Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Today is a special release! Sponsored chapter right before the New Year! Donation queue is now at 5/45!This chapter is sponsored by Torsten Richter!Translator: DavidEditor: ChuchutrainWho says things don't drop from the sky?

And here is chapter 120! Enjoy this like you enjoy the last few days of 2016! Cheers!Translator: DavidEditor: ChuchutrainThe Chinese sure love bells...*Return of Condor Heroes, Patriotic Knights and The Legendary Warrior all have bells inside their story*

I had a wonderful Christmas this year, having both fever and diarrhoea. Sorry for the delay in chapter. Translator: DavidEditor: SigfurdIs this a "get-rich-quick" scheme for Little Fatty?

Merry Christmas eve, guys! We will give you our present before Santa gives his to you! 1st regular chapter of the week!Translator: DavidEditor: SigfurdLet the killings begin!

Christmas is coming... and I'm falling sick D: Today's chapter is a long one! Enjoy!  Translator: David Editor: Chuchutrain   Field trips for cultivating kids

Hohoho! Time for another chapter! A bit too early to be cosplaying as Santa but... why not ;) Translator: David Editor: Chuchutrain   You may be powerful enough to change destiny, but you still probably can't change a maiden's mind.

Hello! 3rd regular chapter for the week!  (Sorry for the late post, too many parties to attend this week ><) Translator: David Editor: Sigfurd   Is it a +1 for Little Fatty's harem? :O

2nd regular release of the week! :) Nothing much to say so just enjoy!   Translator: David Editor: Sigfurd   Probably the same feels when you complete a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle and realise there's 1 jigsaw missing from the centre

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