The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: The Talking Body Teacher

Joking aside, medicines can be harmful if not used properly. The key is in how you use them!

Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't need to explain this to Kawabe Maya. He was thinking about how to get the formula for the medicine from Kawabe Ryoka.

This process must be peaceful and humane. Using force to extract information not only goes against his principles, but also can lead to unforeseen consequences.

He had taken her son and imprisoned her...

Thinking about this made Uesugi Kiyoshi have a headache.


As expected, in the solitary cell of the prison, Kawabe Ryoka flexed her muscles and firmly rejected Uesugi Kiyoshi's request.

"This is the result of my husband's hard work. Before he died, he made a will that it must not be sold! Also, how can anyone lay a finger on such a beautiful body?!"

"Then if I don't give money, it doesn't count as selling, right?"

Kawabe Ryoka looked at Uesugi Kiyoshi like he was silly, then huffed and ignored him.

"Um, I mean, exchange something with you!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi remembered the first time he met Kawabe Ryoka, and cautiously asked, "The beauty of exposed muscles, it's hard for ordinary people to understand, right?"

"...Hmph, they are all ignorant fools!"

Seeing a fleeting sense of sadness on Kawabe Ryoka's face, Uesugi Kiyoshi felt more confident.

"Although you don't care, isn't it a pity for such a beautiful thing to go unappreciated? I can introduce you to some knowledgeable people, would Miss Kawabe be interested?"

Kawabe Ryoka turned away disdainfully but perked up her ears, "Tell me more."

"Art students and medical students." Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't beat around the bush and said straightforwardly, "Human form is based on muscle form. Those studying art, how could they not understand the muscle structure of the human body?"

"Is that so?"

Looking at Kawabe Ryoka's eyes widen in an instant, he waved his hands enthusiastically, vividly describing a beautiful future vision for the other person.

"Imagine this, in a spacious art classroom, a group of young students holding their drawing boards, their eyes wide open, eagerly observing every inch of your muscles, not missing any detail."

"No one will feel repulsed, no one will scream, and even if they do, it's only because the brushes in their hands can't capture your beauty!"

"Huff~ huff~" Kawabe Ryoka's breathing became heavier.

"Now, medical students, as we all know, regardless of their specialty, all have to deal with anatomy. They not only need to observe carefully but if possible, even get hands-on—you ready for that?"

"Well, if it's really necessary..." Kawabe Ryoka's already red face seemed to deepen in color.

"Generous Miss Kawabe! Now is your chance to proudly introduce them, remember, unlike their previous teacher, they won't be able to speak!"

"Oh yeah, hahaha, hahahaha!"

"Classmates, this is the trapezius muscle, it helps with shoulder abduction. Make sure to carefully feel it, I'll let you truly experience the muscle fibers contracting!"


"Oh, this is the muscle on the outer side of your abdomen. It helps protect your organs and maintain pressure inside your abdomen, keeping your organs in place. This is important for the test, so make sure to remember it!"


"And this one here, oh no, don't touch this one! If you really need to touch it, remember, this is the chest muscle, it helps with internal rotation, adduction, and flexion!"

Kawabe Ryoka let out a long sigh, then lowered her head silently for a long time.

"Would you be willing to take on this kind of job?" Uesugi Kiyoshi carefully observed her reaction, and added one last push, "I will organize your schedule well, ensuring you have more than eight hours of classes every day. During the transport between schools, you can lie in a saline solution bath, with the container placed on the car roof, attracting attention from all directions!"

Of course, to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from being startled, the glass of the container must be one-way transparent.

With such generous conditions, Kawabe Ryoka finally gave in.

"But, Mr. Uesugi, I didn't remember the names of those muscles you mentioned."

"It's okay, you can learn through practice," comforted Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"I-I promise you!" She shyly raised her head, her smile muscles, cheek muscles, mouth muscles, and temple muscles all changed, "This kind of treatment, even the formula for the medicine can't express how grateful I am, if you don't mind..."

"Let's talk about the formula first!" Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly interrupted her.


After obtaining the formula, Uesugi Kiyoshi immediately sent it to the Special Event Research Institute for feasibility studies.

If all goes well, this could be a miraculous medicine that can save countless lives, creating countless business value and social benefits!

Since that's the case, he won't mistreat Kawabe Maya and Kawabe Riki, even though the profit from the medicine won't go to Kawabe Ryoka, he still plans to share some with the two of them.

However, Kawabe Maya didn't accept.

She hugged her nephew, shaking her head, "We don't need the money, but if possible, could you help us return to a normal life? I've had enough of these days!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi felt sorry for the crying lady professor, but he found it difficult to fulfill her request.

According to the medical advisor at the research institute, Kawabe Riki's condition is okay.

Children's metabolism is fast, and only the skin is damaged. With some rest, it will naturally heal.

But Kawabe Maya's situation is different.

Even though her skin, which had peeled off, maintained its elasticity and vitality due to medication, it couldn't reattach to the muscles anymore.

Skin grafting, whether using someone else's skin or one's own, requires enough blood supply to survive. However, Kawabe Maya's subcutaneous tissue was completely removed, leaving no place to start.

"Miss Kawabe, I'm sorry..."

Just as he was about to explain to the lady professor, his phone rang, and it was Hoshimi Rie calling.

After hanging up, Uesugi Kiyoshi's face lit up with a smile. He nodded at Kawabe Maya and said. Your request might actually be achievable!

"Is it true?" asked Kawabe Maya in disbelief.

"It's just a possibility, please be patient and wait for some time!"