On Shu Mountain, There Was a Little Fox

On Shu Mountain, There Was a Little Fox

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Cancan's fox life was quite sad. Cancan needed five hundred years to become human, while her friends only needed three hundred years. Cancan could only turn back into her original form to steal food, while her friends enjoyed fancy meals and even became royal concubines. Cancan's friends happily feasted on stolen food, while she encountered the Shu Mountain Sect Master. When Cancan's friends met the Shu Mountain Sect Master, he was just a Taoist, but now he is an immortal. ... In short, her fox life wasn't very good! Even worse, a fairy unexpectedly started catching ghosts and demons with a little fox, making a ruckus! Where's the fairy essence? Furthermore, is it really good for her to have such skills in catching demons when she herself is a demon? Content Tags: Main Characters: Cancan, Hua Qing ┃ Supporting Characters: various unfortunate individuals ┃ Others: slightly chilly October, immortal heroes, Cancan

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On Shu Mountain, There Was a Little Fox – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Battle Again

Cancan sat with her knees hugged under a tree, while Big Green sat at the other end, staring at Cancan carefully. After a while, he said, "Cancan, do you feel like we've grown apart a bit since we last met?" His words were filled with deep meaning, but Cancan just shrugged and said, "Not really."

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