I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: The Tyrant's Determination

The flesh was rapidly growing, and the mechanical device at the joints was immediately compressed, causing intense pain to spread instantly.

Even her eyes and brain began to ache, and Amy, who couldn't bear the unbearable pain, immediately stopped her "rapid regeneration" behavior.

The thin and pale body once again sweated profusely, and she breathed heavily, feeling that she was almost dehydrated.

"Ha…so this is the reward…"

Amy's emotions were incredibly complex, yet she couldn't suppress her sense of shock and excitement!

This extraordinary power is truly enchanting.

It should be able to completely heal this broken body, as the self-proclaimed "Savior," the mysterious existence undoubtedly gave her something incredibly powerful!

Whatever his true motive may be, Amy is well aware that she owes him a great debt of gratitude.

"In this light, the power of the Savior is beyond my ability to contend with."

However, she has no immediate plans to restore her physical form.

Actually, if Amy was eager enough, she could have already replaced her current body with the latest bio-mechanical technology, which is said to be almost indistinguishable from a living body.

It is effortless to earn a fortune as long as she harnesses that particular power frequently.

"Rather than simply restoring the natural body, why not consider substituting for some advanced devices? At this stage, it is impossible to conceal my abilities, so they must be used in moderation, under the least conspicuous circumstances."

She calmly analyzed her current situation, realizing that natural bodily functions were not her most pressing need, as tempting as the recovery process was.

Whether it be advanced electronic eyes, neural network storage chips in the brain, or robotic limbs, they all possess insurmountable advantages over the human body.

Once she becomes a legal resident, even accessing the internet requires manual effort, which is, in a way, a different form of disability.

Rather than restoring the physical body, it is better to find ways to acquire sufficiently advanced new plug-ins.

"At least for now, I need enough power to protect Ryan and myself."

Abandoning the natural body in the Night Union is not a trivial matter.

In their mindset, even "electronic eye replacement" is more acceptable than "plastic surgery". Although it varies, there is indeed a considerable number of people who would choose to have it done.

In a world where the strong prey on the weak, acquiring more powerful abilities is often the most important thing.

A newly emerged cult named "W" has been promoting and encouraging everyone to undergo full-body cyberization, heavily advocating their doctrine called "Ascension to Machine".

The key members of the W Society are mainly scholars and philosophers who profess to worship the long-standing "God of Cyber" revered by the public.

"By the way, could this Savior be the legendary 'God of Cyber'?"

Amy suddenly thought of this possibility, then shook her head and smiled.

How could that be?

The so-called 'God of Cyber' is just a legend, a fairytale.

On her black mechanical wheelchair, the automatic needle popped out and inserted into her delicate body, beginning to input liquid to replenish the missing moisture caused by constant perspiration.

Amy caught a glimpse of the needle and knew that she already possessed powerful self-healing abilities and no longer needed to supplement her hydration like this.

With a single thought, she altered the program of the black mechanical wheelchair, and the needle popped out.

After a while, a straw popped out by the shoulder, inserted into the mouth, continually inputting yogurt.

"By the way, about my brother's matter…"

While drinking yogurt, Amy suddenly remembered something… The money-making method that Ryan just mentioned didn't seem quite right upon further reflection.

She furrowed her brows.

In fact, at Night Union, there are many ways for poor people to earn a lot of money, but they almost always involve risks and luck.

"It would be better to take a look."

Amy once again entered the network, accessing the large number of cameras in New Street to search for her brother's current location.

Her current self no longer needs to have too many concerns when using this power. Even if she wanted to hide, she couldn't completely conceal herself… After all, with the "Savior" having such a good "tool", he would never give up easily.

Amy's thinking was very clear.

If the "Savior" uses her up and leaves without a word, it means that she was only "borrowed" once.

However, since she was told to be a member of Babel Tower and was given an important reward, it means that today's events will continue to happen repeatedly.


In a dark alley outside New Street, there is a brightly lit bar called "Quinn".

Beneath the "Quinn" bar, there was a vast and bright large basement, where the fervent audience was cheering and the exposed dancers were moving their bodies in a water tank.

In the center of the basement lies a boxing ring, where Ryan, wearing boxing gloves and with blood stains on the corners of his mouth, is injured.

He is dressed in a light silver "boxing armor" and raises his hands high.

"Aaaaaaaah!!!" Ryan roared excitedly.

The emcee was a little floating robot in mid-air, resembling a tattered cardboard box but with a voice as sweet as a little girl's.

"Our warrior! 'Hero' Ryan has once again defeated his opponent, this is his sixth consecutive win! Six in a row!"

"And who will his next challenger be? Oh my goodness! It's the 'Killer' Helm, also with two consecutive wins! The new showdown with needlepoint precision is about to begin!"

"Please don't leave yet! In just twenty minutes, the new battle will commence!"

Ryan, drenched in sweat, arrived at the arena and found his old friend Gill in the basement. With a frown, he said, "Gill, are we going to fight three rounds in a row today? I feel a bit dizzy, it's different from what we agreed upon."

Gill was a man with small mustache, wearing black suit and sunglasses, and had a sly smile at the corner of his mouth.

"It's okay. Your opponent has also fought three rounds in a row, and it's all scripted anyway. In the first round, you two need to test each other out, then find a chance to knock each other out. Don't worry, your opponent will cooperate with you."

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Ryan hesitated for a moment before nodding and saying, "I understand."

"But how much money am I going to get now?"

Gill's smile became more playful as he said, "Well, it's enough for you and your sister to leave this dump, but if you want to live a good life in a place above 'the hundredth floor' and pay exorbitant medical fees, you need to continue…"

"Ryan, there are no better opportunities, you know, there aren't many choices to make big money."

Ryan fell into a long silence.

Gill continued, "Do you want to see Amy, like a girl on TV, bathing in the warm sunshine at the beach, wearing a white dress running and waving, then turning around to smile at you?"

Ryan remained silent for a while.

"I understand, go on, I can still bear it."

After a dozen minutes or so, the boxing match officially began, Gill watched the "performance" of the first round from the sidelines when suddenly a deep male voice rang in his ear.


"Boss? Do you need anything?" Gill immediately lowered his head and spoke with deference.

A deep voice spoke up.

"After checking the odds of this game, I decided to call it quits and let the 'Killer' win immediately."

At this point, you want to quit? Gill was stunned for a moment, and then quickly said, "But I have already told both sides the script just now, so there's nothing I can do now…"

"Of course there is a way. Don't you have a remote control to forcibly stop the 'boxing armor'?… Why don't you speak? Do you want to defy me?"

Gill remained silent for a while and finally said, "I… understand."

Suddenly, a camera pointed towards the boxing ring without any warning signs.

The tiny robot floating in the boxing ring was shouting at the top of its voice, exhausted.

"Oh! 'Killer' suddenly lands a heavy punch, and even the 'Hero' is stunned, unable to dodge! Oh my god! A direct hit to the back of the head! KO in one hit! 'Killer' wins!"


Ryan gradually woke up and saw the familiar ceiling, vaguely realizing that he seemed to be back home.

I don't feel any pain in my body. What happened to me during the boxing just now?

In the darkness, the wheelchair moved forward automatically, revealing a gentle and tender expression on the face of the girl sitting on it.

"It's all right now, brother."

Ryan said slowly, "I feel like I just had a nightmare."

Amy nodded gently and said, "Hmm, you have woken up from the nightmare and won't suffer anymore. Don't worry, brother, with me, everything will be all right."

Ryan was stunned, as if he saw his mother's shadow from his sister.

She was more mature than him. Since growing up, he had never seen this poor girl cry again. No matter how much pain she suffered, she was always strong and gentle.

Tears had already flowed from Ryan's eyes unintentionally.

Amy's emotions were also very complex.

Thank you, Savior.

It's because of your strength that I was able to save my brother.

As long as you don't harm the innocent, it is acceptable even if you use me.

Moreover, from this day on, I will no longer blindly hide… but rather utilize this force to arm and protect myself and the innocent.

Amy contemplated.

First and foremost, she had to establish a power of her own.

With only one person, acting alone would be inconvenient and her ability to withstand risks would be poor.

I need more plans…

"Amy, Amy, what are you thinking about?"

Amy was slightly startled, snapped out of her contemplation, and her gentle face was as if bathed in moonlight.

"Brother, I will take you away from this level, away from here."


Tatsumi City.

Upon returning home, Bai Yan attempted to peer into the "Self Dimension" once again.

He sat on the bed, once again entering the world made up of possibilities of the "past" and "future" through the mirror.

This time, Bai Yan returned to the "past" of several years ago.

He saw himself in the classroom, the Bai Yan who was still in junior high school at that time, with a completely different expression from his current self.

There was a feeling of disdain for everything.

Bai Yan quickly realized that it was not just enough to describe him as disdainful of everything, it seemed that there was more to it…

He was looking at the people around him with a gaze that was not at all the same as looking at one's own kind, as if he was scrutinizing cats and dogs.

Was this "myself" really still human? Bai Yan suddenly felt that his memories of the past were somewhat blurry, the difference between his former and current selves was too huge.

He slowly approached "himself", the more they looked at each other, the more he could feel a terrible implication.

Bai Yan left the place and continued to move on, constantly shuttling to new scenes.

He finally came to a stop in front of a scene.

Somehow, this is the end of the memory.

The space ahead is filled with countless twisted black cubes, seemingly fragmented and impossible to restore.

Bai Yan can feel that the "new self" he wants to find is inside.

Yes, he found it.

But he hasn't found it completely.

"So it turned out that in order to truly meet the 'new self,' I had to recover the memories that were missing from the past."