Martial Void King

MVK Chapter 130 [End Arc 4]


So you guys put out some wonderful ideas out there. Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting them. Honestly you guys had me panicking whenever everyone picked the apocalypse one in the voting section. I put it out there as a joke and suddenly it's the most...

MVk Chapter 129


Eek! Really cutting the deadline close this time. I went on vacation for a week where I had no access to the internet or a computer. As a result, this was all typed in two days. Anyways, here's your weekly MVK chapters with another coming out soon.  


MVK Chapter 128 + Voting


So to Arc 4 is about to end and I wanted a little bit of input as to where I should send Chu Shen next. What kind of world would you like to see? A techno-magic one, one with giant robots (#transformers), or another xianxia world. So go ahead and vote on what...

Hey guys. Sorry this ones later than normal. Unfortunately I ran into every writers nightmare. A broken laptop. It took a lot of trips to the library but it's done. Hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 127

So hey ya'll. Nice to be here on Gravity Tales as an original author. I normally do 2 chapters a week released on the weekends but in celebration of my joining GT I decided to do 7 chapters this week, hope you enjoy!

Now some advice for those who want to read...