Thank you for your interest in helping us!


The translator translates the raws to English. A decent knowledge of Chinese or Korean is required, while better than average knowledge of English is preferred.

Basic requirements:

  • Ability to translate an entire chapter of a novel from Chinese or Korean to English


If you have your own series and would like to post on Gravity, we'd love to have you.

Basic requirements:

  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must have 50 or above chapters posted somewhere (minimum of 1,000 words per chapter)
  • Average above 10k views per chapter

Other requirements:

  • The latest 5-10 publicly available chapters must be posted only on Gravity (early access paid Patreon chapters are okay)

Translators of Other Series

Already been translating and would like to join Gravity or have a Chinese or Korean novel that isn't on Gravity but you would like to translate?

Basic requirements:

  • Ability to translate an entire chapter of a novel
  • Able to post 3 chapters per week
  • Already have ~30 chapters translated!


Our editors are among the best in the translation community! But that shouldn't deter you! Are you up to the challenge?

The editor complements the translator. Raw translations may be full of awkward phrasings, improper usage, or grammatical mistakes. The editor's job is to revise the translation to make it "flow" and pleasant to read while making necessary corrections to grammar and usage. However, the editor must be able to do this without changing the underlying meaning (or tone) of the text. Knowledge of the original language is helpful, but not a requirement. Proficiency in English is far more valuable.

Basic requirements:

  • Must be extremely proficient in English, possessing a comprehensive understanding of punctuation and grammar
  • Must pass our editor test
  • Must be able to edit at least ten chapters per week

Do you have professional experience as a proofreader, copy-editor or similar? Please email us directly at [email protected]

Translation Checkers

Translation checkers compare the translations against the raws and edit for grammar/inconsistencies.

Basic requirements:

  • Ability to translate an entire chapter of a novel
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must pass our editing test
  • Must know Chinese/Korean