Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Bonus chapter #18! Lunchtime chapter specially for you! (In my time zone)Translator: DavidEditor: ChuchutrainOoh, 5 elements cliffhanger

Bonus Chapter #17! 4 more bonus chapters to go! Working hard to clear the queue, hope you can be patient with us! :DTranslator: DavidEditor: SigfurdWhen disaster falls without you knowing

Bonus chapter #16! Enjoy!Translator: DavidEditor: ChuchutrainWhen the effort to get something =/= rewards

Regular chapter for today + Bonus chapter #15! 6 more bonus chapters to go!Translator: DavidEditors: Chuchutrain and SigfurdLittle Fatty goes full-blown pervert

So this was supposed to be for yesterday, but was too tired to post. Sponsored chapter here!! Many thanks to Jagoba Tauste Alvarez!Look out for the 2/3 regular and 1 bonus chapter later! (Not done by me)Translator: DavidEditor: SigfurdThe feeling you get...

Bonus chapter #14! Sorry only one for today! Enjoy!Translator: DavidEditor: SigfurdLittle Fatty should just be captured and used as a levelling up machine

Bonus chapter #13! We will do our best to clear the queue soon! (Just let me finish my school projects first LOL)Vote here ------> DavidEditor: SigfurdSo if you lose your left hand, does this mean your right hand will be...

1/3 regular chapters for the week! Look out for the bonus chapter later!Vote here ------> DavidEditor: Chuchutrain and SigfurdSeems like Fatty will have his chance to shine

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