Yes, Your Majesty!

Yes, Your Majesty!

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What will happen if the Iron Chancellor, Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, were a girl? In the year 1833, at Berlin University. Leader One gazed at the proud and aloof lady in front of him. She had smooth, golden long hair, a beautiful face, and a generous bosom. The combination of short skirt and knee-high boots complemented each other perfectly, making her attire truly eye-catching. Her name tag read, "Anna von Bismarck". She said, "The major issues of our time cannot be solved by speeches and resolutions, only iron and blood can resolve them!" This book is also known as "Welcome to the Dominant 19th Century Europe", "A Small Matter of My Prime Minister and Queen Consort Engaging in Palace Intrigue", "Miss Bismarck Wants Me to Obey? A Battle of Wits Among Politicians", "My Youthful Tale of Governing a Nation is Indeed Problematic", "RE: Starting Life in Prussia from Zero", "The Knights of a Certain Science Order", "The Chronicles of Germany", "Stirring Up Poland", "The Elation of Ottoman Empire", "Global Dog Collection: The Empire of England", "Ridiculous Russia".

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Yes, Your Majesty! – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Era of Hardship

The 1830s, a truly magical era.

The new middle class started a revolution, the new working class started a revolution, the nobles didn't want to lose power so they wanted a revolution, the religion wanted to regain power through a revolution, the serfs wanted liberation through a revolution, the citizens wanted voting rights through a revolution, and the women's rights movement was also taking part in the revolution.

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