The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 123 - CompetitionTranslator: StarveClericEditor: MilkbiscuitChapter 123‍

Chapter 122 - Old FriendTL: StarveClericED: OzChapter 122‍

Chapter 121: Decisive Battle (2)TL: StarveClericED: MilkBiscuitOkay haven't posted for a week now (since the last one two days before New Year) so I guess this is the first post after New Year.Now I'm back in camp so not that much time to work on it....

Chapter 120: Decisive Battle (1)Translated by: StarveClericEdited by: MilkBiscuitSorry for the super late chapter. I don't really like battling chapters because I find myself at a loss of suitable words to describe their actions and so. Also, I normally...

Chapter 119: Unexpected RewardsTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 119‍ Daily chapter of the day~ enjoy

Chapter 118: Two LiarsTranslated by: StarveClericChapter 118‍ Daily chapter of the day~

Chapter 117: Dragon HuntingTranslated by: StarveClericDaily chapter of the dayChapter 117‍

Chapter 116: Judgement and AssassinTranslated by: StarveClericEdited by: NoriPixelChapter 116‍Daily chapter of the day

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