Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual

Is everyone saving chapters before reading? My view count is horrible for the month of February   Here's your 2/4 for the week, Chapter 229 - A token of appreciationTranslated by: omgitsaray

And we're off to the start of a new arc! From modern times, we have gone back to where everyone dresses like they are back in ancient China.And the Chaotic Star Sea looks like millions of small planets from Dragonball Z.Here's your 1/4 for the week,...

This is the last chapter of the arc, next week our main character will be exploring a new place. Here's 3/3 for the week, Chapter 227 - Chaotic Star SeaTranslated by: omgitsarayNext week will be a 4 chapter week.

The author contradicted himself in this chapter so I lightly modified it to make sense.Here's your 2/3 for the week, Chapter 226 - Close quarters and long distanceTranslated by: omgitsaray

I dunno where my editor went so since it's been a long time, I will no longer put (unedited) in my titles. All chapters will be unedited from now on until something new comes up. Just leave a comment if you find something wrong or unclear in the...

Here's your 4/4 for the week, Chapter 224 - Illusory bodyTranslated by: omgitsarayNext week will be a 3 chapter week.

Here's your 3/4 for the week, Chapter 223 - Acquainted with themTranslated by: omgitsarayEdited by: ???Read the chapter first and you guys can go see what the new Arc's title will be.

Here's your 2/4 for the week, Chapter 222 - Branch with the same rootsTranslated by: omgitsarayEdited by: ???

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