I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: You Can’t Rest Yet

The sky gradually darkened, and the thunder drummed in the clouds.

Mu Ling kneeled on one knee in the middle of the road. The crowd of onlookers grew. They were curious about the white-haired girl’s following action, unaware of the impending disaster.

Behind the white mask, Mu Ling was silent. She knew that her enemies would arrive soon.

“Arghhh!” Someone suddenly discovered a crack in the ground!

The ground began to collapse, and black whip-like tentacles emerged from it! It was a huge black lump. Around it was terrifying mouths that kept dripping green mucus. The thick hooves of the black goat supported its five-meter-tall body. Then a monster that looked like a canopy crawled out.

It let out a strange roar, and its body emitted a stench like that of a tomb.

The crowd seemed to have a nightmare. Their thoughts immediately became confused, and they even started laughing and shouting.

Mu Ling slowly got up.

“Face your sins!” She slowly took off the black cross in her cleavage. A black cross broadsword appeared in her hand in the blink of an eye. Mu Ling stood in the crowd and faced the black monster in silence.

People all around screamed and scattered.

The Black Offspring roared loudly. It reached out its tentacles and wrapped the passers-by, stuffing them into its bloody mouth.

“Deep Blue World!”

In the next moment, the world had completely stopped around Mu Ling. The short two seconds were greatly utilized at this moment. Mu Ling rushed towards the Black Offspring like a gust of wind. Dozens of silver lights flashed in the air, and vine-like tentacles were torn apart by the huge force.

The Black Offspring roared at the top of its lungs. Its thick tentacles swept up the surrounding cars and smashed them at Mu Ling. Mu Ling shrank, but she couldn’t control her body at all. However, as if she had practiced this move countless times, she dodged the flying car first!

The huge black goat’s hooves stomped down, but it still missed by a hair's breadth. In a short moment, Mu Ling had already rushed under the Black Offspring


She could already see the hideous mouth filled with blood. And the insufferable fetor assaulted her nose. She was not afraid at all because she fully believed in the Savior.

Mu Ling gripped the black broadsword tightly with both hands. A huge force gushed out, and she quickly slashed the Black Offspring! The huge monster’s body rocked with flesh and blood flying in all directions, and countless tentacles trembled.

The Black Offspring wailed and struggled, attempting to destroy the little human who kept hurting him. And the little human always slashed on him ahead as if she could foresee his attack.

The Black Offspring couldn’t resist this human who was like a “real monster.”

The monster’s massive body collapsed.

Mu Ling stood up slowly, covered in the dark blood of the Black Offspring.

“Mission completed.”

Countless passers-by were silent and shocked. They would remember this scene forever.

The black mist reappeared to drag the monster’s body into it. Mu Ling looked at the crowd and panicked. Soon, the night watchmen in DHA would come over. She probably wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, the black mist wrapped around Mu Ling and dragged her in.

She disappeared before the crowd. The passers-by on Central Avenue were at a loss and didn’t react for a long time.

Dressed in a black trench coat and white mask, she was like an ancient warrior who hunted demons and used her great power to protect people from monsters.

No one was killed or injured.

When Mu Ling came back to her senses, she was already back in the villa. Her clothes were still covered in blood.

“Phew. So tired.”

She let out a long breath on her back. It had not been easy for her to regain control of her body. The situation just now was really dangerous. Luckily, it was worth it. If she had not been on Central Avenue, many people would have been killed or injured. At this moment, Mu Ling finally believed that Babel Tower was a righteous organization within the superpower.

“Savior used some extreme measures.”

Mu Ling subconsciously began to make an excuse for the Savior, proving that it was worth being manipulated into doing these things. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to endure such a bitter day.

Suddenly, her face changed.

[Nightsaber, you’ll receive training adjustment and simulation.]

“Noooo! I’ve just finished!

Please! Let me rest.

Just one second. I really need to rest.

However, begging and wailing were pointless. The simulation of the Black Offspring soon appeared.

She was forced to engage in a large number of battles again. Her face gradually turned to despair as she retracted her thoughts of “whitewashing” the Savior.

‘He must be crazy!’

“I didn’t expect Nightsaber’s mood and loyalty to rise after this mission. In that case, she should immediately receive another training.” Bai Yan sat in the library, calmly playing with the game.

It could be seen that Nightsaber was a strong-willed operator. She didn’t need to soak in the recovery spring often, so he had lots of Energy points left.

“Nightsaber, you can’t rest yet.”

In a daily training mission, players can earn 20 points a day. If players can complete four missions in three days, 80 points will be obtained.

In a weekly battle mission, players can earn 30 points each time. A total of 90 points for three battles in one week.

That was 170 Energy points. In addition, the points are exchanged for Legendary points and the newbie given point, and then deduct the points spent to train Nightsaber. Bai Yan now has 430 points.

He needed another 70 points to summon a new ten times. To be honest, Bai Yan couldn’t wait to summon again!

What was the best part about playing games? For Bai Yan, it was only the moment before the summoning that was filled with hope.

After the training, Nightsaber’s mood dropped. And her current stats were:

Core Operator

Name: Nightsaber

Gender: Female

Plane: Material

Level: Evolved

Race: Human

Main skill: Kill, Lurk, and Destroy

Rank: Crime hunter

Primary Attributes: STR: 42; INT: 35; DEX: 41

Secondary Attributes: Charm: 10; Loyalty: 5; Mood: 1


As graceful as a cat (DEX increased; Speed increased)

Glory and revenge (Greatly reduce the chance of Nightsaber’s mood dropping to 0)


Deep Blue World (Proficiency: 5%)

Crime hunting Blood—Dark (Bloodline)

Item: Night Blade x 1

Description: The disgraced successor of the legendary crime hunter clan. She was born with a huge responsibility. Revenge and reviving the family is her long-cherished wish.

When Bai Yan saw that Nightsaber’s dexterity had increased from 27 to 41, he knew that the training had not been in vain.

“Good girl! My precious, sweet Nightsaber!”

Her loyalty had risen to 5, and he knew that at 6, more intelligence could be shown. Actually, loyalty would snowball along with training and actual combat. The higher it got, the harder it was to fall.

But there was also bad news. Nightsaber’s mood had dropped to 1 and was about to break down.

Bai Yan shook his head, knowing that she had been got to the limit. He was about to put her into the recovery spring when an ad popped.


Bullet-screen ads were always unpleasant, especially when playing games.

“What happened?” Bai Yan raised his eyebrows as he saw a video that had just been published online.

[Big News: A beautiful girl vs. a monster fight scene]