Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual

Here's your 4/4 of the week, Chapter 238 - Chaotic star sea's guardiansTranslated by: omgitsarayNo clue yet on how many chapters I will be releasing next week...

Here's your 3/4 for the week, Chapter 237 - Mournful screamTranslated by: omgitsaray*Looks at view count, sprays a mouthful of blood and dies...*

Here's your 2/4 for the week, Chapter 236 - Spinning wide bladeTranslated by: omgitsarayI think there was only 3-4 of you guys re-reading the entire novel after my last update

Here's 1/4 for the week, Chapter 235 - Beyond imaginationTranslated by: omgitsarayMy view count has been low the past week so I need at least 100 of you readers to re-read the entire novel

Here's your 3/3 for the week, Chapter 234 - Manor's spring sceneryTranslated by: omgitsarayThere'll be 4 regular chapters next week.

Some of you may like this piece of news and some don't, but I've finally read up to the part where the author is giving a stronger hint of a harem in the making. Here's your 2/3 of the week, Chapter 233 - No signs of lifeTranslated by: omgitsaray

Here's your 1/3 for the week, Chapter 232 - Red haired YanrongTranslated by: omgitsarayAre you guys ready for Valentines day tomorrow? The self-esteem deflator for single people and the wallet bashing for guys with significant others! I've always hated...

Here's your 4/4 for the week, Chapter 231 - The clan leader returnsTranslated by: omgitsarayNext week will be a 3 chapter week.