The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 115: Ice Secret SwordTranslated by: StarveCleric & TannhauserChapter 115Daily chapter of the day~

Chapter 114: ErebellaTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 114Daily chapter of the day. Again, it's a bit late but it will come :P

Chapter 113: Desperate SituationTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 113A little late but still, daily chapter of the day

Chapter 112: City of RainTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 112Daily chapter of the day

Chapter 111: The Arrival of the StormTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 111 Daily chapter of the day~

Chapter 110: Dragon Slayer and True LoveTranslated by: StarveCleric and JimmixDaily chapter of the day. Chapter 110 Phew squeezed it out. Gonna work hard soon again T_T But for today I'm gonna take a break hehe

Chapter 109: BorealisTranslated by: JimmixEdited and proofread by: StarveClericDaily chapter of the dayChapter 109

Chapter 108: The Secret of the LichSponsored chapter by KAISER MKAISER MKAISER MKAISER MKAISER MKAISER MSorry for the late posting of this sponsored chapter, though I promised to post on the day where the donations came in itself.Anyway, starting from next...

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