"Episode 73 - Unexpected Air Traffic" is up. Another cliffy. :)

"Episode 72 - One-Touch Knock-Out" is up. Cliffhanger warning, again! Plus, the results of Fiction Awards 2016 special event are up. If you participated, you can check the results here and see if you won something.

"Episode 71 - Sudden Illness" is up. Cliffhanger warning!

Last chance to win free stuff. The special event ends on 11th of December. "Episode 70 - Mana Crystallization" is up.  >>>   Special event  <<< Aethernea and me(CloeDFrost) have been nominated in four different categories (“Best Fantasy Story”, “Best of...

"Episode 69 - To ban or not to ban" is up. :)

"Episode 68 - Trickster and Double" is up. :) On another note, Patreon has finally enabled Pay Upfront feature and I've enabled it. What does that mean for you? Nothing. The charging will still start on the first every month and last a couple of days. What...

A special event is going on on Wattpad, the details of which you can read at the end of Episode 67. All I'm going to say here is that it is a chance for you to win bonus Aethernea episodes, free first book and access to Patron only episodes. ;) Episode 67...

Episode 66 – The Arena is up.

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