The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: What's Wrong With Being a Dog?

After being injected with anesthesia, Katsutani Bunichi quickly lost consciousness. When he woke up again, he felt much lighter.

"What is this...?"

He looked at his right hand, where the wound from cutting his wrist before had disappeared. His skin also seemed much smoother and more delicate.

"You're awake, and the surgery was very successful!" Uesugi Kiyoshi entered the room and handed him a mirror. "Mr. Sengu, the curse on your body has been removed!"

To be precise, it was removed physically.

In the room next door, there are still seven leather bags stored, just in case.

After peeling off seven layers of skin, Katsutani Bunichi seemed much younger, with no more wrinkles or spots, appearing to be around thirty years old, the most energetic age.

He looked at himself in the mirror, touched his skin carefully, and exclaimed unbelievably, "What a miraculous Alchemy potion... Oh, and my two children, please also heal the curses on their bodies!"

"This is a bit difficult, maybe finding the child's remains can provide a solution."

Uesugi Kiyoshi was not threatening, it's just that under his eldest daughter Seyuko's skin, there is the body of a one-year-old child. Due to changes in height and body size, it had been stretched into an abnormally twisted state. If removed, only a deformed monster would be left.

As for his second daughter Seyuri, she had nothing except for skin.

After hesitating for a moment, Katsutani Bunichi decided not to keep it anymore, "Alright, the remains of Ashen Mask Tomb are right at..."

The combat team who received the information via radio quickly reached the destination.

It was a three-story standalone building, located in a forest on the outskirts of Tokyo, with no signs of people for miles around.

In the deep, dark forest at night, there was silence except for the sound of breaking twigs underfoot and the distant hoot of an owl, sounding like a child's faint crying. Even the bravest person would feel a chill creeping into their heart.

However, the combat team was undaunted. They surrounded the small building and used a huge axe to break open the door. But the bones that should have been placed on the wall cabinet in the living room were nowhere to be found. The container had fallen and shattered into pieces of glass all over the floor.

"...Did it escape?"

"Not necessarily, let's search first!" ordered the commander.

The small building had no electricity system installed, and the thick, almost unbreakable darkness filled the air. The combat team dispersed, using flashlights to carefully search the house.

Perhaps due to long neglect, a strong musty smell lingered in the air. The wooden floor had begun to rot, creaking underfoot with each step. Even with the flashlight shining, most of the space remained shrouded in darkness.

In this environment, the footsteps of the combat team remained steady, and with each room they entered, they locked the door behind them to prevent the bones from escaping.

As soon as one member of the combat team entered the storage room, he saw a skeleton crawling on the ceiling, appearing to be a child with eerie green flames in its eye sockets, staring directly at him.

Found it!

He was not scared but happy. He casually closed the door and was about to catch it, but saw the skeleton leaping towards him, with sharp teeth biting fiercely at his neck.


Amid the long metal impact sound, the skeleton seemed stunned due to the reaction force, and the head of the soldier also fell on the ground. However, he picked up the skeleton's vertebra with one hand, picked up the head with the other hand, and reattached it.

"Ah, what are those guys in the research team eating? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to design it with a threaded structure?"

The captured skeleton regained consciousness, struggling fiercely, fingers scratching at the opponent frantically, but leaving no trace on the body forged from stainless steel.

"Are you a robot? No, you are also strange!" The skeleton finally discovered the truth and pleaded, "Please let me go, aren't we the same kind? Why hurt each other?"

"That's not right, it's perfectly normal for the same kind to harm each other. Just like how humans are the ones who kill the most humans, isn't it?"

The soldier saw the skeleton speechless, gave up struggling, and persuaded, "Don't be disheartened. As long as you cooperate obediently, the result may not be so bad. Just like us, as long as we serve Uesugi Kiyoshi Crow faithfully, we can get the Head Balloon!"

He patted the skeleton's skull, couldn't help but laugh again, "And because of you, my good days can come one month earlier, thank you!"


The Ashen Mask Tomb Skull, captured and taken into the laboratory, quickly confessed its abilities.

Creatures stared at by it would have their skin increase with age, a mutation that can even be inherited!

Unlike fully grown adult organisms, whose skin is simply skin, in multi-layered creatures inside the stomach, the skin also performs brain functions.

This means that peeling off a layer of skin is equivalent to erasing all memories of that year.

This outcome left Uesugi Kiyoshi extremely disappointed.

Plans to combine the Ashen Mask Tomb Skull with the Alchemy potion to achieve eternal youth for humans had to be put on hold; no one would be willing to trade youthfulness for stagnant memories.

This service would only be available to celebrities and some wealthy individuals who are very concerned about their appearance and willing to pay a hefty sum for it.

Naturally, Uesugi Kiyoshi also had to ensure that they were rendered infertile to prevent the possibility of producing completely mutated offspring.

Looking at the Ashen Mask Tomb Skull in the laboratory through the camera, he suddenly had a question, "If I split you in half, with one eye socket on each side, would each half have the same effect?"

This question made the Ashen Mask Tomb Skull look dumbfounded, then his eyes flickered intensely and his voice trembled, "No, that won't work, it's not possible!"

"How do you know? Have you tried it before?"

"Do we really need to try such a thing?"

"But with so many demands in the world, how can you handle it all by yourself? It might be more efficient to divide and conquer, wouldn't it?" suggested Uesugi Kiyoshi considerately.

"I can do it, I really can, I don't even need to rest!"

"Alright!" Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded satisfactorily and emphasized, "You said it yourself, I'm not pushing you!"

"Of course! Of course..."

The Ashen Mask Tomb Skull reluctantly agreed, then turned to his assembled team members, even without eyes, the deep despair was evident.

That's not what you told me!

The soldier took off the helmet, held it in their hands, to show mourning.

"I'm sorry, brother!"