How To Avoid Death On A Daily Basis


Sorry about yesterday's glitch. Here's two chapters to make up for it.

Chapter 229 - Resistance Is Fruitful

Chapter 229 - Resistance Is Fruitful...


Sorry, no chapter today. Got a bit bogged down with irl stuff. Will post two chapters tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.



Bit late because it's a holiday over here and family have me surrounded. Had to squeeze this one out once I gave them the slip. Got to go, they're coming. Oh no, they found me... no, no... it's too late for me, save yourselves...

Chapter 225 - Requibar Revival...


Something a bit different today. A chapter not in Colin's POV. Just trying it out to see what people think. Would be grateful for any feedback.

Chapter 224: Silent But Dudley (Side Story)...