The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Fish! Fish! Fish!

The thought of having access to scientific and technological advancements in the next few decades or even centuries makes Uesugi Kiyoshi excited and unable to contain himself.

The so-called material limitations are not a problem at all. In the future world, there should be plenty of resources to go around!

"Alright, let's ask my future self for some technology from twenty, no, ten years ahead!" Uesugi Kiyoshi instructed.

Highly advanced technology isn't easy to digest, so it's better to take gradual steps.

Blackbird spread its wings and scratched its head, "Boss, I can't do that because I can only communicate with my future self within a year."

"That's easy, just ask your self one year ahead for more information!"

"...I see!" Blackbird suddenly exclaimed, "It's like a relay race, isn't it?"

A young child can be taught!

Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded in satisfaction, watching Blackbird chewing vigorously and then starting to gag.


Thick saliva sprayed out in waves with the gagging motion, quickly forming a small puddle on the ground. The piece of paper that Uesugi Kiyoshi needed also came out of his mouth in a violent gag.

"It's out!" Blackbird picked it out of the sticky goo and proudly held it up to Uesugi Kiyoshi, saying, "Please have a look, President."

"You've worked hard, but let's wash up first..." Uesugi Kiyoshi said, pinching his nose.

After treating it with a special cleaner, the parchment looked much better, covered with intricate hollowed-out words and patterns, all of which were priceless treasures!

Uesugi Kiyoshi put on gloves and a mask, eagerly picking up a magnifying glass to have a closer look.

But as he looked closer, his expression became strange.

Because the content written on it was mostly understandable to him.

Despite being involved in cutting-edge technologies as a spokesperson for the research institute, Uesugi Kiyoshi was essentially a novice in this field. The technologies familiar to him wouldn't be so advanced.

"Blackbird, what year's technology is this from?"

"Please wait, President, let me ask." Blackbird closed his eyes, paused for a moment, then spoke in a hollow voice, "It's six months."

"Why did you stop contacting me again?"

"Because there's nothing left!"

Suddenly, Blackbird looked scared and started fidgeting, his thick lips trembling.

"I can't find myself six months ahead, in any world... I'm going to die, but why? Why? I can't die, can I?!"

Her wings spread out again, feathers falling all around.

Uesugi Kiyoshi calmly took a few steps back and assured Blackbird, "You won't die, we will protect you with all our might!"

Blackbird wrapped one wing around him, as if clinging to a lifeline, "Really, can you guarantee that?"

"I vouch in the name of Uesugi Kiyoshi's honor, I will do everything to ensure your safety... Can you try reaching out again?"

After sending Miss Blackbird, who was too scared to continue, to rest, Uesugi Kiyoshi turned around to see Hoshimi Rie still earnestly studying the contents on the parchment.

"Mr. Uesugi, it seems like..."

"Don't bother, leave such professional matters to the experts, there are more important tasks for us to do!"


Hoshimi Rie stood up, followed behind Uesugi Kiyoshi, but before leaving the room, she couldn't help but stop, turn around, and take another look.

Despite being small, only two A4 pages, the parchment paper was filled with many drawings, with a fish at the center, its eye gleaming mysteriously.


Human technology has advanced rapidly, with the ability to reach the moon 380,000 kilometers away decades ago. However, there are still many unknowns about the nearby oceans.

In September, on a sunny summer day near the Pacific Ocean in Shizuoka Prefecture, a huge sea creature's body was washed ashore by the waves.

It was over thirty meters long, like a giant eel, with countless human-sized eyeballs stacked together to form the creature's head.

How could such a strange creature exist in nature, or is it a sea monster from the deep sea?

Due to the hot weather, the body had started to decay, spreading a disgusting odor throughout the beach.

Nevertheless, the curiosity of the surrounding people was not deterred, and the beach was soon crowded with onlookers.

Soon, someone noticed that the creature's body was covered with strange spikes, and its skin was uneven in thickness, like the window of a submarine.

On land, the skin becomes murky due to dehydration, but if in water, it may become more transparent, making it possible to observe the insides of living organisms directly.

"Hey! There's someone!"

A fearless person wiped their hand and was shocked to find people inside, and not just one!

Inside the thirty-meter-long body, naked humans were everywhere, bathing in liquid. Most of them looked unharmed, but some were missing body parts, seemingly being digested.

Researchers who arrived at the scene separated the onlookers, set up isolation barriers, and then used sharp tools to cut open the skin on the abdomen.

Perhaps due to different pressure inside and outside, humans inside suddenly flowed out and piled up on the ground, nearly a hundred in total.

They were all wet, mouths wide open, and faces blank. But their chests were still moving rhythmically.

"They are moving! The people are alive!"

The onlookers in the distance became restless, and even a girl ignored the barriers and tried to rush into the isolation zone.

"It's Adan, my fiancé, who went missing in the Izu Sea accident 7 years ago. Why is he here?"

"...Are you sure you're not mistaken?" asked the expert from the research institute.

"No, he is definitely Adan. I will not make a mistake!" declared the girl.

The girl's words caused everyone to gasp in amazement.

The Izu Sea accident that happened seven years ago caused a great sensation. It was said that dozens of people mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that they were all swallowed by this sea monster?

But how could someone survive inside a sea monster's stomach for seven years?

"It must be a parasitic relationship!" speculated a young scholar as he stroked his chin. "They live inside the sea monster's stomach, absorbing nutrients from its intestines to stay alive."

"How can that be possible? ...But it seems like the only reasonable explanation!"

While the members of the research institute were engaged in discussions, the girl lifted the isolation net and approached her fiancé.

"Adan! Adan! Please answer me, it's Emi! Do you remember me?"

The girl's words seemed to trigger something, and those naked humans suddenly woke up, screaming, shoving, and crawling.

From their mouths, came the same word.