The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Japan's Lack of Resources

The strange floating object was also very bothersome to Uesugi Kiyoshi.

When it comes to secrets, he had much more than others, and they were much bigger. Revealing just a few could cause chaos worldwide.

Because of this, many suspicious figures appeared near his residence lately, each holding a net.

That was not all, Uesugi Kiyoshi even suspected that a demon was lurking hidden in his room, waiting to eavesdrop.

Bearing this in mind, the next night when he went to sleep, he simply brought along a breathing machine.

This way, whenever he opened his mouth, the breathing machine would fill it with air, blowing back any dust balls produced, thus achieving self-cleaning.

Using this method indeed effectively avoided the risk of secret leakage. However, when he woke up, his stomach felt a bit uncomfortable.

"The main component of dust balls is keratin protein, which the human body cannot digest. In small amounts, it can be excreted, but at the rate you are accumulating, you might need surgery soon!"

The doctor's words made Uesugi Kiyoshi give up this simple but harsh idea.

But as the Thomas Edison of Japan in the 21st century, Honda Kotaro was not just famous for nothing. Since it couldn't be stopped, wouldn't it be fine to just eliminate it directly?

By keeping the mask and tube of the ventilator and replacing the body with a small high-frequency, high-temperature melting furnace, any floating particles would fall into it through the tube, instantly melting at a temperature of 4000 degrees, not even able to scream.

"This thing is really great!" After Hiroshi Noda tried it out, he eagerly came to report happily, "It doesn't affect sleep at all, great business value. Once it hits the market, it will definitely sell well!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi shook his head and rejected the proposal, "The cost is too high."

"Too high? Not at all, it's only around 90,000 yen, there are definitely many people willing to pay for it!"

Hiroshi Noda was right.

Floating particles significantly decreased the quality of life for the Japanese people, leading to more tense family relationships. Even if the retail price is set at hundreds of thousands or even millions of yen, it can still be sold.

But Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't need to do this. While profiting from others' misfortune may be satisfying, for him, making money from the Japanese people is no different from picking their pockets with his left hand.

Not to mention, every household having a small high-frequency, high-temperature melting furnace would waste a lot of electricity resources.

If we do it this way, Ode will probably be very happy and come over to mock us!

"Let's try a different approach!" Uesugi Kiyoshi instructed Hiroshi Noda, "Let's focus on creating new value! I have an idea about this..."


When the citizens of Tokyo woke up, they found a huge metal box in front of their houses, with a bright red "ISE" logo on it.

Attached to the metal box was an instruction manual written by the research institute.

[Remove the mask and plastic hose from the metal box, connect them, wear the mask when resting to avoid floating objects. The box is soundproofed, no need to worry. The research institute will collect and process floating objects every morning at 7 am, don't miss it!]

Finally, the Special Event Research Institute took action!

Everyone who had been plagued by floating objects breathed a sigh of relief.

It may not be comfortable to wear the breathing mask while sleeping, but it's better than leaking secrets.

As for the recycling process, they didn't really have any objections. Just like over six months ago, the city's garbage disposal was the same way, now it's just a rebirth of sorts.

Among the 14 million people in Tokyo, over a million have been infected with strange floating particles, producing over a hundred pieces of lint per person per day on average.

The staff at the research institute drive special vehicles, gathering these millions of black lint balls together once a day, and transporting them to the new power plant in the Keihin Industrial Zone.

The development of modern society is inseparable from electricity.

As one of the most advanced countries in the power industry, Japan consumes up to a trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.

Although nuclear and hydroelectric power have been vigorously developed, there is still a large gap to fill, requiring a substantial amount of money to import coal, oil, and natural gas.

Watching the first superpower across the ocean under the leadership of Tawil, using clean and inexpensive electricity, sending over Uesugi Kiyoshi whom she personally brought, it broke her heart. But there was no choice, on one hand to resolve the crisis, on the other hand Japan's hurricanes were truly not enough!

The opportunity has finally arrived in Japan!

Electricity can be converted into sound energy, and sound energy can certainly be converted back into electricity, with a microphone being the simplest example.

Studies have shown that using noise to generate electricity is not uncommon. When zinc oxide nanotubes are subjected to external force, they produce voltage. By utilizing this characteristic, a plankton can light up an LED tube.

Inside the specialized chamber of the power plant, plankton are crowded together, their hairs brushing against each other, constantly creating loud chatter that vibrates the surrounding nanotubes, continuously generating electricity.

Every day, billions of plankton are harvested, with the amount of electricity produced increasing each day. Eventually, the hourly output reaches up to hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours!

In the factory that uses plankton for electricity generation, all operations are managed by machines or Headless Sculptures, as normal people cannot work in there.

Despite the installation of soundproofing materials inside and outside the specialized chamber, along with several turbine ventilation fans running continuously, maintaining a near vacuum state in the chamber's pipes, one can still feel the ground vibrating and eardrums trembling while walking through.

Particularly during peak electricity usage in the early morning or evening, workers and residents within a few hundred meters can faintly hear piercing screams.

This is the Headless Sculpture employees manipulating machines, gently toasting the plankton that first enter the power plant.

In their final minutes of life, their screams surpass even the decibels of an airplane, ensuring a smooth supply of electricity during peak times.

This slight loss is insignificant, as the plankton are continuously sourced, with no need to worry about the production volume.

The process of recycling and generating electricity was tested in Tokyo. After improving it, Uesugi Kiyoshi will introduce it to other cities in Japan, allowing power plants to be built and bring light to many households.

Such clean and low-carbon new energy will certainly not be overlooked.

Besides the Tawil Empire, other countries came forward with olive branches.

Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't keep things to himself, he extracted particles from the infected and generously donated them at a close-to-free price.

Of course, equipment sold along with the seeds will require payment to order.

He also personally wrote a guide on using particles and listed other ways to utilize them.

Just using them for electricity generation leaves one wanting more!