The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Attack of the Giant Beast

The people found in the sea monster's belly were all taken to the hospital afterwards. They were diagnosed with severe mental illnesses.

The reason was likely due to prolonged confinement, but besides that, doctors suspected a strong connection to the word "fish" they kept mentioning.

Seeing these "fish" in the deep sea through transparent skin also filled them with unexplained dread.

Some patients who were good at drawing depicted what they saw, and these sketches were promptly sent to Uesugi Kiyoshi's desk.

Salmon, trout, octopus...

In the painting, they look similar to regular sea creatures, except they have four legs underneath their bodies.

"It is indeed a 'fish'!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi was not unprepared for this, as his future self had reminded him of this through a parchment message from the future world.

During the era of Japanese militarism, those cruel and insane war criminals, seeing that the war was about to fail, turned to biological warfare.

They conducted experiments on various organisms and accidentally discovered a mutated bacterium. Creatures infected by this bacterium would produce a large amount of gas inside their bodies.

Once their mouths and anuses were sealed, these organisms would quickly expand and emit a putrid smell similar to human decay.

Even seasoned soldiers found it difficult to face this foul smell at first.

The war criminals were overjoyed and designed a walking machine powered by gas pressure. They planned to put cats and dogs inside it so that in jungle battles, the foul smell emitted by the walking machine could cover the soldiers' advance.

Time was running out. Under the urging of the military, the technicians in the laboratory hastily loaded several machines onto a transport ship. However, the ship was sunk during the sea journey, and these machines fell into the sea.

Just a few treadmills should have rusted and deteriorated under the erosion of the sea.

Nearly seventy years have passed, and amidst changes, they have turned mysteriously powerful, even producing a large number of treadmills powered by fish in the ocean, waiting for the opportunity to invade the land.

No one knows exactly how many fish are in the ocean, but it's certain there are many more than humans. Under the strange power, the majority of them have boarded treadmills and grown legs.

Small fish like mackerel and salmon are abundant and move swiftly, like special forces sneaking behind enemy lines. Catching them is not an easy task.

Sharks and sperm whales are like giant tanks, effortlessly breaking down walls and houses. Caught off guard, humans will face a serious survival crisis.

Luckily, Uesugi Kiyoshi already had a solution.

However, after much thought, he still didn't believe his solution was perfect. He even turned to politicians for inspiration.

"How about building a wall?" suggested Finance Minister Junzo Shinoda without hesitation, "Surround Japan with walls, completely separating it from the ocean, then the fish won't be able to come in!"

From ancient times until now, when humans faced invasions from outside enemies, their first reaction was to build walls. Shinoda Junzaburo's thoughts represented the voices of most people, instantly gaining agreement.

However, Foreign Minister Tanomoto Takuya shook his head with a different opinion, "Your Excellency Uesugi has clearly stated that large fish can break through walls. Are you planning to build with steel?"

"There's no need for that!" Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Fujisawa Eisaku interjected, "We can form elite teams to eliminate any sea monsters that may break the walls, and investigate the cause of the incidents."

Other officials also shared their views.

"But how will they climb over the wall? By using helicopters? The noise will attract the fish! And if we create doors in the walls, it will create vulnerabilities!"

"We can develop a single-person mobility device, similar to a hang glider, that can climb over the walls and target the weak points of the monsters."

"Should we come up with a slogan for the elite teams?"

"I have an idea, let's call it..."

Just as the conversation was about to take a different direction, Uesugi Kiyoshi cleared his throat, interrupting them and silencing the room in an instant.

"How long will it take to build this kind of wall?"

"...Around three months," said the Finance Minister as he quickly reached a conclusion.

"We only have two weeks!"

Looking around, Uesugi Kiyoshi asked with a glimmer of hope, "Does anyone else have a different opinion?"

Everyone remained silent and composed.

"Let's adjourn the meeting."

After the meeting, an urgent notice from the Special Event Research Institute quickly spread to everyone's ears.

There is a strange fish with four legs that could potentially harm people it encounters. Please be cautious not to get injured to prevent bacterial infection. A reward of up to a billion yen will be given to anyone who catches the four-legged fish!

With such a great reward, many brave individuals crowded the beach, stationing themselves near every rock. Some even brought anglerfish from abroad in hopes of claiming the reward.

Little Liu Zhong, who was vacationing by the seaside, felt very troubled.

He had come a few days ago to vacation with his girlfriend, Makino Huazhi.

Huazhi, in Japanese, also means fragrant.

Makino Huazhi lived up to her name, she was a beautiful girl who emitted a pleasant fragrance and was very clean. She even found the smell of the sea water unpleasant, let alone the crowds of people.

"Let's go back! The smell of sweat here is too strong!" complained Makino Huazhi.

"Oh? But I also want to see those fish with four legs!"

"Am I important, or is that kind of fish important?"

Although Liu Zhong was also tempted by the billion yen prize, he loved his girlfriend more and could only reluctantly board the car back to Tokyo.

Shortly after they left, the first fish to come ashore was successfully caught and sent to the research facility.