The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: What a Coincidence

Based on the information from Hoshimi Rie, Uesugi Kiyoshi returned to Tokyo University and arrived at the affiliated hospital of the medical faculty.

As one of Japan's most renowned hospitals, Tokyo University Hospital attracts patients from all over Japan and even the world, always crowded with people seeking medical help.

But now the entire hospital is empty, with burly security guards stationed at every entrance, directing patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

Showing his work badge, Uesugi Kiyoshi entered the surgical department on the second floor.

The room was packed with doctors in work attire, desks crowded together, the sound of conversations, arguments, and occasional exclamations filling the air.

"Excuse me, who is Dr. Shibata Sena?"

A young doctor with a middle part in his hair turned around and was surprised to see a large group of strangers outside, but then he became very happy.

"Are you gentlemen from the Special Event Research Institute? Finally, you're here! You see, something strange seems to be happening at our hospital!"

"Shibata!" scolded another middle-aged male doctor unhappily, then he smiled apologetically and explained, "Well, actually, something strange has come to our hospital for treatment!"

Around five o'clock this morning, a car accident occurred in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward.

In order to avoid a truck coming from the opposite direction, a car veered off the road and crashed into a tree.

The mother driving the car and her eldest daughter in the front seat were unharmed, but the youngest daughter in the back seat, only seven years old, was unfortunately injured. A road sign in the car cut across her face, taking away all the skin from the left side of her face.

Such an injury, if not treated promptly, could even be life-threatening.

Shibata Sena, who was on duty at the time, thought so too, but after cleaning the injured area, he realized that under the torn skin was not muscle tissue, but another face!

How could a person have two layers of skin? From a medical perspective, this is a completely impossible phenomenon!

The upcoming MRI scan was beyond his expectations.

The imaging results showed that not only their faces, but the entire bodies of the two girls were made up of layers of skin stacked on top of each other.

Just like tree rings, from the inside out, one year, two years, three years, up to seven years, a total of seven layers of skin tightly intertwined, while the brain, internal organs, bones... these normal parts couldn't be found.

Out of medical curiosity and for easier treatment later on, Sena Shibata wanted to perform further examinations, but the patient's mother strongly disagreed.

She was worried that her daughter would become a subject of medical research, exposed to the curious eyes of the world, so she simply stopped the bleeding and left with her two children.

Before leaving, the mother also asked Sena Shibata not to mention this matter, but considering the possible anomalies, Sena Shibata still contacted the Special Event Research Institute.

After explaining the background, Sena Shibata anxiously looked at Uesugi Kiyoshi, "Sir, are they considered as anomalies?"

"Instead of anomalies, it's more accurate to say they are victims of anomalies," Uesugi Kiyoshi replied.

"Victims of anomalies..." Sena Shibata seemed somewhat disappointed.

Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded, "According to the institute's rules, you will receive a reward of ten million yen and one percent of potential future earnings. As for the hospital's losses, we will cover them."

Shiina Shibata suddenly became happy instead of sad, and her colleagues were very excited. Even Uesugi Kiyoshi's entourage looked at her with jealousy.

"That's great, Shibata, this kid..."

"Oh no, why can't I encounter anything strange?"

"It's your treat, Shibata, you must treat us!"

Surrounded by everyone, Shiina Shibata blushed, raised her hands high, and said. Tonight, let's all go to Red Demon Izakaya!


Ignoring the noisy doctors, Uesugi Kiyoshi found the address of the mother and daughter in the hospital system and sent someone to bring the family of four to the institute.

During the visit, the head of the Katsutani family, Bunichi Katsutani, was attempting suicide. He lay in the bathtub surrounded by warm water with deep crisscross cuts on his wrist from a sharp knife.

A very standard wrist-cutting suicide action.

But even so, treating him didn't require much effort, in fact, even without help, Katsutani Bunichi would not be in danger.

Because he didn't even break the skin!

The results of the examination showed that not only the seven-year-old daughter, Reika, but also her father, Katsutani Bunichi, had deep skin layers.

At the age of thirty-nine, with only eight skin layers, inside those eight layers of skin, there are normal human tissue and organs.

While the eight-year-old elder daughter, Naru, had seven skin layers like her younger sister.

Among the family of four, only the wife, Naruhana, was just like an ordinary person.

"This is all a curse!" Katsutani Bunichi held his head and let out a nervous laugh, "It's the curse of the Ashen Mask Tomb's remains, our whole family, we're all cursed!"

"...The Ashen Mask Tomb?" Uesugi Kiyoshi muttered as he opened the file.

The text says that Katsutani Bunichi was a young professor of geology at Tokyo University, and had the honorary title of "genius Zenggu." He was very young when he achieved this.

Eight years ago, a team of archaeologists led by him discovered the bone of a child inside the Ashen Mask Tomb ruins. The bones were covered with layers of clay shaped into a human grave.

This unprecedented discovery caused a sensation at the time. But soon, Katsutani Bunichi withdrew from the public eye and the bones mysteriously disappeared.

"Mr. Zenggu, where is the bone now?"


"You hid it, didn't you?"

"Sob, sob..."

"...It's just a body different from others, is it necessary? Even if it's a child, you just have a few extra layers of skin, many people don't even have one layer, but they still live strong, don't they?"

Communicating with Katsutani Bunichi was extremely difficult. He didn't seem to hear anything that was said to him. He just kept crying and laughing, muttering words that no one else could understand.

"Done!" Impatient Uesugi Kiyoshi slammed the table and stood up. "Let me help you return to normal. Will that do?"

"How can you help?" Katsutani Bunichi's spirits lifted instantly. He peeked at Uesugi Kiyoshi through his fingers and said. Please don't tell such irresponsible lies. I don't believe modern medicine can cure it at all!

"Modern medicine won't work, but I have ancient alchemy. Trust me!"