I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 100 Part 1

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Chapter 100: Saint Tyrant (1)

A distant country, the Air Alliance.

Tatsumi City.

Bai Yan held his cellphone, lost in contemplation.

The small pixelated figure on the mobile screen is a black-haired girl sitting on a wheelchair, with one lifeless prosthetic eye and a sapphire-like eye, as well as mechanical limbs with a white metallic shell.

The wheelchair automatically came forward, and the black-haired girl lowered her head slightly.

"The power of information and sharing drives you."

"This is…Cybertyrant, and this time it's your turn."

Bai Yan murmured that though she would be teleported here during mission execution, it could be somewhat difficult to be of help in these extraneous circumstances.

However, it is not necessarily so, as after the second playthrough, Babel Tower has many new features.

They could even meet and trade within the confines of Babel Tower.

Her ultimate title is 'Cyber Machine God', a strong young girl with a gentle heart, who hates fighting and possesses the frightening power to control the network at will.

For "Cybertyrant", any problem that can be solved online is not really a problem… Living in Night Union is both her misfortune and her fortune.

The only issue is that she is more vulnerable offline, though "Cybertyrant" with her powerful hacking abilities is not completely defenseless in the offline world.

Following the usual protocol, Bai Yan clicked on the "operator list" and selected "Cybertyrant", making some modifications to her exclusive battle slogan.

He amended this sentence.

"I am the raging wave, unable to be held back by force."

The new infiltration mission is to steal the Rock Morgan group's confidential technology.

Other Core Operators would surely be at a loss, but for "Cybertyrant", it's not a difficult task.

"Rock Morgan group, hmm."

Bai Yan frowned, as the task at hand had a significant objective, and was definitely a more powerful entity than the Black Star Faction.

The Night Union was not a unified political state, but a chaotic nation dominated by three super-conglomerates known as the "Three Titans".

The Three Titans were "Rock Morgan Group", "Noy Military" and "Nine Trees Foundation", each possessing extremely formidable comprehensive capabilities.

If all three of them were to collaborate, they could easily defeat the Air Alliance… however, of course, this was impossible, as the Three Titans were notorious for their intense infighting.

Bai Yan suddenly remembered something that wasn't useful at the moment.

"By the way, I remember that the hidden brains behind that Nine Trees Foundation seemed not to be human at all, but some terrible entity on the same level as gods… and the big shots of all countries have no idea about it."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, well, how should I put it, the feeling of being the only one in the world who knows about this conspiracy is quite subtle.

The image on the mobile phone screen switches.

In a small, dark-toned apartment room, a limbless girl sits in front of a computer screen amidst various clutter, with hardly any space to move around.

A set of outdated, silver mechanical limbs is casually placed on a nearby single bed, and at the command, they will be automatically connected to the girl's joint interfaces.

Due to the outdated model of the mechanical limbs and lack of funds to purchase new ones, frequently connecting them causes nerve pain.

Therefore, when "Cybertyrant" is at home, she often maintains a somewhat curious posture.

Before undertaking the mission, Bai Yan opened the task card for "Cybertyrant".

Core Operator:

Title: Cybertyrant

Gender: Female

Plane: The material world.

Level: Awakening.

Race: Human.

Operator Identification: Special/Control/Recon.

Milestone: None

Primary Attributes:

Physique: 3


Technique: 77 (Hacker Specialization)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 4 (Severely Disabled)

Loyalty: 1

Mood: 4


Gentle Heart (uplifted by others' happiness, and decreased by others' suffering)

The Indomitable Flower (Unable to reach the state of 0 in Mood and unable to achieve a state of 10 in Loyalty).

Enduring Pain and Suffering (due to drug experimentation, possessing extraordinary endurance)


Tyrant (skill level 58%)

Items: Mechanical limbs, Model Pol III and Artificial Eye, Sairu No. 25

Description: The parents committed suicide unable to repay their enormous debts. Due to inheriting the debts, the character is forced to participate in drug testing, leading to a shattered life. Though rarely showing sadness for her own misfortune, the character is not truly optimistic, yet gentle with almost everyone…holding absolute power like a tyrant in the world of the internet.

In Night Union, it is easy to accrue debt, as everyone is born already owing money.

Three months before their births, they are forcefully enrolled in the "Beautiful Life Project" by the super corporation, owing money for the air, water, and education they will "enjoy" after birth. Upon reaching adulthood, they must begin to repay their debts.

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, quite impressed by some of the plot lines regarding "Cybertyrant."

The most vivid memory is of her gentleness and fortitude.

Although she appears to be just a disabled young girl, she may actually be more suitable than Nightsaber to be a leader.

In certain plotlines in the first playthrough, Cybertyrant actively took the lead and organized operators with different ideas to unite and overcome various difficulties together.