Guidelines for Being Raised by Zerg Tribe

Guidelines for Being Raised by Zerg Tribe

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To raise enough money for her sick father's medical expenses, Fu Yue bravely signed up to become one of the top Zerg Infester candidates in the world, and was quickly sent off to another planet. Official: Don't worry, just go for a visit and experience. Fu Yue forced a smile and said: I don't trust you at all. After a field investigation, she finally confirmed that her job was to - curry favor with the Zerg tribe. As a senior subcontractor who had been voted the company's top employee for three consecutive years, Fu Yue declared that she was not afraid at all! Little did she know that besides dealing with the strange tasks from the alien boss, she would also face bizarre evaluations every day. Fu Yue: !!! Are the pet standards here all so high?! Emotionless Zerg tribe leader x Professional bug whisperer human tribe worker After Fu Yue finally got used to this "pet" job, she found out that the boss had a new idea again. Boss (expressionless): Make time to get married. Fu Yue, "..." Seriously, I see you as my boss, and you want to marry me? The style leans towards everyday sweetness, watching how a tough guy woos the main female character. Enjoy your meal, everyone! Content tags: encounter, interstellar, sweet, futuristic, Zerg tribe, light-hearted. Search keywords: Main characters: Fu Yue, Arnold ┃ Supporting characters: ┃ Others: 'Falling in love and fighting with partners in the plot [Quick Wear]' serialized, check it out! One-sentence summary: The pet owner is also confused about behavior today. Theme: How a tough guy can use tricks to win over the leading lady.

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Guidelines for Being Raised by Zerg Tribe – Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Lately, Fu Yue has been very troubled.

Since becoming engaged with Arnold, they had developed a harmonious relationship and were having a normal intimate life.

Nowadays, she mostly stayed in the same room as Arnold at night. Arnold had even generously upgraded their single nutrient pod to one where two people could lie down together.

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