Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Tuesday's regular! Thursday's one coming soon!

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Beat him up

No CLC Chapter today


Hi guys,

Due to our dear translator David being called up back to serve his country, today's chapter will be put on hold while I try my best to do the translations instead! Hopefully it'll be out tomorrow!

Finally a regular chapter at a regular time, LOL. Enjoy!

Translator: David

Editor: Sigfurd

Playing with fire

2nd Regular of the week! Enjoy!

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Looks like there's more loot

Double Chapters! One for last Saturday and another for Today's regular! Enjoy!

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Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim v The World

Sorry guys, something cropped up. We will resume our regular posts tomorrow, so look out for the double chapters! 



2nd regular chapter for the week!

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Translator: David

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Messing with the wrong guy bro

1st regular chapter of the week!

Translator: David

Editor: Chuchutrain

Let's play the waiting game!

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