The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Hell Is Full, Demons Are Among Us

For demons, breaking contracts is a very normal thing, but only if the target is not an Order Demon.

Once a contract is signed, no one can owe debts to Ode under the written agreement.

Soon, the whole hell became peaceful and harmonious. Demons who used to fight over trivial matters now step back in conflicts and even admit their mistakes first.

Only fools duel, winning makes one weaker, losing leads to dehydration. Even the dumbest wouldn't do such a foolish thing!

As a result, the sales of Duel Loan plummeted rapidly.

Luckily, soul energy is also needed in other places. Whether in entertainment, weddings or funerals, any communication involves the consumption of soul energy.

Adult demons can restrain themselves, but the young ones cannot control their desires at all.

Since they didn't have enough money themselves, Hell Bank kindly prepared corresponding loan services.

Can't pay back? No big deal, your older family members can help pay back!

Don't want your family to know yet? No worries, I can lend you more money to repay the first loan. But the new loan will have a bit higher interest.

Not enough credit limit? No problemo, a friendly bank officer can give you some extra energy to get the loan approved. You can repay him later! Of course, a small fee is necessary.

Yukichi Yokoi, the most experienced and skilled officer who was personally trained by Uesugi Kiyoshi, is leading in performance and recently promoted to supervisor.

Despite that, she works diligently, running business errands all over the place.

With a bank badge on her chest, Yukichi Yokoi confidently headed towards a rundown house. Faint voices and laughter could be heard from inside.

She cleared her throat and knocked on the door, "Adonis, are you home?"

The chatter inside stopped abruptly, and after a while, a trembling voice replied, "Who's there?"

"It's me, Yukichi Yokoi, please open the door!"

The furniture tumbled, footsteps were noisy, and cries rose and fell suddenly. After everything quieted down, the door of the house was opened, and a male demon walked out. When he saw Yukichi Yokoi, his face looked even sadder, even the horns on his forehead were dim and lifeless.

"Mrs. Yokoi, I really can't repay the soul energy yet!"

"What's the matter!" Yukichi Yokoi affectionately patted his shoulder, "This time, our Branch Manager wants to see you not for debts, but for something urgent to discuss. Please come with me!"

"Dad!" A young demon walked out from the back of the room, looking uneasy at her father. Her blue eyes were red and swollen, her fiery red face looking haggard.

"Oh, Elvira, don't worry. The Branch Manager calling your father this time is for something great!"

Yukichi Yokoi led Adonis to the branch office, where the Branch Manager had been waiting for a long time.

Even though Adonis was just a mere human, he felt more awkward in front of him, not knowing where to place his hands and hooves.

"Your Excellency, Branch Manager, I am truly..."

The Branch Manager impatiently extended his hand, interrupting his complaints, "Mr. Adonis, I know your family isn't well-off. But it's been almost a month, and you still owe the bank soul energy. I need to ask a favor from you! The interests, the compounding interests...In total, it's five hundred and thirty-six units, correct?"

"Oh, this is for you, Mr. Branch Manager..."

"We can't delay this account any longer. If you have the full amount now, we can settle the transaction face-to-face immediately. But if you don't have the full amount, don't blame me if I have to reclaim it forcefully!"

When we talk about reclaiming forcefully, it means requesting Ode to step in, deducting directly the soul energy owed by Elvira, along with interest. Even if we have to drain their whole family, it won't be enough to repay.

Yukichi Yokoi also chimed in, saying, "Adonis, our Branch Manager has made it clear today, we will stick to what was promised. You must come up with a solution!"

"I have no idea how to come up with a solution. I am a lonely demon, with no close friends or family. Where do you expect me to find a solution?"

Adonis cried heavily, then knelt down, banging his head hard on the floor, shattering several tiles.

Yukichi Yokoi sighed, then slapped his thigh suddenly.

"Ah, there is a way! Our Branch Manager will show you a bright path, will you take it?"

"Umm, what do you mean?"

"Go back and bring your daughter Elvira to pay off the debt, okay?"

Like a bolt from the blue, Adonis saw stars and almost fell to the ground.

"Oh, Ms. Hengjing, Your Excellency, the Branch Manager, this won't do! I beg of your kindness, I beg of your kindness..."

The Branch Manager kindly helped him up.

"Aren't I thinking of your whole family? Just imagine, bringing Elvira here with me, living a good life in the human world for a few years, isn't it better than staying at home? The debt will be settled, isn't this a win-win situation? Haha..."

"Adonis, don't be naive. It's not fun if the Branch Manager gets angry!" Yukichi Yokoi also warned from the side.

"I-I-I will find a place to reason with."

Adonis gritted his teeth, stood up, and was about to rush out of the bank, but the Branch Manager's casual words forced him back.

"Where do you think you can reason? The laws of hell are in the hands of His Excellency Ode, who is the chairman of the bank! This is the courtroom! Hengjing, read him the contract terms."


"This is the process!"

"Okay, Branch Manager... The contract states that Elvira owes Hell Bank five hundred and thirty-six units of soul energy. Due to difficulties in her family, she offers to repay with dark magic. Both parties agree and promise not to go back on their word. Let's seal this agreement with a handprint, Adonis!"


Tragic and magical scenes unfolded in every corner of hell, as workers were sent from hell to the human world, filling the entertainment industry gap effectively.

Ode didn't care about all this, for he was an Order Demon, not a righteous demon.

Besides, he was pleased with the outcome.

Although making money quickly each day, Ode's unease grew deeper.

Even though Uesugi Kiyoshi understood the business process, he didn't share any profits but kept them for himself. Is this fair?

This is very unreasonable!

It's one thing for others, but how could Uesugi Kiyoshi be so selfless?

So when Uesugi Kiyoshi made this request, not only did he not object, but he even agreed eagerly and without hesitation.

It's good to have a need!