The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: This Request Is Not Unreasonable

As a professor at Tokyo University, Kawabe Maya's salary is not low, providing enough for herself and her nephew.

Without a demanding sister and no need to bear the cost of Alchemy potions, their current life is much happier than before.

Just returning home from work, with the help of Kawabe Riki, when taking off the skin, Kawabe Maya still couldn't help feeling sad.

She's twenty-seven years old already, yet she has never been in a relationship, not in the past, nor in the future.

"Auntie, don't worry, look at me, I'm almost better! Auntie, you'll definitely get better too!"

Listening to the child's clumsy comfort, Kawabe Maya hugged him, smiling and shedding tears at the same time.


The doorbell rang, she hurriedly put on her robe, then opened the door.

"Ah, it's, it's Miss Yuki Tsukamoto!"

Yuki Tsukamoto is a senior staff member at the Special Event Research Institute. Kawabe Maya had met her a few times before.

"Great news!" As soon as Yuki Tsukamoto entered, she gave Maya a warm hug, then pulled out a flashlight from her bag, "This is the secret tool that the director mentioned before, the latest development from the institute. It can help you return to normal!"


"Can't doubt the director's words, can you? Hurry, take off your robe! Oh, Little Riki, move aside a bit, be careful not to shine the light on yourself!"

After everything was prepared, Yuki Tsukamoto turned on the flashlight and aimed it at the anxiously sitting Maya.

"Ouch, be gentle!"

Kawabe Maya seemed to hear a complaint, but soon her attention was caught by the green light coming out of the flashlight.

The shimmering green light carried an indescribable magic, covering her body. The exposed muscles felt as if they were gently touched, tingling and itching. With time passing, it seemed like a layer of gauze was also draped over the muscles, faintly visible.

"This, this is, my skin is growing back!"

"To be precise, it's in the process of growing back!" Yuki Tsukamoto turned off the flashlight, put it back in the bag, and emphasized, "It will take another year for a complete recovery. During this time, please be careful, try not to exert yourself too much, so as not to tear the skin!"

After bidding farewell to the tearful duo, she gently closed the door and patted the bag.

"Well done, Ashen!"



The Ashen Mask Tomb Skull has two forms.

The first form is the normal form, where the body is enclosed in a tightly wrapped cylindrical lead box. It uses pulse voltage to remind the eyes to open at the right time. There is a window with an adjustable size switch to look outside, with a maximum field of view of only 60°.

In this state, it can be used to curse specific targets, such as Kawabe Maya, and other patients who have lost their skin for various reasons.

The new skin generated by the curse grows in the order of epidermis-dermis. This means that in at most half a year, the patients can visually recover to their previous state, and after a year, they will be no different from normal people.

They will no longer have unsightly scars, nor will they have to spend the rest of their lives in an incubator. Rather than a curse, it seems more like a blessing.

Of course, the cursed targets must be under the supervision of the Special Event Research Institute and undergo regular follow-up examinations.

This is not only for their safety but also for the sake of society.

Otherwise, if they were to peel off their skin privately and sell the excess skin to others, the difficulty of solving cases using fingerprints and cameras would greatly increase, and toys made from real human skin could potentially flood the market.

There could even be chilling incidents of keeping captive young girls and selling fresh skin.

Uesugi Kiyoshi only wants to create value, but doesn't want to harm public order and social ethics.

The second form is the liberated form, with the skull of Ashen Mask Tomb Skull exposed to a maximum viewing angle of 188°, used for wide-ranging curses.

Uesugi Kiyoshi's initial idea is to apply this in the fur industry.

Due to pressure from animal protection organizations, the global fur industry has been in the spotlight in recent years.

How can such adorable animals be allowed to die horribly for our own fashion?

Such appeals have made many fashion lovers feel guilty and have to reluctantly give up.

But from now on, they will no longer suffer from the torment of their conscience.

By discarding the useless flesh, cursed animals are left with layers of fur, which can be harvested once a year like fruit trees.

An endless supply of mink fur, fox fur, otter fur, and various other furs will be available in the market, and at a more high-quality and affordable price.

Even animal protection organizations shouldn't stop this behavior, because it doesn't harm the animals or make them suffer.

Just rub the medicine on their bodies, wait for an hour, and you can peel off a perfect fur coat. Why not do it?

Therefore, Ashen Mask Tomb Skull travels all over the world, helping to cure people and contributing to the livestock industry. It works tirelessly day and night, which makes it very difficult for him.

Does the creature not need to rest?

The creature actually needs rest!

It had been lying in a glass container before and had rested for a whole eight years! If it wasn't for Uesugi Kiyoshi visiting, it could have continued resting!

After finally finishing its journey around the world and returning to Japan, Ashen Mask Tomb Skull had to continue being experimented on. It only lay down for a few minutes late at night before being awakened again.

"Wake up, I'm Hiroshi Noda!"

"Is it Vice Director Hiroshi Noda?"

This is a very important person who must not be offended. Ashen Mask Tomb Skull tried to look confident, lighting up his eyes as if he hadn't seen anything. It was still in the flashlight.

"Deputy Director Noda, is there something you need?"

"Well, Mr. Ashen, it seems that the experiment just now proved that you can also curse a specific area of the skin?"

"Yes, really?"

Being called "Mr." made Ashen Mask Tomb Skull feel a sense of warning, wondering if there was a new job assignment in store for him.

But it didn't have the power to refuse anyway...

"Don't be modest, Mr. Ashen!" Hiroshi Noda seemed a bit embarrassed and lowered his voice, "Well, I was wondering if you could help me curse a small area."

The request was not unreasonable, so Ashen Mask Tomb Skull breathed a sigh of relief. "No problem, Deputy Director Noda! By the way, which area?"

"I will get it for you right away."

Soft rustling sounds were heard, mixed with crisp clicking noises, as if a metal clasp on a belt was being undone. The more she listened, the heavier her heart sank.

"Oh no, Deputy Chief Noda, what are you doing? This is not allowed!"

"Remember to keep it a secret for me... Ashen, I'm coming in!"