I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 102 Part 2

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Chapter 102: Deep Red - Divine Punishment (2)

She walked out of the apartment building and basked in the long-awaited sunlight.

She longed to live under the sunshine.

This was the true freedom she pursued, but for now, it was not enough.

Maryse looked up at the golden sun without feeling any glare, and then she raised her hand and aimed the coin at the sun.

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

The coin suddenly moved.


It moved at an extremely high speed, shooting towards the sky like a high-speed bullet, and disappeared in a flash.

"It's truly an extraordinary power…"

Maryse smiled and didn't lower her raised hand.

After a while, the coin actually flew back from the sky, its speed remaining unchanged but gradually slowing down, and landed securely in the palm of the elf girl.


In the faraway Night Union.

Inside a hive-style apartment in Ring City.

After hearing those words in her mind, Amy suddenly felt a very distinct pain in her back.

"Savior? Babel Tower? What are these? A secretive cult of Night Union or a hacker organization?"

She felt immensely perplexed as her artificial eye emitted a red light, controlling various household appliances.

One of the mechanical limbs on the bed rose automatically and floated behind Amy, gently pulling open her shirt.

The camera on the ceiling began to rotate and aimed at Amy's smooth and fair back, capturing the cause of the pain… The artificial eye kept emitting a red glow, and Amy naturally saw everything.

It turned out that on her own back, there was an extra black tower-shaped mark!


Amy fell into contemplation, evidently forced to join an extremely dreadful mysterious organization.

They could easily manipulate her mind and body, while herself, knowing absolutely nothing about it!

However, she didn't fall into fear like that.

"Calm down, Amy, now we need to figure out how to get Ryan out of here first…"

Rock Morgan would certainly do everything possible to hunt me down, even though hackers cannot track me, extraordinary abilities can.

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Thinking about this, Amy's blood ran a little cold, as Rock Morgan was the master of this city.

How could I resist on my own?

However, leaving this city is easier said than done… and outside is not exactly safe; the Noah world beyond the three great nations is considered the "overseas" hell where crimes thrive.

At that moment, she froze.

Suddenly, a terrible thick black mist appeared in her line of sight, as if hiding a deep whisper.

The terrifying atmosphere alone almost caused Amy's sweat to drip down her face.

The dense black mist suddenly attacked the unprepared Amy!

"What is this thing… what is it?" She was shocked as she was enveloped by the black mist.

[This is your reward.]

In the next moment, she was completely surrounded by black mist. The intense, unforgettable pain erupted and sweat instantly flowed over her broken body.

Amy gritted her teeth and didn't scream in pain. She just sat silently in her wheelchair, praying for the suffering to end quickly.

Since it was a reward given to me by the "Savior," it shouldn't be something that can kill me. Whether it is a slave mark or something similar, it's all possible.

However, in any case, it wouldn't take my life.

I am still very useful.

She still maintains a considerable degree of rationality and firmly believes that she can make it through.

Drops of sweat flowed down from her body, completely soaking the wheelchair.


Finally, Amy made it through.

Quickly, she learned from the sudden "knowledge" that appeared in her mind that she had acquired two brand-new powers, one of which came from her own blood.

"Test the blood."

Amy's artificial eye emitted a red light once again, and a needle popped out of the wheelchair, piercing into her fair skin to draw blood.

After a few minutes, Amy received a detailed blood report.

"My liver and kidney functions have actually been restored?"

Amy was stunned for a moment, frowned, and began to read the blood report carefully.

Well, other living creatures' blood has been injected into her bloodstream, fundamentally altering her genes. She is no longer purely human in the biological sense.

This extraordinary mutation can significantly enhance the body's recovery ability, even beyond the limit of ordinary animals.

Amy fell silent.

Then came the next force.

"What is this thing?"

Amy lowered her head in incomprehension and gazed at the smooth lines on her belly, while sweat from her hair dripped continuously onto her chest.

These white lines, rich in regularity and beauty, seemed like art, and suddenly fitted and embedded themselves naturally onto her fair belly, much like a tattoo or totem.

Although unable to comprehend its existence, Amy found she could use this power, much like using the authority of the "Tyrant".

"Is it a ceremony or a spell? Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge about supernatural powers."

Then, she took a deep breath and tried to move her mind.

The white lines on her stomach began to glow!

Immediately after, a piercing pain shot through the connections of the girl's limbs.