The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Heretics Are Even More Wicked Than Infidels

The fish lying in the laboratory was highly decayed, but its four legs were still intact, even able to wriggle around.

It couldn't be set free in the wild, but Uesugi Kiyoshi knew that even if its restraints were removed, it would likely just wander around the house aimlessly without attacking humans.

Although the fish's role was only to power the walking machine underneath it, it somewhat influenced its strange behavior. Herbivorous fish tended to be more docile, while carnivorous ones leaned towards aggression and destruction.

If it had caught a human-eating surgeonfish instead of a tuna this time, it wouldn't agree to make holes in the onlookers' bodies.

After carefully cutting and separating the decaying fish, the researchers cautiously removed the walking machine.

The structure of the walking machine device was not complex, with densely packed steel wires on top to bind the fish's body, and pistons and cylinders below. Gas produced within the fish was delivered to the cylinders through several tubes, powering the mechanical legs.

The entire device had no screws and no visible welding marks, seamlessly integrated and appearing as a miracle of nature.

"Professor Noda, it shouldn't be difficult to replicate something like this, right?" asked Uesugi Kiyoshi.

Hiroshi Noda glanced confidently and nodded.

"The structure is so simple, as long as it's not exactly the same, there should be no problem at all. Oh, I understand now!"

"You always understand, but actually you never do." Hoshimi Rie couldn't help but comment on the side.

"This time is different, the president is planning to develop our own bizarre walking machine, right?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded in surprise, realizing that he had actually guessed right.

"I knew it! It's hard to completely eliminate using human weapons, so why not be different, use strangeness to counter strangeness! Use a cat against a fish, arrange a tiger shark with a Bengal tiger, African elephants against killer whales... How magnificent!"

Drawing a scene of a large gladiator arena in his mind, Hiroshi Noda couldn't help but daydream.

"Don't be amazed!" Uesugi Kiyoshi bluntly interrupted his fantasy, "The marine ecosystem is almost ruined, and you still want to destroy the terrestrial ecosystem?"

"But if not this way, then how can we deal with the fish you mentioned? We can't just add an airship to every house, use bacteria to fly and recreate the flying house adventure, right?"

"That's a good idea, you've improved, Professor Noda."

After praising Hiroshi Noda, Uesugi Kiyoshi ignored him and asked his assistant, "Miss Hoshimi, how is the infrastructure progress going?"

"It will be completed in five, no, three more days." Hoshimi Rie checked her notebook and gave a clear answer. "By the way, should we inform the leaders of other countries to start working as well?"

"Let's wait and see, let's demonstrate first so we can convince others to invest, right?"


Kazuhiro Iijima was a navy officer from a militaristic country - seventy years ago.

At the age of twenty-three, he had just graduated from school and was eager to follow a warship to support foolish army soldiers on an island, but he was ambushed halfway, the ship was sunk, and he fell into the sea.

In the depths of over four thousand meters, not only corpses but even souls couldn't escape. Kazuhiro Iijima drifted in the sea with resentment, until today when he finally saw the light again.

Thanks to these bacteria!

The unusual gas leaked from the infected fish's belly is a good carrier for the soul.

Several decades ago, tens of thousands of people died in the battle buried in the sea. The elite navy soldiers of the empire, the incompetent army soldiers, all ended up with the same fate.

And now, they will inhabit these gases, surging ashore with endless schools of fish, seeking revenge on the living.

Seeing the tall buildings in the distant city, Kazuhiro Iijima's excited face twisted with anger, couldn't help but roar with his comrades.

"Destroy! Crush! Kill! Forward!"

With the help of these fish, even those without any combat ability can freely indulge in and slaughter humans!

But until he crossed the beach, he didn't find any living people. The beaches and streets crowded with people in the past seemed to have disappeared as if they knew about this attack in advance.

However, Kazuhiro Iijima was not in a hurry. Japan has a population of over a hundred million, how could they escape? They would meet sooner or later!


A loud rooster crow made all the fish nearby on land stop and surprised Kazuhiro Iijima.

Not far from the front of the fish tide, there was a dark cave with a fat rooster standing proudly at the entrance.

It was obvious that it was infected with bacteria, its body swollen, feathers almost falling off, continuously emitting gas from its mouth, and several soft tubes firmly inserted into its chest.

The difference was that the rooster had no feet under its body, but instead had something like a skateboard.

Every time it breathed out, the skateboard would move back a bit.

The walking chicken made by the research institute was undoubtedly seen as a despicable deviant by the fish coming ashore.

Deviants are naturally more despicable than heretics, not only in the eyes of humans, but also in the eyes of the peculiar.

Just after a few minutes of silence, most of the fish around snapped out of it, their pace quickened, and they all rushed madly towards the walking chicken, then followed it sliding into an underground passage to the side.

"Don't go, quickly go attack the humans!"

Kazuhiro Iijima shouted but couldn't stop the fish, he could only watch as they entered the passage.

The fish kept moving into the passage without stopping, even when a rooster entered a long metal box, they followed without hesitation.

The fish continued to enter the short box, filling it up to the brim, then with a soft sound, the entrance gate was forcefully closed.

Before long, the accumulated gas would create powerful pressure, breaking the metal box.

Just as Kazuhiro Iijima was about to speak, he suddenly felt a strange force pulling him back.

More holes opened at the end of the metal box, releasing the gas, which gushed out from the rear, propelling the entire metal box forward at high speed.

The speed was at least over one hundred kilometers per hour! Being a talented student from a military school, he was certain of this.

As he was jetted out, Kazuhiro Iijima seemed to hear cheers coming from above.

"Japan's first jet-powered subway train is now in operation!"