The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Starting From Scratch: Running for President

These elite soldiers, cold-blooded killers, fearless warriors, they faced torture without fear, smiled at death, but at the thought of possibly exposing their privacy, more than half chose to surrender.

Uesugi Kiyoshi recorded their conversation and then went to Tokyo to hold a press conference to reveal the truth.

At the same time, the embassy of the country involved did the same thing.

The decision to execute by the Grand Commander ended up in this outcome, completely humiliating the world's largest country!

At that moment, some strange beings came out of Black Vortex Town and approached willingly, asking for citizenship, which was a perfect distraction for them.

"Even the strange beings are people! They deserve equal treatment and their freedom should not be violated by any country or individual!"

In the glaring lights, Tawil remained silent with a blissful smile, while the spokesperson furiously waved his fist.

"I condemn those who disrespect the rights of the strange beings — their actions show a disregard for democracy and a challenge to civilization!"

"As the largest and most advanced immigrant country in the world, the strange beings should live here! They must live here! Only here can they enjoy basic dignity and respect!"


After the usual criticism and self-promotion, the journalists began asking questions.

"What is your opinion on the incident where 109 soldiers from your country were captured?"

"The East Asia Daily? Even third-rate media are allowed in now? Next!"

"Regarding General George mentioned by the soldiers, does he belong to a specific department or was he following direct orders from the President?"

"Fake news, next!"

"Has your country violated Japan's sovereignty by deploying troops in friendly countries?"

The spokesperson slammed the table in anger and loudly responded, "The supernatural beings also have human rights, and human rights take precedence over sovereignty, which has always been our country's stance. This operation was carried out in response to a request from the supernatural beings of Black Vortex Town for protection!"

He pointed to the blonde girl still in a trance and said. Next, let's hear from Miss Tawil, a supernatural being from Black Vortex Town. She will reveal the truth about this operation... Tawil, Tawil!

The spokesperson called out several times before Tawil snapped out of her reverie.

With countless eyes and cameras focused on her, her excited face turned crimson. She forgot the rehearsed words and spoke her true thoughts directly.

"I want to be the Grand Commander!"

Inside the office, then Grand Commander watched the live broadcast and couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Even the strange ones want to be the Grand Commander?"

Oh, what an overestimation of oneself!

He wanted to play a role with the other person, to let the strange candidate named Tawil become the next Grand Commander, to show the country's attitude towards the strange, and to put pressure on Japan. Unfortunately, he couldn't do it.

According to the constitution, only citizens born in the country who are 35 years old and have lived in the country for over 14 years can run for Grand Commander.

Tawil doesn't meet any of these requirements, she simply doesn't have the qualifications!

"By the way, what is this strange ability?" the Grand Commander suddenly remembered and asked.

The chief of staff beside him flipped through his notes and hesitantly said. According to her account, she can control the wind.

"Wind? How strong of a wind?"

Before the chief of staff could reply, the Grand Commander waved his hand disinterestedly, "It must not be too powerful, otherwise Uesugi Kiyoshi wouldn't have any reason not to keep her in check... Let's bring her back after the press conference."

Stepping foot in the country where she gained nationality, Tawil quickly explained to everyone what it means to manipulate the wind.

A powerful tornado swept through Texas, uprooting trees, shaking and collapsing houses, carrying away countless billboards and vehicles in its path, blocking out the sun.

Just as the hurricane, like a terrifying storm, was about to enter the city, Tawil suddenly appeared on the screen.

She reached out her hand and simply gestured, the sky and earth instantly calmed down, as if nothing had happened, only the vehicles and debris swirling in the sky continued to fall like dumplings.

Tawil's voice reached homes through the television.

"As you can see, this is my ability - I can control hurricanes, easily eliminating or restraining them. Do you want to be free from the troubles of hurricanes from now on? Or do you wish to enjoy cheaper and cleaner electricity? I can fulfill your wishes."

She showed a sweet smile and said. But only if I become the Grand Commander!

The world's strongest country, also the country where tornadoes happen the most.

From the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains, there is a wide corridor where tornadoes frequently occur. More than a thousand tornadoes form here every year, destroying everything from farmlands, houses, to people and livestock.

If the states located in the tornado corridor had to choose, they would probably prefer an odd person to be their president, as long as they could stay safely at home without being displaced by tornadoes anymore.

In other places, clean, low-cost energy sources are equally appealing.

This was Uesugi Kiyoshi's campaign strategy - offering a deal that you couldn't refuse, leaving the rest for you to handle.


After seeing this news on TV, Congressman Compton from Meklahoma couldn't sit still.

As a giant in the chemical industry, all his businesses are in the state, suffering losses in the billions annually due to hurricanes.

If he could avoid such losses by changing the president, he would not even frown and the decrease in electricity bills would lower his product costs significantly, making his profits even higher.

What's wrong with being strange? Able to achieve these things, even if it's a bulldog, he would not hesitate to vote for it!

But when it involves the law, things get a little tricky.

As a congressman, Compton naturally understood that in order to get Tawil elected, he needed support from the Congress and the majority of state legislatures to amend relevant laws. But even within the state legislature, those closely tied to the energy industry would not agree.

He and his close partners lobbied around the state legislature, although they had the upper hand, they still couldn't overcome the obstacles without getting two-thirds absolute majority.

Fortunately, at this time, a friend from the Congress, industrial giant Louis, called him just in time to give him some guidance.

"Compton, there are seven months and thirteen days left until the anniversary of Commander Kennini's death."

Louis's voice revealed a deep sadness.

"Just thinking about the tragedy fifty years ago, that shooting incident, it breaks my heart!"