cat on his own.

It would be best if the cat could help with sweeping the floor, cooking, and shopping. As the dignified leader of the salvation organization, he ended up having to do all of those things himself, which is unreasonable! Unreasonable!

After complaining, Bai Yan assigned the Core Operators their training for the day and also cooked fragrant scrambled eggs with preserved vegetables.


He paused for a moment.

Wait, what's going on here?

"What is this…"

Bai Yan suddenly noticed that on the Core Operators' avatars, there were small red boxes, resembling the record button in video recording.

"Never before…it's something new again."

Whether it was the second playthrough or the earlier first playthrough, during months of gameplay, Bai Yan had never seen such "red boxes."

However, the second playthrough of "Babel Tower" had too many differences compared to the first playthrough, and since this game is not a normal game, Bai Yan was not too surprised.

He calmly reached out and clicked on the red box of "Nightsaber".


The video started playing.

Bai Yan stared at the girl on the phone screen, without a doubt, this was Mu Ling.

She was holding a black greatsword and repeatedly fighting with "Raven Reaper", getting killed again and again, but rising up every time.

"So this is… training? It seems operators undergo this kind of training… gaining rich combat experience through repeated deaths."

This "Raven Reaper" evidently lacks the absolute strength of the original Raven Reaper, as indicated by the "75%" tag above its head.

The true "Raven Reaper" is one of the top three of the Demon Hunt Agency, possessing the strength of a Potential Crown. He once joined forces with the "ace" Lin Bian to push Pastor into a desperate situation.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😍)

For now, he is not yet someone that Mu Ling, who has just reached the upper level of the awakening stage, can defeat.

Mu Ling in the picture had a solemn expression, with an incredibly calm demeanor, as if she had become accustomed to the pain brought by death.

She has launched an attack!

After a few brief clashes, the battle had ended with the defeat of Mu Ling.

Time and time again, death was always one step ahead of her.

However, finally there came a time.

Mu Ling succeeded!

Her sword sliced through Raven Reaper's body.

And this time, before "Raven Reaper" could liquefy his body using "Flow of the Heart," red fresh blood immediately splattered out.

Without liquefying, he was merely a mortal being, not a monster. He collapsed to the ground under the powerful blow and gradually vanished.

Mu Ling, who successfully defeated the enemy, took a deep breath and leaned on her black greatsword, panting.

The video ended here.

Bai Yan mumbled to himself, "Babel Tower has changed again, completely different from the previous version of 'Babel Tower'. It seems that the first playthrough version I played before was just an EA test version, which doesn't count."

"Psychic Dancer" was also training, her eyes turning silver-white, waving her arms.

She was controlling twenty rats to form a military formation to fight against several attacking orange cats… She was obviously training very hard, and her silver-white eyes had turned red.

Next was "Mysterious Magic" Alan, who was fighting against two of his own projections, being killed over and over again.

Bai Yan shook his head, no longer able to bear the sight.

Both projections were labeled with "65%", but the two-on-one situation was wearing Alan out.


"Cybertyrant" who just joined Babel Tower… her training spot is a white platform.

The girl has to repeatedly manipulate the constantly refreshed and incoming robots, any relaxation or lack of focus will result in being shot and killed by the robots.

"It turns out that the training is so cruel… but it's better than dying in actual combat."

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, then suddenly thought of something.

He immediately went to check the intelligence log and discovered a remarkable situation.

Bai Yan clicked on one after another and found that all the information recorded in the intelligence log had video marks that could be played.

"Red box".

With subtle emotions, Bai Yan clicked on the entry in Nightsaber's information log which read "ate barbecue for supper, Mood +1".

In the video taken from a bird's eye view, Mu Ling was lounging on her dark-colored couch in a white bathrobe, with a considerable amount of barbecue takeout piled on the coffee table in front of her.

Enough to feed five people until they are full.

At that time, she had just been forcibly recruited into Babel Tower, feeling dazed and not in good spirits, continuously stuffing her mouth with food.

"This video… the quality is quite good, the viewing is so clear, and it can be zoomed in with three fingers."

Bai Yan thought for a moment, flipped to the video titled "Nightsaber's figure shook me again, Mood -1," and opened it.

In the video, Maryse looked serious and stared at her phone. Her mouth gradually puckered up. After touching her chest, she angrily threw the phone away.

Haha, Bai Yan was already amused.

"Wow, Babel Tower is truly a game of super-evolution, completely beyond the level of ordinary games."

Bai Yan understood it and was greatly impressed!

He patiently watched video versions of the logs of several Core Operators from beginning to end, and gained a more specific understanding of them.

This feeling is quite interesting, after Bai Yan finished watching the video version of their log intelligence, he felt it was more interesting than watching anime or movies.

Apparently, before Mu Ling went to sleep, she would wear an eye mask and drink a cup of warm milk.

Maryse is actually afraid of the dark. She insists that the lights cannot be turned off before she falls asleep and the servant only comes to turn them off after she's asleep.

Alan sleeps without clothes.

Although Bai Yan considered several Core Operators of Babel Tower as "peers" before, his actual sense of intimacy was not as strong as Alan's. But now, he gradually made up for it.

At that moment, Bai Yan realized that the scrambled eggs with squash had cooled down slightly.


Bai Yan sighed and reheated the scrambled eggs with melon strips, but instead of serving them on the table, he stood in front of the stove and ate his bowl of rice… It was nice to avoid washing one more dish.

He continued to browse through the various functions of "Babel Tower", curious if there were any other changes.

Bai Yan soon discovered that the evolution of "Babel Tower" was not limited to just these.

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