"Episode 82 - Picking up the ring" is up.

"Episode 81 - Conclusion of the Mana Exam" is up.

"Episode 80 - Quake and Thunder" is up.

"Episode 79 - Kiel’s Mana Flow Speed" is up.

"Episode 78 - Fate needs two pairs of hands to hold" is up :)

"Episode 77 - The Antidote" is up :)Happy New Years everyone!

"Episode 76 - An Unfair Trade" is up :)

Guys, remember the fiction awards 2016? :D The results are in and we won 3 categories out of 4 - Best Fantasy Story, Best of The Beginners and Best of The Little!Thank you so much, every and each one of you that voted! This is the best Christmas present I...