Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Cat Eared Rin

That night, before ten o'clock, all the disciples were caught and locked up together.

Unfortunately, no useful clues were found after questioning, so they had to follow Rin's suggestion and put the nine disciples to death together.

Actually, everyone knew that keeping them around for interrogation or even using them as bait for fishing could be helpful.

However, the skills of the demon race seemed tricky and were not known in the basic human magical knowledge. Nobody knew if keeping them around would cause other issues.

It was best to get rid of them for now, and then further investigate based on their identity information.

Rin really wanted to know who was behind it all. He thought that if he could set aside his pride and try asking the Lord Demon King, he might be able to get some answers.

It just felt like betraying oneself, very embarrassing.

In any case, this matter came to a conclusion, and Rin felt much relieved.

The only unsettling thing was that there was still no news about that cursed doll. Hopefully, it was just a false alarm.

After a busy day, Rin was a bit tired now. He planned to rest with Waste Hero once they saw the execution finish.

The stinky bat was hanging upside down all day yesterday, couldn't sleep well, and was the first to sneak back to the room to nap.

Rin closed the door and turned to Emilia, saying, "Silly cat, you go take a bath first, you didn't yesterday, right?"

Emilia blinked her eyes, looking tired, and said, "Tundere, teach me to save water, so, together, meow~"

Rin felt a headache coming on, gave hero cat a chop on the head, "Save my foot, we're at sea here, the ships have water magic devices, water is endless! Go take a bath like a good kitty! Or you won't get on my bed tonight."

"Got it."

Emilia stared at Rin for a while, obediently nodded, and reached for the zipper on the back of her skirt.

Rin was stunned for a moment, quickly covered his eyes, "Stupid, what are you doing?! Go change clothes in the bathroom!"


With a puzzled sound, Hero Cat slowly walked into the bathroom alone.

"I knew it, this guy is always up to something."

Rin put down his arm, took a deep breath, muttered a few words, then lay down on the bed and relaxed.

Today, he had to give up his daily studying routine since there was nothing much to do on the boat, he could make up for it by studying all day tomorrow.

"Ding, system is restarting..."

Suddenly, a familiar little girl's voice echoed in his ear, making Rin a little dazed. After a moment, he remembered what happened last night.

Immediately, his face changed as he remembered that there might be a punishment waiting for him.

He was unsure if the awakening interruption resulted in the punishment still pending or if it had already happened while he was unconscious.

"Congratulations on completing the first stage of the Phoenix bloodline awakening, are you ready to face the punishment?"


Rin immediately gritted his teeth and said, "Stop fooling around with those meowing tricks!"

"Considering the host and the second female main character, Demon King, engaged in overly intimate behavior that greatly exceeded the villainous regulations, and since only the host is in the room, meeting the requirements for a third-level punishment, please prepare yourself, host."

"A... there's still a third type? A higher level? Wait a moment..."

It's not just him in the room! Emilia is still taking a bath!

Wait, that's not the main point.

Oh no, feeling a bit panicked.

The first punishment involves an electric shock, with a very low voltage that only causes numbness for a while, so it's bearable as a physical punishment.

The second stage, with those strange and embarrassing catchphrases, is truly embarrassing, constituting a psychological punishment.

Then what is the third stage... It won't be a double attack, right?

Rin had a bad feeling, so he decided to set aside his pride and make peace with the system.

Unfortunately, the garbage system didn't give him the chance, and even cruelly made a broadcast.

"Punishment mechanism lottery opening... Randomly drawing the first keyword, shota."


"Detecting that the host is a shota himself, skipping, and then drawing the second keyword, cat transformation."

"Cat transformation? What are you saying, I don't understand a word you're saying?! You're not trying to make me turn into a cat, are you?!"

"Continuing to draw, drawing the third keyword, obedient."


"Choosing the time... then selecting a punishment time for five hours."

"In this case, the host became obedient to the cat people for five hours, please prepare for punishment."

Upon hearing the last sentence, Rin was stunned for two seconds, then felt like something was exploding in his mind, even producing a large mushroom cloud about to burst through the top of his head.

It felt like ten thousand Waste Hero were running wild in his mind, even stepping directly on top of his head a few times.

Then, he really felt his scalp itching, as if something was about to come out.

Not only that, there was something strange near his tailbone.

"Oh no!"

Rin started rolling on the bed, feeling itchy or uncomfortable in various parts of his body, especially his tailbone, which made him have to loosen his belt and scratch it.

What to do... this is not a solution, should he hide first?

It had only been five hours, yes, Waste Hero's room key was with me!

Hide first!

Rin struggled to regain his senses, jumped out of bed, and tried to flee.

However, his strength quickly faded, stumbling and falling to the ground, his head feeling dizzy. He sat up, rubbing his head in confusion.

At that moment, the bathroom door opened, and Emilia, wearing pajamas with a hint of steam, walked out wearing cute light blue kitten slippers.

Her gaze quickly locked onto Rin...

The two stared at each other for a while. Hero the cat tilted its head, its lifeless eyes disappearing, replaced by slow curiosity and hidden excitement.

Rin absentmindedly continued rubbing his head, and suddenly felt something furry. He realized he was touching something soft and furry.

Not only that, he could actually control this soft and furry thing, as if it was a part of his body.

Rin grabbed the thing and squeezed it, his face immediately stiffened.

Furry ears... on his own head!

Feeling a sudden panic, the cat ears twitched. Rin quickly covered his ears and glared at Waste Hero fiercely, saying, "Look... what are you looking at! This is me... trying to learn transformation magic and failing! Don't look!"


Emilia became even more excited.

Hmm, although she didn't know what was happening, she felt like she was a favored child by the heavens.

Never expected that a hero's Rank would bring such good luck!

In any case, not understanding how Rin turned into this appearance, Emilia, excited, widened her cat pupils and pounced on Rin.

Rin widened his eyes, quickly stood up, and held out his hand to stop the hero cat from approaching him.

He then grabbed the strange thing behind his bottom with his other hand and followed the smooth, furry thing to the top, pulling it in front to take a closer look.

Goodness gracious, it's a black cat tail.