The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Freedom Gunfire Every Day

After exchanging pleasantries with Louis, Compton quickly hung up the phone.

He sat in his seat, thinking for a moment, then made a few phone calls before changing into casual clothes. He drove alone to Lorton City in the state of Meklahoma.

In the northeast district of Lorton City, there was a run-down hotel. The sign hanging on the wall was blurred, but the clearly visible double-headed eagle symbol was still visible.

Seeing someone approaching, the two lazy black security guards at the entrance suddenly straightened up, reaching for their waists. However, upon seeing the gold badge on Compton's chest and the mask on his face, they relaxed.

"Please come in, sir."

Compton pushed open the door, finding the unexpected spacious and luxurious interior. Every detail, from the joints of the mahogany paneling to the custom concrete walls with sunlight-like hues, was carefully crafted and artistic.

Guests wearing different masks sat in various corners, facing the staff in uniform. The bar's curvaceous bunnies carried trays, weaving in between.

Still hesitating, a nimble waiter approached and led him to a booth. Shortly after, the staff sat at the opposite seats.

"Sir, may I help you with anything?"

"I heard that you specialist for mental disorders?" Compton looked around and whispered.

He shouldn't have come for this job himself, but it was important, and he couldn't relax about it.

The staff smiled knowingly and took out a beautifully bound booklet from their pocket, handing it over.

"Are you looking for a hitman with schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, or acute transient psychotic disorder?"


The staff patiently repeated it, but Compton was still confused.

"Sorry, could you explain a bit, please?"

"Of course, sir!" The staff pointed at the list and explained, "You know, hitmen only care about money, but they can't enjoy it if they're dead."

"So we would prepare a fake identity for them with a mental illness, to avoid being caught, but in the state of Oklahoma, people with mental illnesses who commit murder also need to have their freedom restricted."

"That's why those young, inexperienced gunmen are usually suffering from conditions like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia – they are expendable, and one violent act could land them in a mental hospital for at least ten years."

"The more experienced ones tend to have depression, a mental illness that is easier to disguise and cure, usually allowing them to regain their freedom in just five years."

"Of course, the most valuable assets for our bar are the gunmen with acute brief psychotic disorder – they are seasoned, have carried out multiple missions, and thus are the best choice, despite charging the highest fees."

After the staff finished introducing themselves one by one, they asked, "So, what's your choice, sir?"

"I want them all!"

Compton took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to him. The staff member took a glance at it and immediately looked shocked.

"Sir, forgive my boldness, are you planning to establish an independent country in the state of Oklahoma?"


A day in Miklehomah State, another day of freedom.

The number of people killed and injured in the shooting suddenly increased. Unlike the previous incidents mainly involving African Americans, this time almost all those attacked were well-dressed congressmen and senators.

Caught off guard, the members of the Anti-Amend Law Alliance Party suffered heavy casualties. But soon they fought back, leading to casualties on the side of the Amend Law Alliance Party as well.

After all, who doesn't have a few mentally ill people under their command?

As the conflict escalated, there was a shortage of manpower, and many freelance mentally ill gunmen joined in. They had no professional ethics, taking on two contracts at once and killing not only their target but also their employer for double the payment.

Eventually, the mentally ill gunmen on both sides even built barricades, engaging in street battles with grenades and rocket launchers flying through the air. The streets were filled with Molotov cocktails and gasoline bombs, turning Miklehomah State into a scene reminiscent of Iraq.

"Governor, why don't you order the National Guard to suppress these rioting thugs?"

Faced with the Secretary's question, the Governor shrugged helplessly.

"Which side should I suppress?"

"Of course it is all!"

"No way!" the Governor decisively refused, "They are in a heated battle now, all have a chance to win. If I take a side now, I will offend everyone at the same time."

How can the Governor who offends all the state legislators continue to govern?

It's better to wait and see, standing on the side of the eventual winner.

The intense battle lasted three whole days, ending with the victory of the Amend Law Alliance Party.

The key to victory was Compton braving the fierce gunfire, personally going to the medical faction's base to persuade them to join.

The casualties from the hurricane were considered a blessing for the pharmaceutical companies, but the decrease in electricity costs also had its benefits. The medical faction was originally planning to stay neutral, but Compton managed to gain their support by lowering the prices of some raw materials.

Thirteen mental hospitals, along with numerous medical experts, jointly issued a statement announcing the revocation of the mental illness qualifications for the gunmen opposing the Amend Law Alliance Party, causing chaos among their ranks instantly.

The intervention of discharged soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the two camps after the war brought this war to a final conclusion.

After reaching a consensus, the lawmakers of Mikrahoma immediately held a series of meetings, proposing an amendment to the law to require that all presidential candidates must be citizens of the country.

A ripple effect began, starting from Dolorida and Louisiana... Soon, forty-two out of fifty states responded one after another.

As per federal law, if an amendment is proposed by 2/3 of the state legislatures, Congress shall convene a constitutional convention to discuss the proposed amendment, which will be ratified by 3/4 of state legislatures if approved.

The Amend Law Alliance Party enjoyed great success locally, but the battle in Congress was just beginning. However, there has been a turnaround in Tawil's evaluation in the newspapers.

"A strange being from Japan has landed in Texas."

"An indescribable man-eating demon king is approaching New York."

"A despicable strange creature has entered San Francisco."

"The golden-haired girl who brings light and peace to the people will arrive in her faithful Washington today."


The path to becoming Grand Commander gradually opened up, as Tawil participated in various shows, making her presence known effortlessly, becoming a Grand Commander candidate without any hassle.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Uesugi Kiyoshi woke up from his sleep and received a shocking message.

"What? Parents? I still have parents... Ah, I mean, when did they come?"