I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 100 Part 2

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Chapter 100: Saint Tyrant (2)

If Bai Yan remembers correctly, she rarely used the absolute power of controlling the network for herself, and each time she used "Tyrant" before joining Babel Tower, it was to help the poor and the sick of the Night Union.

One of the plots he had previously thought about was the scenario of "landing after leaving it overnight only to suddenly discover that Core Operator had died", triggered by "Cybertyrant".

She exposed her location in order to stop the Noy's plan to destroy the district and was subsequently brutally killed.

Despite "Cybertyrant" being able to easily erase traces on the internet, it was impossible to easily defend against the pursuit of extraordinary powers.

"I didn't have much of a feeling before, but now that I'm aware that there really is a person like you. Cybertyrant, I'm looking forward to meeting you at Babel Tower."

The task started quickly.

The form of this introductory task was a small game… completely different from the previous ones.

Bai Yan gazed at the pale blue maze on his phone screen, as well as the virtual image of "Cybertyrant" at the entrance of the maze, lost in thought.

Four little impish creatures with distinct colors were patrolling within the pale blue labyrinth, where yellow lights glimmered along the way.

In order to accomplish the mission, he must manipulate "Cybertyrant" to obtain all the light spots without being touched by the little monsters.

"Okay, it's actually quite fun," muttered Bai Yan to himself.

It's Pac-Man!


Amy suddenly found herself unable to move.

Her sapphire-like left eye can still move slightly, and some parts of her body's muscles can twitch slightly, but she couldn't do any large movement like turning her head.

What's going on?

The old neon lights outside the window continue to flicker incessantly, and the gloomy rain never stops for a moment.

Darkness shrouds the people of this layer and has always been so.

Amy's feelings were uneasy, with a sense of life being worse than death.

Although she could not move freely after losing her limbs, she could still comfort herself that her soul was not imprisoned.

But the current situation terrified Amy.

What's the matter?

Could it be that my chip has been invaded? Amy immediately thought of this possibility, but when she tried to use her hidden power to break the control, she found it impossible!

So this is not a problem with the network or hackers, she can be sure of that.

Whether it be the Night Union's most famous hacker group "Black Crow Association" or the legendary top hacker "Destroyer", "Wanderer"…

In the competition on the internet.

There is no one in the world who can match herself.

All along, Amy didn't want to provoke those terrifying beings and behemoths, hiding her true strength, only using simple hacking techniques to make money.

However, in reality, one year ago, she awakened a very special power that could freely manipulate the internet.


Amy's consciousness in the network was like a tyrant, able to give orders at will and demanding obedience from the network.

This is no longer just hacking technology, but true extraordinary power!

However, Amy is already satisfied with her current life. As long as she and her brother can live well, even if they don't have money, it doesn't matter.

Therefore, she had never committed any illegal acts, nor had she told her brother about this power.

Because Amy understood Ryan and knew that he could not resist temptation and didn't realize the enormous risks behind it.

She had self-awareness and was fully aware that having the power to control the internet in this world didn't mean that she could do whatever she wanted.

There are too many terrifying existences that are difficult to comprehend…

For instance, it seems like she has already been targeted by an incomprehensible presence!

Resistance is completely futile.

Amy's heart sank.

She could only silently pray for one thing in her mind.

I implore you, to do with me as you wish, but don't use my power to harm innocents. If you agree, I am willing to serve you.

Amy was unsure if her words had been heard, but she hoped they had an effect.

Suddenly, the young girl spoke.

"I am the raging wave, unable to be held back by force."

Why did I suddenly speak? Was I controlled? Amy was stunned for a while.

So, the one who manipulated herself is called "Raging Wave"?

For now, I don't understand it, but I need to remember this information.

Even in a completely passive state, Amy remains relatively calm.

The next moment, her artificial eye emitted a red light.

The computer screen in front of her lit up in an instant. Shortly after, Amy's consciousness had already left the real world.

She arrived in the "cyberspace".

This is a blue illusory world composed of countless 0s and 1s, where Amy possesses not only a "healthy body," but also powers beyond reason.

She was absolutely free in this virtual world originally.

But at this moment, Amy discovered that she couldn't even control her virtual self.

What does the person manipulating herself want to do?

She was a little lost.

Suddenly, under Amy's control, she issued a command and the cyberspace quickly responded.

[Enter the network center of Rock Morgan Building.]

[Collect the core confidential documents of 'Phantom REC' chip.]

Wait, are we actually going to provoke the Rock Morgan Group?

They are the actual owners of this city! Everyone needs to pay them to obtain the right to live! They are the true earthly gods!

In Amy's heart, an immense fear rose.

Could it be that the one who controls herself is none other than a similarly dreadful entity?