The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Making the Devil Great Again

This time, strange things first appeared in Tawil, in the home of an ordinary farmer in Drusas State.

Parents in their late forties woke up one day to suddenly find their daughter undergoing a bizarre transformation.

Their once cute and lovely six-year-old daughter, with blonde hair and blue eyes like a doll, began turning into one.

Her skin became harder and cracked in the joints, with clear dividing lines forming, her facial expressions disappeared, and her eyes lost focus.

The little girl remained unaware, continuing to study, play, and act as usual, while her parents were filled with extreme fear.

They sought help from the best doctor in the state, but even the doctor was helpless, as modern medicine couldn't explain or treat this phenomenon!

Upon reading about this news in the newspaper, ignorant people blamed the farmer's family for being bewitched by the devil. However, similar events soon occurred in other states.

Without warning, unstoppable, doll-like children are spreading across all social classes and cities, their numbers increasing day by day.

Just after one week, the original child had completely transformed into a beautiful doll.

The parents were filled with sorrow and despair. They had hoped to keep it as their final solace, but soon realized that the doll was transforming into an indescribable monster.

In the end, they could only choose to bury memories and love with flames.

The people of Tawil finally woke up from the beautiful dream of the Country of Heaven, and had to accept the strange fact that their own country was also experiencing unusual events.

Since it's strange, of course they have to seek help from the legendary Uesugi Kiyoshi.

Now, Uesugi Kiyoshi is very busy and doesn't have time to think about strange things across the ocean. His office is filled with petitioners from all over.

A famous ugly girl from a high school in Kyoto suddenly turned into a delicate beautiful girl within a few days. This kind of beauty seems to be contagious, as girls who get close to her will soon become sickly yet beautiful.

Just like ephemeral flowers, they would fall and die without warning when they are at their most beautiful. But by the time this is realized, it is already too late, the strange disease spreads like a highly contagious infection.

On the streets of Osaka, a female performer was playing her own written song confidently. Everyone who passed by would stop and listen, as if the ordinary song could touch every person's heart.

Then unable to escape from it, whether it's work, study, entertainment, or sleep, the melody of the song still lingers in the ears, completely unstoppable, causing countless mental exhaustion.

As for the sky over Hiroshima Prefecture, a suddenly appeared unidentified aircraft began dropping leaflets, urging everyone to open their hearts, hold hands, and make contact with others.

Along with the positive leaflets, a sudden and mysterious group murder occurred, where an unidentifiable killer stripped the victims of their clothes, then used fishing line to securely tie them together one by one.


"Your Excellency, please address the oddities in our prefecture first!"

"No, the oddities here are more severe!"

"In comparison, although the oddities in our prefecture may not seem serious, they clearly have high commercial value. Your Excellency, please prioritize our prefecture!"


No matter how the representatives pleaded, Uesugi Kiyoshi, sitting behind the office desk, remained silent with a furrowed brow.

The handsome young man standing next to him couldn't help but smile.

"Don't trouble Mr. Uesugi, the strange occurrences this time are more difficult than before, even he can't handle it... that's how it is!"

"...Who are you?"

"Ah... never mind who I am, please leave quickly, don't disturb Mr. Uesugi's thoughts!"

After driving away the irrelevant crowd, Ode forced a smile and turned to Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"Give up, even if you can solve these strange occurrences now, more will appear soon, and the frequency will increase, getting more difficult!"


"Because the demons are just too hungry! From the Head Balloon until now, they have been close to fasting for a year, if this continues, the race cannot continue!"

Ode sat on the office desk, patiently explaining the situation.

"Hunger and need drive us forward, and at the same time, in the newly revised strange application requirements, I had to relax the relevant restrictions, no longer requiring applicants to give clear reasons and specifics."

The strangeness appearing now is more like an incurable disease, facing this disease, the only thing we can do is wait and leave it to fate.

"So, does this mean humans will be extinct?" Uesugi Kiyoshi remained silent for a long time, asking dejectedly.

"Extinct? No, no, no, would a shepherd treat the sheep in the pen like that? Rest assured, I have already calculated that your eventual population loss will not exceed twenty percent!"

Seeing his former arrogant opponent now in such a state, Ode couldn't help but feel pleased.

"Of course, after this wave of feasting, I will continue to restrain them, I won't overfish, so please rest assured."

Ode's assurance seemed to relieve Uesugi Kiyoshi, who loosened his collar with a face full of despair.

"It seems I have no choice but to accept it!"

"It's the only way!" The smile on Ode's face could no longer hide it, "I won't bother you anymore!"

He was eager to go back and celebrate with champagne, but was stopped by Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"Wait, are you trying to deceive me?"

"How could I? I, Ode, Order Demon, always keep my word!"

"If I stop resisting and let you achieve twenty percent of the target, can you make that strange being outside the solar system leave? If it makes a move, the Earth might be in danger, right?"

"Sure, I will now... Wait, what did you say? A strange being outside the solar system?"

Ode widened his eyes, looking puzzled at Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"But we don't have any strange beings outside the solar system, do we?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi took out a document from the drawer and handed it over.

"This is an observation by the astronomy department of the research institute. A planet ten times the size of Earth suddenly appeared at the outer edge of the solar system... It really isn't one of your beings?"

Ode picked up the materials and flipped through a few pages. His face turned worse and worse, "How is this possible? This is definitely not something we can create. How did it come here?"

Papers were scattered all over the floor. Uesugi Kiyoshi looked at the panicked demon and showed the same expression.

"Of course, I brought it here!" he said in his mind.