I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Phantom Chip

Bai Yan maneuvered the pixelated character, constantly running and evading attacks from ghoulish creatures in the maze. Finally, he ate all the "dots".

He breezed through the level with ease.

For the current Bai Yan, playing games is truly a skill that he is quite proficient in, after all, he is blessed with the extraordinary power of "gaming".

Even professional players cannot match his level, especially in terms of gaming skills. Bai Yan is undoubtedly the strongest player among all humans!

Of course, this is not a big deal and not worth being proud of.

That person's extraordinary power is the ability to pause time, and this person's is Psychic Domination… and my extraordinary power is gaming!

Damn it!

If it weren't for the existence of the "Babel Tower," this extraordinary power would be utterly insignificant, to the point of being a disgrace.

After completing the first level, Bai Yan waited for the game prompt indicating task completion, but it never came.

Because, there are actually more than just one game.

The second level surprisingly turned out to be Minesweeper.

"Minesweeper? Haven't played it in a long time, childhood memories," Bai Yan murmured to himself.

The densely packed bricks appeared on the large map, and the pixelated character "Cybertyrant" floating in mid-air was a semi-virtual figure. She had to step on the parts without mines or mark the mines with the black flag of Babel Tower under control.

"Hmm… I remember now, during the first playthrough I played Cybertyrant, and completed most of the missions with various mini games."

"Only a portion of tasks are exceptions in their manifestation…"

Bai Yan started playing Minesweeper calmly, his finger easily navigating through the simple and straightforward traditional game, which of course posed no challenge to his intelligence.

"I suppose, with my level of ability, it would even be possible to clear the board on the first try."

Then, he hit a mine on his very first move…

"Ah, this?"


The whole screen shook, the intense explosion effect passed, and the pixelated character was instantly smashed, leaving a death message belonging to "Cybertyrant".

"I'm fine… don't be sad for me…"

Bai Yan's face turned dark as he fell into contemplation, truly at a loss for words.

Of course, there's really nothing to be done about this kind of thing, um…there's truly no way to put it.

"Let's start over!"

"Restart the game!"

The familiar game options reappeared.

Without hesitation, Bai Yan chose to restart. He took a deep breath before clicking his finger again.

Fortunately, the second time around, luck didn't fail him as he didn't hit a mine on his first try.

"Hey, I told you luck can't stop true strength." Bai Yan muttered to himself.

With a steady progress, Bai Yan quickly succeeded in passing the level.

The third mini-game didn't appear, after completing two mini-games, the pixel character of "Cybertyrant" had already reached a straight virtual channel in cyberspace.

At the end of the channel was a floating light blue block, evidently this was the final objective of this mission.

"Is this it?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, but his hands never stopped moving and he quickly manipulated "Cybertyrant" to acquire the target object at the end of the passage.

"Mission accomplished, Babel Tower Legendary Point +100."

"Successfully obtained the 'Phantom REC Chip Core' technical data."

"Reward received: Mystical Power - Deep Red: Divine Punishment."

Hmm, Phantom REC…

Bai Yan pondered over the term "Phantom REC chip" and recalled encountering it during the first playthrough.

Back then, the storyline of the "Cybertyrant" import mission was different. In fact, every time he played Babel Tower, there were many unique missions that appeared, which was why Bai Yan enjoyed playing it.

He pointed his finger at the "Phantom REC chip" and carefully examined the specific information.

"Phantom REC chipset: On the surface, it appears to be the latest entertainment software that allows users to enjoy a life of infinite freedom in virtual reality. In reality, it can subliminally hypnotize users through 'virtual reality' and gradually trap their minds in an inescapable illusion."

The labeling of this thing clearly reveals the core of a conspiracy… Ah, I remember this task series, it seems to directly touch the heart of the Rock Morgan group.

Bai Yan shook his head, this task series was obviously a new task line and it was very long; he would have to wait for further developments.

For now, it's more important to conquer Tatsumi City.

The recently acquired "Deep Red - Divine Punishment" is certainly a noteworthy possession.

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

It and the similarly named "Deep Blue World" are both connected to the power of the King of Deep Blue, an Outer God.

It is one of the nine "colors".

Among all kinds of "Mystical Power" that may drop, any "Mystical Power" that belongs to the Outer God, although it is not labeled, can be regarded as SSR quality in a certain sense.

The corresponding Civilization-level Relics are also equivalent to SSR, such as the Enchanted Pistol. This type of SR quality belongs to the "advanced" category even in normal Relics.

Truly inferior Relics are unlikely to drop upon the completion of a mission or to be drawn from the gacha, but are instead mass-produced by Babel Tower during the latter stages of the game.

Deep blue represents congealing, while deep red represents a completely contrasting power.


Just as "world" means, "Divine Punishment" represents the specific way this power is used.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and decided to give it to "Psychic Dancer".

She missed the last round of reinforcement, luckily the little one hasn't noticed it yet, otherwise it might affect her mood.

Moreover, the previous battle made Bai Yan realize something: that "Psychic Dancer" relies too much on mind control in her fighting style, so much so that if mind control is not available, she will directly fall into a situation where she can be at the mercy of others.

Therefore, we need to give her some other fighting methods… Otherwise, it's easy to imagine that "Psychic Dancer" will continue to embarrass herself in every boss battle in the future.

Especially in the main quest "Doomsday Crisis," based on Bai Yan's experience from the first playthrough, it seems that there is not a single big boss who can be directly affected by mind control.

"Save the game."

By the way, Amy's temporary mood and loyalty are a bit low.

Obviously, she was very upset after suddenly being controlled, and needed a rational reward.

"And there are a few rewards that are suitable for her."


Amy's consciousness roamed in cyberspace.

Countless pale blue virtual data streams floated by her, neither real nor unreal, and time seemed to have no meaning in cyberspace.

Who exactly is controlling me? Besides myself, no one else knows about my power, but this person can find me and manipulate my body and power.

Indeed, it's unimaginable what the true identity of this person is.

All along, I have not provoked any powerful beings, even if I wanted to seek revenge, I couldn't think of any…

Amy, who lives a peaceful life, is extremely worried as she has no clues and is unsure of who the mysterious person behind the scenes is.

The duration is unknown.

Amy felt that she had already "arrived" at her destination.

In fact, the more accurate situation is that she discovered the network hub of the Rock Morgan building.

Amy issued her own command to the cyberspace.

[Extract all the key confidential files of the 'Phantom REC' chip.]

Instantly, the download began.


In the cyberspace, a large number of "gates" fell down and continuously squeezed towards Amy's virtual consciousness.

This was just a manifestation of the firewall. Amy was very clear and familiar with it, without any fear.

In addition to the numerous "gates", many "guards" and "spiders" also surrounded her from all sides.

A large number of top-level hackers have launched a fierce attack, on the one hand, to destroy and prevent Amy's consciousness, on the other hand, to find her real identity in the real world.

However, the defense and search on the Internet are meaningless to Amy.

She reached out her hand.

All doors, guards, and spiders have completely frozen in place and cannot move.

With ease, Amy was able to stop all the hackers' attacks and if she wished, she could even reverse the chips in their brains and kill them.

However, Amy didn't want that to happen.

She realized that she no longer had control over herself.

Fortunately, after waiting for a while, she discovered that the mysterious person controlling her didn't kill anyone without reason.

Amy breathed a sigh of relief. The worst-case scenario didn't happen, thankfully.

Amy quickly finished downloading all the confidential information about 'Phantom REC', and took the opportunity to read some related content. She immediately realized two important things!

Firstly, the conspiracy of the Rock Morgan group was obvious, and if this plan were to come to fruition, it would undoubtedly have horrifying consequences.

And then, I got myself into big trouble!

Yes, the Rock Morgan group will absolutely not let the hacker who stole their secrets get away, they will go to great lengths to find her!

If it was only herself, Amy wouldn't be afraid of death, but living with her brother… she's very afraid of bringing trouble to her own family.

Who are you exactly? Why are you manipulating me? Why are you collecting Rock Morgan's confidential files? What is the purpose of all this?

Amy wanted to communicate with the mysterious person in her heart, but she received no response.

Then she logged out of cyberspace.

"Mission accomplished."

After muttering to herself, Amy realized she could move, and twisted her neck a little.

Even if I could move, my body is just like this…

"What exactly happened?"

Afterwards, she heard that cold and merciless, young male's voice again, instantly trembling all over.

[I am the Savior.]

[All is for the salvation of the past and future, for this world that is about to collapse and be destroyed.]


[From this day forward, you are a member of the Babel Tower.]