Age of Adepts

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Chapter 211 is out; the second chapter of the day! It looks like things are starting to.... heat up   

I hope everyone has been enjoying these double post weekends. I love helping bring you hot adept-on-knight action,...

First chapter of the day! Enjoy!

Chapter 210


Chapter 209, the second chapter of the day, is now up.  Eris already demanded votes for the Vote God, so I won't harass you all on that today.  We're still keeping neck-and-neck with Library of Heaven's Path, and that's fine with me... for now   

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Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! A little late today but still a good chapter.

Chapter 208


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Chapter 207 is up for today's second chapter.  I'm really starting to feel a bit bad for these knights.

Chapter 206 is up for your enjoyment.  The adepts do more of what they do best- being sneaky and killin' stuff.

So sorry for how late today's chapter was!

Chapter 205